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We knew there was more to Sony’s Media Molecule purchase than was originally being let on. And VG247 might just have slipped the first hint of a rumour on the matter. They claim that Sony are set to release a product called “LBP2″ this year — have a wild stab at what that game might be, folks.

Media Molecule categorically stated they wouldn’t do a sequel to LittleBigPlanet last year, so exactly what they craft here is unknown.

Guess what though, Sony are holding a press conference as part of GDC this week. Expect some big Playstation news.

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sony has really huge surprises for us this year! i think they r pumping their profits from the last quarter on gaming!! and im happy boutz that! lol

Legend of Brothers Pragoon 2?!

anyway LBP 1 was announced at GDC 2007

So this kinda makes sense!

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It'll be 3-D and use ARC


LBP is an Endless game, no point in a part 2, at this point anyway.

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it makes sense a few days ago Sony bought Media Modecule and now as a first-party will produce a lot of games for them

I don't think it'll be 3d, but I can see Arc making the whole building part of it much more accessible. Could also make special ARC levels / building stuff where you control sackboy with the nunchuck but have to iteract with the level with ARC and move obsticles and stuff with the pointer? Alot like er... SMG lol.

sega4life said:


LBP is an Endless game, no point in a part 2, at this point anyway.

Unless it was no longer a side scroller anymore and was a full 3D world

The only thing I want is for them to support the game with level packs.

Sony has i think 15 studios to make games now(with MM included) so they barely need third-parties to promote Arc