Forums - Gaming Discussion - Level-5 to announce five new games in next issue of Famitsu

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino has tweeted that the Professor Layton developer has five games in the works, and all are to be announced in this week’s Famitsu.

Here’s the tweet, roughly translated from Japanese:

"Five new projects will be announced next week in Famitsu."

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That is a lot!

Dark Cloud 3!

Dark Cloud 3 or at least 1 PS3 RPG

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Xbox One: 7-10 million

Wii U: 8-9 million (Changed 01/04/2014 from 7-9 --> 8-9 million)

Dark Cloud 3 would be great,

Dark Cloud 1 + 2 (2 was called Dark Chronicle here in EU) collection, upscaled to 720p with trophy support!

Production on White Knight Chronicles 3 already started before 2 is released (Haha, happened with 1 D:)

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Professor Layton and the [Insert object]

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Is the next famitsu out tomorrow?

Wow, didn't realize they were big enough to be working on 5 projects at once...

nice i hope one of those is jeanne dark 2

Dark Cloud 3 please.

Great news... I expect great games from them to the wii and ds. Maybe even Dragon Quest X - no that's too huge to divide the glories with other 4 games.