Forums - Sony Discussion - Deal: 500GB Western Digital 2.5" HDD, Works well with Ps3

Just a heads up for the Ps3 users that haven't upgraded the HDD yet,

500GB Western Digital 2.5" HDD, 5400 RPM and perfect for the Ps3 on sale at Newegg via the home page's shell shocker: 69.99


Just waiting for that PS Vita to come out so I can play some full featured games on the go with that beautiful screen and control scheme...

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Sweet, I've been looking to upgrade. I have like 4 gb left, which is pretty much gone after 2 demos.

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well, i never did an upgrade's still intact with the 40 GB. My library collection reflects it. Surely need to start back serious gaming through this 500 GB baby.

Thanks for the info, ill show this to my bro as he's dying to upgrade his PS3 =)