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lots of miss here, lol

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Are you surprised that Sony fans thought something big on Wii was gonna flop? Nah...

HappySqurriel said:
hunter_alien said:
Well first week sale are in ... IMO : miss , deffinatly . It wont have Nintendogs legs by far , and so , we will see yet a nother great selling Wii game , but not a console booster ...

Just consider (for a moment) that games like Brain Training, Nintendogs and Animal Crossing all had very poor initial sales on the Nintendo DS mainly because the 'new' gamers they sold so well to are unlikely to buy a game in its first week/month. In general, people expect most of Wii Fit's sales to come from these same 'new' gamers who are still unlikely to buy a game in its first week/month. Selling 200,000+ units in its first week is an amazing sign to what kind of sales we could expect from this game in Japan ...

Quoting myself because I was right!

Nearly 2 Million sales in Japan and it is still selling over 50,000 units every week.

Hit in the balls... Wait, is that good or bad?

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LOL@this thread i see a lot of people predicted miss why? who knows

lol.. so.. it can CLEARLY be named a hit right without discussion right?

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This thread is a miss, haha, this is the definition of getting owned for speaking too much.

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It's a hit right in Sony's Balls.
It will pass PS3 sales pretty soon.

Super Hit, and this thread is the miss.

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