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As the the rumors suggest, the new Nintendo handheld will use Sharp 3D LCD technology that no longer needs special polarizing glasses that you are used to wear in many theaters for Avatar and Alice in the Wonderland, to get the 3D effect.


As the video explains, you need to be in front of such auto-3D devices with your own eyes to see the effect.

This pretty much kills the E3 2010 3DS presentation for everyone that won't be there Live, because we won't be able to see the effect of the 3D screens filmed by a regular camera.

This also pretty much kills any recorded videos for 3DS games that are in 3D, since again, a regular camera can't get the same effect as you with your pair o human eyes.

We can however get a glimpse on how it should look and it's games with some CGI work for the video presentation.


The best thing about it: You'll have a blast the first time you grab a 3DS in your hands


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GRRRRR!!!! I want this now! I want so you gimmie!

Albion - Its Fun as Ballz !!!!!

So when are TV's like that gonna be on sale

Who said this is the 3D tecnology used on 3DS?

This is speculation. Nintendo don't said a thing about the tecnology used on the 3DS. So, this not related to the new portable, it's only speculation.

this is speculation. There is more speculation on gamepro which is interesting


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Interesting and I think this demonstrates that multiple people/viewpoints can still see the 3D image at the same time.

Now I'm really curious.

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so there's also a camera IN the screen?

Honestly I'm not really interested in the speculation. My hype metre is already maxed out as it is. I just can't wait for E3 to see the finished hardware and some software!


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Cool, however we don't exactly know what the new DS will use.
Still, it's pretty cool

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