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that would be awesome if it was the next gta all the abuse the ps3 fans got when the 360 got there dlc for gta4 early would be settled

would want gears3 on ps3 but the title says exclusive we all know gears3 is releasing on the 360 still wouldnt be surprised if gears 3 or l4d3 comes to the ps3

im saying ff7 remake or RE6


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I can only think of KH3 or Arkham Asylum 2.






Fallout New Vegas DLC


I'm guessing KH3 !

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gears 3

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Clearly FFXV.....but too early

Not GTA cus the guy confirmed it WASN'T GTA in his statement lol

KH3 is the only one left.

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My money is on L.A. NOIRE....

Bungie related project. Something we haven't seen yet.

i bet my ass of its GTA5

klaudkil said:
i bet my ass of its GTA5

Prepare to say goodbye to your ass, lol.


OT: Yeah, or it can possibly be Resident Evil 6.

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