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i find it funny how most people arent actually reading it just commenting about whta they think is right. the tos/eula of any company is not a legally binding contract. look it up. several companies have lost class action lawsuit sbecause their tos is in direct violation of the law as i stated in this thread. try amazon with the kindle, netflix, sony with hidden drm. i mean seriously people READ up and know ur rights.

Who cares? I mean really, is it that big of a deal to PS3 owners... or are people trying to fan a fire that doesn't exist?

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The 'change your DNS trick' works, for now. Network settings-change DNS to, and you can log in without the update.

So if MS remove a feature from the Windows O/S after you purchased it, this is illegal too?

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Xero said:
1) You consented.

2) Nope, the PS3 is still other OS capable. You have no right to PSN, Sony can remove PSN services, or restrict PSN services, for whatever reason they like. And in this case if you want to use OtherOS, you get no PSN.

3) Once again, the service is still there, just don't update PSN. You have no legal right to complain about the removal of service of PSN and therefore no counter-argument here.

4) It is optional. PSN use is optional.

5) I don't really proper understand number 5. My PSP works fine. I updated... what's the problem?

Your points are flawed for the simple fact that eventually ps3 games will have the update in them and must be installed to play need for PSN there.

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Seriously this argument is getting old. While i agree it was a dick move by sony i can see why they want to do it. Just let it be. If you dont wanna upgrade then by all means dont but dont expect SONY to cut you any slack

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Cool story bro!

for all of those who think ToS are the end all be all you are flat out wrong. You can't contract yourself out of your legal rights. Any term in any Tos or EULA that contradicts actual law is null and void. A ToS or EULA is just a contract, not law, and is therefore open to interpretation, and possibly not binding or legal. The EU is especially harsh as they have more consumer rights, but even in the US the same applies.

So can someone point out exactly what law Sony is breaking?