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deadly premonition, Tales of Vesperia 360, Ninja Gaiden 2

Not a 360 fanboy, just a PS3 fanboy hater that likes putting them in their place ^.^

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No More Heroes
No More Heroes Desperate Struggle
Muramasa The Demon Blade
Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Little King's Story
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
Pro Evolution Soccer (for Wii)
Dead Space Extraction

Demon's Soul
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How else should games sell if not by how fun a game is?

Kenryoku_Maxis said:
Squilliam said:
I think all games deserve the sales they get.

Considering some 'games' can be very good, but lack advertising or support from their publishers, you may want to alter your perception.  The people who develop the game and those who publish the game are two different groups and it takes support from both sides to make a game successful.  Claiming games deserve whatever sales they get, if you're implying that games should sell based on 'how good they are', that is a very ignorant view.

Oh no, its not like that at all. Its more like games are fairly risky purchases and therefore the qualities about the game and how the game is recieved determine how well it sells. Some qualities include word of mouth, advertising etc which tell people about the quality of a title and others like peer pressure and being able to play with all of your friends in online multiplayer because everyone is getting the title is another. You only get out what you put in so pretty much everything gets what it deserves. If 5M people think that the name Halo deserves purchase on day one this year its only because of the overall good qualities of the Halo series that makes it happen.

Heres a list of qualities which go into sales of a title:

  • Reputation.
  • Anticipation
  • Marketing/awareness
  • How fun it is to play
  • Value for money of the experience
  • Word of mouth

If a game ticks all the above boxes then it'll get good sales. I don't think its important to weigh on how a game is fun so much as to ask whether or not it is fun to play.


little big planet 6 million
valkyria 2.5 million
killzone 2 3.5 million
R&C A Crack In Time - 2.5 million
sega all stars racing game 1 million
mass effect 2 2.5 million

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Anything Tim Schafer. He deserves MUCH more!

Christhor said:
Anything Tim Schafer. He deserves MUCH more!

I was just going to say just that!

I think all developers that are making quality games, but are maybe a bit to niche to sell enough to make a profit deserves more sales.

This is invisible text!

^ Kenryoku_Maxis, Think about it with this analogy:

When two runners race with each other, who deserves to win?
Of course, the one who runs faster. The ability to run fast is determined by many attributes, from muscle strength, to body weight, having the right rhythm, and speeding tactic

One of the things that doesn't matter is which one is the nicer person.

The sales race is a race too. And in my opinion, the attributes that should determine the results include marketing, word of mouth, mainstream appeal, etc.

With the idea that the game you consider "higher quality" should have higher sales, you mix subjective preferences with objectively measurably results, like if you would measure a runner''s worth of being first by his personality.

Of course, personality is an important thing, but on an entirely different field.

MGS4 - 10Million +
Uncharted 2 - 6 Million +
Mass effect 2 - 5 Million +
Killzone 2 - 5 Million +
Forza 3 - 5 Million +

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