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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 14 December 2019 by Kresnik

    Dgc1808 said: Rebought the system. Should arrive Friday. Wish I had never ditched my first PCH-2001. Welcome back to the club! Sadly the thread isn't so active any more :P ...

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    Will the PS4 outsell the XBox One and WiiU?

    in Sales Discussion on 14 September 2014 by drake_tolu

    This prediction will easy close. The bold prediction is if PS4 will sell double than XBOX ONE + Wii U ... I predict 170-180 million PlayStation 4, so, is possible!...

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    Looks like Sony built PS4 to compete the Xbox 360, only with better graphics/specs

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2014 by gooch_destroyer

    NobleTeam360 said: gooch_destroyer said:delicious bump. Lol, did you see my old post lord gooch? I always knew PS4 would outsell Xbox One. You've done well. :-D...

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    Evaluation of the current Nintendo community on VGC

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2014 by pezus

    RolStoppable said: pezus said: Do you base activity level on number of posts or number of words written? Number of posts. Bah. Otherwise JL would probably be at, or close to, the top...

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    I love Naughty Dog

    in Sony Discussion on 15 November 2013 by Aldro

    babuks said:Haha, I knew it was Aldro before opening the thread. Who else is as mad as him for ND games! It's like we have GT fanatic Ethomaz, we should declare Aldro the ND fanatic! :P Well I am the Lord of Uncharted in PS Nation and the leader of House of Jollie (Joel+Ellie) XD...

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    What Playstation Vita game would do well on the 3DS?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 November 2013 by MikeRox

    VGC Batman Origins: Blackgate week 1 sales posted. Vita 28,028 3DS 17,387 I do think more mature themed games will perform better on Vita regardless of the userbases and this is why Vita isn't always necessarily a bad choice of format to release your game. Incidentally, 3DS and DS versions appear to have obliterated the Vita...

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    The Wii has stop shipment production in Japan

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 October 2013 by Scisca

    reggin_bolas said:A lot of people don't like the Wii because of the harm it did to core gamers. It infected beloved consoles like 360 and PS3 and a lot of gimmicky crap followed. Kinect is still not the hard core system it was promised to be; and what about Move? All but forgotten. I think the Wii's legacy will be forgotten pretty fast. What harm are you exactly talking about?...

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    'Skyward Sword' should have been released as a launch title for the Wii U instead of a game for the Wii.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 October 2013 by melbye

    Well, no one could have called it a weak launch-lineup if they released a new Mario and a new Zelda...

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    Screw Next-Gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 October 2013 by Netyaroze

    Slimebeast said: Netyaroze said:Nope I am not influenced by stuff like that. There is another reason why I am not exited about next gen its called Oculus Rift it literally destroyed any desire I had, to own a console. Sadly Oculus is not ready yet to be a real alternative so I gave up on gaming until Oculus hits the consumer market. I am now a PC only guy. I dont have the time to...

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    Pokemon X Y: 4 million first 2 days!!

    in Sales Discussion on 17 October 2013 by tbone51

    outlawauron said: tbone51 said: HikenNoAce said: Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:Uh I think Nintendo means sold here Yeah and sold for publishers means shipped. if your right it means we dont have digital sales cuz they cant be shipped! Over 4 million confirmed yessssss! Pokemon XY doing so well, i got wrried there  :-D :-D :-D you saw...

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    Sony copies Nintendo, again

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 October 2013 by Anari

    S.T.A.G.E. said: Anari said: S.T.A.G.E. said: Gamegears said:Well I can't wait for Nintendo to make a VR machine and Sony to have motion controls and say they won't have VR because it's just a gimmick, and talk about how Nintendo is just a toy. :O Its called the Occulus Rift. As for Nintendo they've always been considered a toy company. They all make...

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    Gamescom: Ubisoft Has Faith in Vita, Wii U

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 August 2013 by oniyide

    Munkeh111 said: oniyide said: Munkeh111 said: oniyide said: no not really, This is the biggest game in the franchise in a while, one forgets they are also putting it on next gen consoles which would require even more man power. PC,PS3/4, WiiU, Xbone/360 thats alot of platforms. two more than last year. I think they have more people working on this entry than any...

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    Kamiya Says “Bayonetta Was On The Brink Of Disappearing”

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 August 2013 by Nem

    Xen said: MohammadBadir said: Xen said:It still is. Tissues for what? I don't really care about the series at all, nor do I care that it went to Wii U (shudder!) of all places. I'm just stating a fact. You should totally share that crystal ball that shows you future facts. That is some factual divination. Maybe you should start your own religion....

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    Sony GamesCom was awesome! Only Sony takes Europe serious now?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 August 2013 by MikeRox

    I think some people on here really need to realise that GameCon is a European event for more European journalists to cover. The general "my god that was boring whats the point?" etc. seems to be from American posters. Having a conference like that is a luxury, but it sent out a very clear message that only Sony is currently serious about Europe. We're getting a Sony console 2 weeks after...

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    New CryEngine Announced

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 August 2013 by cannonballZ

    FrancisNobleman said:So Wii U is able to run this new revision, but not Frostbite. I wonder where the problem is ;)   EA took that back and said it can run it. But won't bring it to Wii U until it has a bigger install base. ...

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    Microsoft clarifies: FIFA only free in Tier 1 EU countries

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 August 2013 by Alby_da_Wolf

    MS screwing the Belgians? Baudelaire must be gloating in his grave. :-P ...

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    PS Vita Has Been Saved! Price Drop.

    in Sony Discussion on 21 August 2013 by curl-6

    It will help a lot, as memory card price has been one of the system's biggest ball-and-chains. This is the first step in the system's recovery. I'm still not interested though, and I probably never will be, given that it's a handheld....

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    Gotta love the revisionist history BS about the Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2013 by Proxy-Pie

    Wether you like it or not, the Wii was a revolution, one that beat the fuck out of the PS3/360 in both profits and sales. You fanboys can argue all you want, but the PS3 scarred Sony deeply, and that scar isn't just gonna heal anytime soon....

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    PSVita Pets announced

    in Sony Discussion on 18 August 2013 by Peter_Bloober

    I'm quite happy that PS VITA will receive more games targeted at younger players. First was Invizimals which seems to be targeted at boys age 7-15, now it's a game for either boys or girls of the same age....

    Write 48

    Super Mario FPS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2013 by ChrolloLucilfer

    zippy said: ChrolloLucilfer said:Funnily enough I have been thinking about how Nintendo could do Mario Fps recently. I think for it to work they need to take a similar direction that they took with Mario Kart against the more violent weapon based Racing gaming genre. Make a more children friendly FPS in terms of the level of acceptable violence. Which is actually quite simply to do,...

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