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Best casual controller, Wiimote or Natal?

Wiimote 55 61.11%
Natal 30 33.33%
Equal 5 5.56%

WiiMote so far. Nintendo is always mastering its technology with brio.

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TheNoobHolocaust said:

What about PS Move? it deserves a poll option, it already has more developers than Natal, it has 20 first party and 36 third party developers.

lol i think it was rolstoppable who complained about this and i found it weird at first (i'm new here) but i purposely entered this thread to see how many posts it would take before the playstation controller would be mentioned.. lol 2nd response. pretty impressive

he's asking about a comparison between the natal and the wiimote, why does the ps3 controller need to be brought up? if you wanna discuss it make another thread about it. maybe he's only got an xbox and a wii and wants to know which is better. maybe he's allergic to shiny glowing balls and considers the ps arc (move doesn't really sound like an object, does it? i'm not comfortable saying it) no good and therefore the obvious worst one.

and as for the OP, I think it was Netyaroze who said it. pretty pointless topic. you're comparing the wiimote to something we know practically nothing about and totally disregarding the ps3 controller because you asked which is the best casual controller, i don't see how the price, 3 complicated accesories (o noes. my brain hurts too much), and lack of nintendo games (thanks for pointing out ps3 didn't make nintendo games for all those who didn't know btw. i was pretty peed off when i started up my ps3 and slipped in twilight princess and the tv screen laughed at me and the disc came flying out n hit me in the head) all play a role in the concept and ideas the ps controller will employ to attract the casual market.

oh and the only reason i bring this up is cuz im guessing you were trying to attract the ps3 "fanboys" to come in n mention their beloved ps move

Nintendo Wii-mote. Easily.

I just can't see Microsoft pulling NATAL off.

Can you play natal with your feet incase you have no arms?

A thread asking which is BEST for casuals, the wiimote or Natal does seem to be asking for trouble.

You could say: which is the best between Natal and wiimote.
But to be ready with a response indicating that... yes this was in fact somewhat of a stealth troll by saying how the PS move is not for casuals... because it has.. too many pieces?

no its because we know the move will be LESS than $100 is what makes it not in the casual discussion, right?

No I got it, the Move is not for casuals because it seems like it will have third party support!
That must be it.

I'm sorry, too many hidden agendas in this one.

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Mr Puggsly said:
Well I definitely see non-gamers being intrigued by the Natal. So I'm gonna say Natal.

I see non-gamers actually buying the Wii, and haven't noticed this trend of non-gamers being intrigued by natal. The only people I see intrigued by natal are the gaming press, and x-box owners. Saying people are intrigued is sort of conjecture. Wii sales are real.

Also, I don't see anybody being interested in playing games that don't require you to hold something. People like tactile feel, and the idea of holding your arms out for a camera to register you WILL be awkward, and tiring, if you're doing something like a driving game. Whereas the Wii wheel you can keep your hands down on your lap if you want. Also, what happens if you have an itch, twitch, or decide to stand in the middle of a game without pausing? These kinds of things seem completely impractical, which is why I think Natal is a great idea on paper, but not in reality.




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ITT Twistedpixel hates sony and decides himself that it isn't a viable option. This thread was nothing but a flamebait thread.

On a lighter note, they are all good for casuals.

Natal will suffer from lack of feedback though, i don't know how that will turn out. Have to try it first. but moving "nothing" and hitting "nothing" and holding "nothing" is going to feel really odd.

It's amplified waggle. but is there enough sustainance?

The one which actually exists.

jarrod said:
TheNoobHolocaust said:

Let me clarify what Sony has to match Nintendo games

Mario = Little Big Planet

Zelda = The Last Guardian(Team ICO game)

Wii Sports = Sports Champions


Sorry, nowhere even close. 

True.  Little Big Planet is a lot better than Mario games (as much as I love NSMBwii).  Zelda and Wii sports are going to be tough to beat but I haven't played TLG or sports Champions so I can't say for sure.  And neither can you for that matter.

I voted for the MS solution, since people will be able to just talk and wave to the thing. How nice.
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