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    Nintendo to not have Achievements once again?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 January 2017 by DJEVOLVE

    Cobretti2 said: One must first have lots of games to have an achievement system. Otherwise the achievements will be like. Congratulations you just earned a trophy for powering on your console for the first time. Congratulations you changed the theme colour. Congratulations you went onto eShop. Congratulations you docked your Switch. Congratulations you removed your joy cons from the...

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    PS Community Reborn!!!-An outbreak?! PSX has a date!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 10 October 2016 by axumblade

    Locking thread. Will post link to new thread in this post after its opened....

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    Kinect vs PSVR

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 October 2016 by JRPGfan

    exclusive_console said: Kinect was never going to be used in core gaming. They tried to push it this gen and it failed miserably. PSVR has lots of potential and may be it will not be too popular this gen but is going to be much bigger next gen. Same issue AR has, its not ment for gameing really. VR on the otherhand is really well suited for it. People calling this a fad are...

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    New PS4 this October (Rumour)

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 March 2016 by walsufnir

    Well, it seems that a ps4 Plus is happening. What I don't believe is that Sony will put way better hardware in it just for people with a 4k tv. How is the adoption rate for 4k tv's? Most people still have a 1080p tv so who would buy a new ps4? The audience is way too small to have r&d just for a niche market. In my opinion, if there is really better hardware, you will also see it in 1080p games...

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    Xbox Empire - New thread up soon!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 June 2015 by Leadified

    Locking: New thread is up now. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=203618 ...

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    Will Microsoft ever win a gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 May 2015 by Aura7541

    S.T.A.G.E. said: Vasto said:Going by last gen or course they can. They made a mistake with the Xbox One that wont happen again. Nintendo will never win again. They just got lucky with they whole motion control fad. Hope they took a picture. They can offset the Playstation, but worldwide the Xbox cannot beat Sony unless their perception changes. The second the PS3 launched...

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    How many 8th gen 10m exclusives will there be?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 March 2015 by Serious_frusting

    Gran Turismo 7-8 Unchared 4 maybe? The last of us 2 Some game that makes it big we dont know about yet? Every gen has had one. Why not this?...

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    Has there ever been a game's official soundtrack that has almost gotten to you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 March 2015 by LemonSlice

    Almost? Please rephrase that question lol. Chrono Cross is still my favorite soundtrack I think. Final Fantasy IX has the best music out of the FF games, and I guess the encapsulating Theatrhythm games deserve a mention too, although it's almost a cheat. Recently replaying Grim Fandango it has a fantastic soundtrack as well....

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    AMD Offering Discounts To Former GTX 970 Owners Following Memory Controversy

    in PC Discussion on 31 January 2015 by Game_God

    HoloDust said: Game_God said: HoloDust said:Yes, nVidia lied. But 970 still performs as initially benched on numerous sites, so I really don't see what's such a big fuss about. I don't get people that being lied to, can't "see what's such a big fuss about." People eating this kind of sh*t are the reason why hardware/software makers are shoving unfinished or defective...

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    China has just banned the burqa in its biggest Muslim city

    in Politics Discussion on 14 January 2015 by padib

    Nem said: I feel like you arent getting what i'm saying. Everyone has freedom to exercise their beliefs, that is not in question. What is in question is forcing those beliefs on other societies. I do not say: You have this belief, therefore you are not fit for this society. Its exactly the opposite. You may have what beliefs you will, but you cant force them on other members of society and...

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    B-but they say PC requires hours of modding to get games to work... /s

    in PC Discussion on 04 January 2015 by AZWification

    Your mother is pretty awesome I must say! :-)...

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    What is AMD's equivalent of the 980?

    in PC Discussion on 30 December 2014 by JEMC

    MikeRox said:Christ alive, andhhere's me chuffed to have just ordereda GTX 970 lol As you should. The 970 is an excellent card and a much better buy than a 980 from a performance/price point of view....

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    Has Sony's arrogance cost them november npd?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2014 by Alby_da_Wolf

    No need to bleed money to win NPD when you can win the month worlwide without sacrificing profits, even more so if you consider that winning outside of USA gives Sony a higher profit margin, except perhaps in pathologic cases like Italy, where fiscal system (not just the high amount of taxes, but also the demented, useless and unjustifiable complications related to them), bureaucracy and rigid...

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    Are Ubisoft gonna be this gens most hated developer/publisher?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 December 2014 by r3tr0gam3r1337

    Demesne said: r3tr0gam3r1337 said:the most hated developer/publisher who can admit they made mistakes and apologize with free DLC and free games for people who bought the season pass on watchdogs and ACU (not sure about FC4), why hate them now! Becasue they knowingly release utter shit. DC or MCC online issues were atleast unexpected, all you have to do is attemp to play...

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    Is PS4 CPU is better than Xbone CPU?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 November 2014 by Nate4Drake

    Hynad said: Uabit said:X1 cpu cores have a clock speed of 1,75ghz while the ones from Ps4 cpu have a clock speed of 1,6ghz 1,75 > 1,6 so PS4 cpu is NOT better than X1 cpu Still waiting for factual proof that the PS4's CPU is 1.6ghz. ''As mentioned above, some of the benefits of Substance include reducing file size which makes the engine useful for the likes of...

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    DriveClub vs Forza Horizon 2 (XBO) (FW Sales) - Results In!

    in Sales Discussion on 14 November 2014 by kowenicki

    Might as well go ahead and scrap this then... NPD murdered the thread....

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    Consoles sometimes come very close to PC at the graphic department at times

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 November 2014 by r3tr0gam3r1337

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9Bfezn1kSAM<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/9Bfezn1kSAM?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>...

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    Destiny Review Thread - 77 meta

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2014 by r3tr0gam3r1337

    lol you lot are still judging the early reviews calling the game a fail, look's to me like modern gamers want everything unlocked from the get go or a game that can be completed with ease, i prefer a grind fest as that really is the only way to realistically get your moneys worth, just because the game is developed by the same team who made Halo does this mean PD should make GT like Motor Toon...

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    The REAL top 5 games of ALL time.

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2014 by JazzB1987

    elazz said:I hope The Last of US isn't sarcasm as the others (although I could understand Minecraft). That game truly is the greatest ever. Based upon half the population (extrapolated) It cannot be the best ever simply because of the lackluster a.i  which according to fans  is not bad but "problematic" rofl...The PS3 version is also nowhere near the best game on PS3. A...

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    Why The Playstation 4 is Outselling The Xbox One.

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2014 by DarkRPGamer007

    I can't wait until LT sales are 4:1 that'll be great...

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