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Is the PC a console?

yes, if it plays games its a console 10 17.54%
no 47 82.46%

No now stop making these ridiculous threads.

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I think a 360/PC game should say, "ONLY ON XBOX 360 and PC"

Someone has said it, Consoles (wii/ps3/360) and PCs are independent platforms.

There are a few differences between consoles and PC. Consoles use TVs for their display output, PCs use monitors. Consoles are closed platform, PCs are open. Consoles are advertised as a gaming device, PCs are not.

Game's exclusiveness to me is bound on platform, if a game is available on 360 and PC, 2 different platforms, it isn't exclusive to 360 or PC. Such a claim is as retarded as claiming the internet is exclusive to PCs.


Games4Fun said:
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twesterm said:

Is the DS a considered a console? Nope.

Does the DS play games? Yes.

So then is anything that plays games a console? No.

eh? the DS is considerd a consol

Some people thin they are just called handhelds when they are called handheld consoles. ./shrug

Yeah, there's a difference between handheld and console, albeit a minor one.

Does it really matter? -_-