have u ever played a Racing Game Before? :D

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Hi everyone!! I am just curious if you guys do play racing games Online nor Console..


Please do share yours: As of now i am playing CTRacer online and im using a MOMO wheel



What about yours :D

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I have played a ungodly amount on the 15-20 (includes handhelds)some odd consoles I have had over the years. ATM I just most playing Excitebike: World Rally (WW) and Mario Kart Wii. I do not like them as much as I use to.

I never play racing games online.
my internet connection is too excrement for that

maybe someday it will change.

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GoodLuck for you spankey and hope that the gods of games will help you!! :D

What is this racing you speak of, real men play FPS

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My favourite racer is Mario Kart but I've been playing racers all my life from Rad Racer on the NES, Nigel Mansell F1 on Gameboy and SNES, all the F1 racers on N64 and PS1, Need for Speed Underground 2 on GameCube, more recently Excite Truck, GT and NFS: Shift and all the Mario Karts from 64 - now (I still play them regularly though I never liked the SNES original).

I don't play Shift online as there are far too many cheats which kinda sucks.. Anyway i have a Driving Force GT for the much anticipated GT5 (DFGT is the official wheel hehe)


Of course I do. Gran Turismo FTW.

No. Never. What is this racing game of which you speak?

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Racing ? Racing games got me into video games


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