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This is so stupid.
I won't even comment!

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Lyrikalstylez said:
KylieDog said:
Console price is not everything.

tell that to the millions that are still buying a ps2

Tell that to the millions who didn't buy a gamecbe or dreamcast.

Tell that to VGcharts which show a more expensive PS3 outselling a cheaper x360.

Tell that to wii when it hammered a cheaper x360 before it's own pricecut.


jhuff394 said:
DirtyP2002 said:
jhuff394 said:

Both consoles are supposed to last 10 years.. First off, Dvds will not be used much by then..

You think DVD will be gone in 5 years? DVD outsells BluRay 10:1 today.

Second of all, as cliche as it sounds, I think graphics enhancements over 10 years on the ps3 to overwelm the 360..

The difference is not as big as the difference between Xbox and PS2. The Xbox was the graphical better console last gen and it did not help.

And as you have already seen, exclusives on ps3 are far superior already in 2010, this is why microsoft is using natal to grab the Wii fanbase and cutting prices.. The product will not last as long as PS3 and they will release a new console well before Sony.

Best selling exclusive last year: Halo ODST
Best selling exclusive 2008: Gears of War 2
Best selling exclusive 2007: Halo 3

PS3 had some nice games last year with Uncharted or Killzone2 but they failed to grow as big as a Halo or a Gears of War. They were great games, but not as significant as other franchises in this industry.

Thank you


Actually I said DVD will not be used much in 10 years not 5 years, if you can read lol...

still wrong though.

And actually the difference in graphic potential is far GREATER than Xbox was over PS2 lol, I don't know what your talking about..

Nope. There are 2 or maybe 3 (!!!) games on the PS3 that are not graphically matched yet on the Xbox 360. That is not much, especially with Alan Wake and Halo Rech still to come. Last gen, there were quite a few games that were not possible on the PS2. Doom, Half Life 2, Halo 1 / 2, Jade Empire etc. So far this gen, some people said certain games were not possible on Xbox 360, but now they are on Xbox 360 like Final Fantasy or Metal Gear.

PS3 can push 1.8 Teraflops of total computing power, while the 360 can push around 1 Teraflop of total computer power..

HAHA using Teraflops... The PS2 could push more Teraflops than the Xbox and the Xbox was more powerful. Your point?

Thats nearly 2:1 in power, the big question was, could developers take advantage of it, and games recently (uncharted 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain) have shown the beginning of the difference in quality between the ps3 and 360....

And remember there are atleast 7-8 years to go!!.....

No, there are far less years to go. The next gen will start earlier. But yeah... the 10 year plan... Do you actually believe this?

As far as the superior exclusives... I didn't ask which games sold the most, I was talking specifically about the quality of the games...

Quality is always TASTE. And if a game can sell 10 million units, it can't be that bad. I am not a Wii fan (my taste), but selling that much hardware and SW shows that they did something right. We are talking about sales anyway. Right now you are saying: "The PS3 will sell more, because the quality of the games becomes better even though they are selling less". You see where your logic is broken now? A 10 million sales-franchise with average reviews will move more hardware than a salesflop with great reviews.

Again: The review system is stupid anyway, because taste is what matters and that is individual.

In this console race:     PS3 = Tortoise        360 = Hare


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lol, it's like 2008 all over again.

360 "slim" won't at all be the end of PS3, but it probably will rebalance the previous equilibrium between them and start making up for some of Sony's gains off their own slim/cut in 2009. Microsoft's a year late, but better late than never...

Keep telling yourself that.

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