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Maybe it's better that the IW crew get out from under Activision. If Activision seriously thinks it can cut the head off a snake as large as IW and expect the same quality of games afterward, the company is simply mistaken. Activision may have the MW name, but that will lose steam quickly if the quality slips (just look at the Guitar Hero franchise). Apparently, ActiBlizzard isn't happy being the largest publisher and raking in tons of dough with WoW; the company needs a new cash cow. Personally, I hope there is a mass exodus and IW's crew finds a new publisher.

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A very self-destructive stretch by Activision. It should be clear to them that the goodwill from the community that Infinity Ward attracts should be more than worth their independent streak.

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they're going to make The Bouncer 2 after Square Enix buys Infinity Ward.

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The end of IW and Call of Duty Franchise?


I hope they make there own studio and make awesome COD- Killer games.

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this reminds me about how Rockstar Vienna was closed:

On May 11, 2006, Take-Two Interactive closed their Rockstar Vienna office without any previous announcement, and employees were denied access to their workplace by security personnel in the morning.[2]

Source: Wikipedia


...besides, didn't kotick say he will take out all the fun of making games? Obviously he is doing as promised!

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I'm not sure that there is such a "core talent" behind CoD, I mean, it's just an FPS franchise! As long as Activision spends lots of money on polishing it, so the next games won't be buggy, ugly, too short, or something similar, it will be fine.

Over-Relliance in one franchise, Activision without CoD would go bankrupt really fast.

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tyig said:
Over-Relliance in one franchise, Activision without CoD would go bankrupt really fast.


Anyway, the two rumors that I've heard were:

1) Subscription based CoD

But that seems a bit strange. Why such a rush, and conflict? I'm sure even Bobby will have been willing to be diplomatic and take it slowly.

2) Rushing out DLC in order to counter BC2's launch

Sounds much more plausible.


You guys know which big video game giant allows creative freedom and invests in new IPs, and which FPS has dedicated servers, teamwork, and less glitching/cheating.