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Kaizar is no longer with us. You have myself, Truck, Cone, and Carl to thank for that.

So this thread is done. You're welcome.

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Summer Movies 2K14 - Hot Blockbuster Movie Mashup:

Shout out to "Horns" UK trailer:

Here's an interesting trailer for a movie called; "Plastic":

Here's an interesting Trailer for a movie called; "Monsters: Dark Continent":

Here's "ABCs of Death 2" trailer:

Here's "ABCs of Death 2" extreme red band Trailer:

Shout out to "Dracula Untold" UK trailer:

Here's an interesting movie trailer called; "Paradise Lost":

Shakespare's untold masterpiece is a movie in "Cymbeline" trailer:

Running in Movies ultimate mashup. Run, Forrest, Run:

"Big Hero 6" movie clip:

Shout out to "The Equalizer" trailer #2:

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Shout out to "Horrible Bosses 2" trailer #2:

Here's an interesting movie Trailer called; "Bang Bang Baby":

I hope Jennifer Lopez gets nude in this Rated R movie called; "The Boy Next Door" trailer:

Here's an interesting movie trailer called; "Who Am I - No System is Safe":

here's "Fury" international trailer:

Here's "Kill the Messenger" trailer:

If you've seen; "Most Welcome 2", then please post.

Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 3D !!!

I've updated the 1st OP by changing the date of "Most Welcome 2" from October 2nd to July 29.

Shout out to "Automata" trailer:

Here's an interest movie's Trailer called; "Nightcrawler":

heres a Trailer for an interesting movie called; "The Calling":