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    Would You Be Okay If Nintendo Made Another New Super Mario Bros.?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 September 2014

    I will take any/all 2D/3D Mario, since even the 'bad' ones are better than 90% of games released....

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    PS3 wasn't a Late Bloomer, Neither was 360 and Neither will Wii U

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 September 2014

    fluky-nintendy said: Must be sad when our favorite console with the great games in our head, sells so badly. I just hope Nintendo fans can find support in the games big N keeps putting on WiiU, and seeing it as a consolation prize. *face palm*And this, right here, is why this site is ridiculous.*The games are not a "consolation prize", they are the *entire point* of the system's...

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    Fire Emblem Musou(Warriors series) Yes or No?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2014

    Clyde32 said: cheshirescat said: Clyde32 said: cheshirescat said:The less musou games the better. I somehow doubt you even read any of it... Now a word, and I stand by what I said. Okay, what if they were able to impliment SRPG elements into Musou type gameplay? A la, say, Dynasty Warriors Empires?...

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    Hyrule Warriors Pushed Japanese Wii U Software Sales to “Four Times” Amount of Last Year, Hardware Selling Wel

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 August 2014

    vivster said: KLAMarine said: vivster said:So if you release more software, people will buy more software? Nintendo finally found their secret recipe. I'm detecting some sarcasm here: you speak as though Nintendo didn't already know this. Well if they knew of it before the next question would be why they didn't act upon it earlier. So we can choose from...

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    Rumour: Infighting in Nintendo Management Leads to Scheming to Get Rid of Iwata

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2014

    Tlozjb said:I wonder if it is because he is easily manipulated, so they can use him as their puppet, but either way, Katsuhito should stay away from Nintendo, since if he was the project/planning director for Mario Party 9 and Island Tour, he better stay away from Nintendo and their main software teams. This is *exactly* what I was thinking, re: easy to manipulate.(And I should very...

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    Vita deserves so much better!

    in Sony Discussion on 29 July 2014

    soulfly666 said: I've said it before and, I'll say it again as a user of all 3 manufacturers.  90% of the people who claim Sony doesn't have the best exclusives are people who have not played said exclusives or don't own Sony products. Play Muramasa Rebirth, Ys, Gravity Rush and Tearaway, dude. They are all great.  Their exclusives are pretty much what set them apart on 3, 4,...

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    Xbox One owners, are you interested in Sunset Overdrive?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 July 2014

    Assuming someone I know that owns an Xbone is getting it, yes, I'll get it for co-op--if not, no....

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    Nintendo's Problem -- There Simply Isn't Room For 3 Consoles

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2014

    fleischr said:Last gen still clearly proves you wrong, but that's just my opinion. The original Xbox clearly did just as badly as the Gamecube did. In comparison to the PS2's total dominance, one could have used your same argument that there's only room for one console maker. What he said--close the thread....

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    Why is using a Gamecube controller on Smash such a big deal?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 May 2014

    Arkaign said: The GC controller is insanely overrated. The D-pad is made for people with pencils for thumbs, the overall feel is cheap. It's pure nostalgia. It was a real improvement over the N64 controller in a lot of ways, but still an awkward piece of work. The Wii Pro gamepad is far far FAR FAR FAR better. Basically anyone who grew up with (insert controller here) as the controller...

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    Does Sony win every generation by default?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 May 2014

    Shorter thread: Sony wins except when it doesn't....

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    What is the Problem with Nintendo?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 May 2014

    toastboy44562 said: Why do Nintendo games typically take 3-5 years to make? There is no logical reason other than the Devs that work for Nintendo are simply innefficient. Nintendo games tend to be similar to past games are well so all they really have to do is up the resolution and create new maps. A game like Mario Kart should take half a year to make, not 3 years. Completely...

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    Nintendo Should Go On A Buying Spree of Companies! But Which?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 April 2014

    M&As, in any business, are a tricky situation, fraught with peril and, in fact, the vast majority do *not* pay off in the end, when it comes to contributing to the company's bottom line. (In which case, as others have noted, grabbing smaller studios to shore up weaknesses in Nintendo's catalog (primarily 'mature' titles) is really the only potentially smart option due to the costs involved...

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    Nintendo's arrogance needs to stop

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 April 2014

    Ah yes, hindsight always brings out the experts...(And even better, there's no way to actually assess their claims.)...

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    North America versus Europe - who would win in an all out war?

    in Politics Discussion on 10 February 2014

    I can't believe this is even a question--let alone that anyone is voting Europe. It could be the *world* against NA and NA would still win. A huge percentage of you have *no idea* either a. how powerful the US mil is or b. how weak nearly every other mil on earth is, in comparison. (I'm sure someone, somewhere, in here has already enumerated this, but Jesus...put down the games and pick up...

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    SONY downgraded again to Junk by Moody's (outlook stable).

    in Sony Discussion on 27 January 2014

    Anfebious said: SamuelRSmith said: Anfebious said:Sorry for my infinite ignorance but what does this mean? What happens if your company has the "junk" status? It refers to a rating of their debts. At junk status, the ratings agencies are basically saying that there's pratically zero chance that Sony will be able to pay back their debts.... so don't buy any Sony...

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    Tomb Raider On PS4: "Same Game, Frame-rate Stutters, Lara Still Plastic Looking" Says Early Buyer

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 January 2014

    globalisateur said: PS4 version is by default locked at 60fps! And it apparently sustains 60fps quite well with occassionnal dips on some demanding scenes (by the real previews, not vgchartz guesses). You have no idea what "locked" means, vis-a-vis frame rate. Locked means just that--LOCKED, never wavers, never budges, from the target frame rate. That means no dips, no hiccups, no...

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    Sorry guys Sales = Quality; No Sales = DOOM

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2014

    Sales=quality? Someone hasn't heard of argument ad populum:

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    Simple Dieting Guide (Gain muscle or losing weight)

    in Sports Discussion on 11 October 2013

    Good post, but I disagree w/ some of the things stated after a good 20-years of doing this both personally and professionally (tho my conclusions are certainly not drawn in a vacuum which you'll discover if you do some basic research): 1. Always eat *more* than you think you need for bulking. When I was nineteen (long, long ago), I tried to play the lean bulk game (which is what the OP seems...

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    Forza dev: You can't talk power unless you're informed

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 September 2013

    Ah yes, the famous "you can't comment on something unless you know it inside and out" fallacy. A favorite of those that follow politics rabidly, and also a perennial favorite in the console power debates, starting waaaaay back with the Atari VCS vs. the Odyssey. (Allow me to translate: the One is *vastly* weaker than the PS4, but if I wave my arms enough and blow enough smoke, you'll be...

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    Is the Vita a "Game Gear 2"?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2013

    I had a GameGear--it was, in fact, a success for SEGA--which automatically puts it in a league beyond that of the current Vita....

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