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nintendo_fanboy said:
Interesting, we will probably get release dates of Xenoblade, Golden Sun and maybe even for The Last Story. Maybe one of these is ready sooner than expected.

^^ that's all i need right there, nothing more

save it for E3!

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jarrod said:
saicho said:
jarrod said:
saicho said:
About time.

I cant' believe that we still don't know what title we would have for Wii in Japan during Golden week and it's already in April.

We do know.  It's Kensax, that weird Google-tie-in puzzle game.

We won't see Galaxy or Xeno before May imo....

The big hitter for the holidays is Kensax? REALLY? I don't accept it!

It's so stupid, so backwards, so nonsensical, so Nintendo... deep down you know it it's true. :(


I kinda wonder if they expect Kensax to actually be a big seller?  Shift's previous puzzlers for Sony (Xai, Intelligent Qube) all were...

If only I can make sense of what the game is actually about...

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Roma said:
i thought Xenoblade was going to be released soon in Japan or did i dream that?

I also think I have read somewhere about a "Spring 2010" release, but I couldn't telll you where. Anyway, what I'm hoping for is an actual date for Xenoblade, a month for Golden Sun and a quarter for The Last Story.

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