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Hi, guys. I'm new here, but I've been a pretty loyal fan to Square for a while. Including FFXI. (OH NO! ...Shut up.)

So. I saw this thread while googling FFXIV... And I'm going to give you a piece of my mind.

Complaint #1: You MMORPG players already have FFXI! Just add expansions!
Answer: Yeah, and you guys already have THE REST OF THE SERIES. We only have two. Stop complaining. Not to mention, FFXI's graphics, engine and pretty much everything is extremely outdated, so dont say "just expand on it". Not to mention, Square has expanded the hell out of it already, and it's pretty much like beating a dead horse.

Answer: No, not really. At MAXIMUM they charge 12 per month. You're being ridiculous saying that. How do you expect them to maintain the servers? Yeah, Square makes massive profit from games... but a lot of that goes into development for other projects, and keeping up the online servers for heathens like me to enjoy my FF MMO's.

Complaint #3: They shouldn't number FFXI and FFXVI! They arent Final Fantasy!
Answer: They may not be "chronological", however, they are Final Fantasy. If you ever played FFXI, you will know they talk a shit ton about the crystal war. Not to mention, it has ALL the elements of a regular Final Fantasy game...Chocobos, Air Ships, Summons, Slow-paced running...and, all the jobs ever in the series. Including Blue Mage. If anything, Crystal Chronicals shouldn't be Final Fantasy at all. It's way more far-fetched.

Complaint #4: Everyone you meet on MMO's are mean and stupid.
Answer:No. Just.... No.Chances are, you've probably never played a MMO seriously before if you're saying this. I've met some of the best people ever from playing FFXI. Stop jumping to conclusions.Yeah, we have our fair share of idiots... But that's how real life is, also. I meet them every day at my job. It's unavoidable.

Complaint #5: FFXI=Fail.
Answer: Obviously you've never played the game, and have seen how massively popular it is. What a shame.

Complaint #6: 90% of the reason I play FF is because of the gripping story and the character development. In my experience with MMORPGs they lack both of these and instead focus more on leveling up and weapons.
Answer: ...You haven't played very many good MMO's, have you? Like I stated above, FFXI had an immersive plot.... mainly focusing on the Crystal War and many things about the past. You can't just assume FFXVI will lack all of this. And, um. Hello? The entire Final Fanasy series is a grindfest that focuses on weapons, smartie.

You guys shouldn't knock so hard on the online FF's without trying it. Most of the opinions on that thread were made by people who have NEVER touched an online game... and I can speak from experience, FFXI was one of the best Final Fantasies I had ever played. What's better than being with a whole crapload of your friends while battling Final Fantasy monsters and riding chocobos? Nothing. And don't whine to me about fees. Servers take a ton of cash to run, so I understand why they have to charge a subscription fee.

I'll add more later when I'm not so tired.

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I don't give a shit about Final Fantasy Online and Final Fantasy Online II.

There's always someone complaining about something trivial.

There are also a bunch of gamers that complain about games not made for them.

Qays said:
I don't give a shit about Final Fantasy Online and Final Fantasy Online II.

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I have never played it, however i REALLY want to try out XIV looks amazing. You speak the truth.

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FFXI was a lot of fun and was definitely a deep Final Fantasy. It had a great story and tons of it. It also had a lot of great players.

Unfortunately, it is painfully slow and difficult to level and advance through the main plot. I imagine this is why most people don't actually see any of that story or those great players.

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Severance said:
Qays said:
I don't give a shit about Final Fantasy Online and Final Fantasy Online II.

you beat me to posting this

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A new Final Fantasy MMO is fine by me.

I mean, I dislike MMO games in general, my significant interest in the series died off long ago and I won't be bothering with it since there's likely no legal way to try it for free, but it's their choice, I guess.

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Noticed you have made a couple of posts now yet your post count is 0... whats up with that?

Oh and yeah ff11 is da shiz and all that

I played FFXI, and it sucked, worst P2P MMO I've ever played, and even some F2Ps are better.
Though I am a little pumped for FFXIV, it seems better thus far, but won't know until more info is released.