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Forums - Gaming Discussion - ff 13 best graphics this gen

sadly no, the graphics IMO are very poor character models look good but the environment looks ready bad

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Wow, I'm not the only one who thinks the in-game graphics look like trash!

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i havent seem the games with my own eyes, but to me graphics dont look anything special tbh (from vidz)

bRoKeN said:

Wow, didnt really realise they could do and actually do do this. Thats quite a drop in quality and quite easy to sport. I do have the game and I do intend getting it so I cant see what its like properly but now I wondering what the change will be in Alan Wake compared to all the videos theyve been showing.

bRoKeN said:

not trolling or anything but is that second picture the 360 version? because i know that version from the pixelated hair.

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No one has mentioned Crysis? Shame on you people! I guess I get to post the first Crysis pictures.

mass effect 2,dirt 2,gears of war 2,wipeout fury all have better graphis this gen lol

woops *graphics

as a pc gamer, you should be ashamed of yourself continually posting the first CRYSIS SHOTS released..

why not post the actual game screens:


selnor said:
1337 Gamer said:
ps3_jrpg_gamer said:
yes endeed but VERSUS 13 will have better if it
won 't release on 360 also and they have to downgrade the graphics

Was it really necessary to bring up the "square enix downgraded FFXIII graphics because of the 360" argument in here? This thread was not made to discuss which version is superior. Please take your drovel elsewhere

I wonder what would have happened if every 360 owner said something like the following:

If Bayonetta and 90% of 3rd party games weren't released on PS3 then we would have better graphics and a non gimped version.

depends on the situation, if it's off topic then they would probably get a warning just like that guy did.