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Forums - Gaming Discussion - ff 13 best graphics this gen

facial features are nice but when you see the hands in the in-game cut-scenes its all blocky.

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scottie said:
hikaruchan said:
scottie said:
FFXIII (PS3) 20 frames per second (floor)
God of War 3 (PS3) 60 frames per second (locked in) (last I heard anyway)

Screenshot comparisons are pointless

PS3 Version of FFXIII is 30FPS dude.

Sorry to burst your bubble, dude, it may get as high as 30 fps when nothing is happening, but when there is lots of stuff on screen, it has been shown to hit as low as 20. That's why I said floor. The 360 version was slightly higher (26 fps as a floor) because the resolution is lower.


Don't you read VGChartz news stories? It was about a week ago

I never said it ran at 30FPS all the time but I have only seen go as low as 26FPS.

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at scottie, no, the ps3 has a higher global fps AND higher resolution. Check out lensoftruth. Eurogamer are biased.