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Then add me another 50 times.
I have lots of alt accounts.

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Supposedly I'm a "stern defended for us!". You can sign me up if you want but I'm not going to join the gamerscore thingy because I'm lazy.

Didnt know their was so many 360 fans :D!! also everybody on this list isnt on the ps3 or wii squad?

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I thought the rule was it had to be your number one console.
If the 360 is yours that means you can't go on the other list.

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bump for awesomeness!

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Carl2291 said:

hehe, Seece also finds you unworthy!

"We'll toss the dice however they fall,
And snuggle the girls be they short or tall,
Then follow young Mat whenever he calls,
To dance with Jak o' the Shadows."

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how do I increase my position?


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You'd think that only FanBOYS (as stated in the op) would care about such a list. And it shouldn't really matter to gamers who have a 360 preference. Oh and "just a bit of fun," nice disclaimer. ;)

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Count me in!! Definitely my preffered platform of choice.

 How our favorite systems are just like humans and sometimes have issues finding their special someone...

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