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    3 reasons that made Nintendo Switch a succes

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 January 2020

    It got good sells cuz of Zelda (which was as always totally overrated). It did a good launch just cuz of that so the sites didn't dare speaking badly about the console even tho it's even worse than the WiiU. There was very good games on WiiU too but a bad launch is fatal. ...

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    PS5 Early Announcements - Most Anticipated New Feature

    in Sony Discussion on 09 October 2019

    If they stop censoring games, that would be a good start. As long they don't, I don't care about the new features cuz I wouldn't buy it. ...

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    Matrix 4 Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski

    in Movies Discussion on 22 August 2019

    Please, tell me this is a joke... Why would they want to destroy the franchise, like they are doing with Star Wars, by making countless sequels, cuz there's no doubt a new trilogy (or two) is coming up. I guess the Wachowskis desperatly need money. ...

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    How Would You Improve Playstation Plus on the PS5?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 July 2019

    By making it free again, as it was before PS4. But since players are happy to pay always more for things they don't have to pay, that won't happen. ...

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    Rumour: Sony's PS5 is definitely more powerful than Microsoft Project Scarlett

    in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2019

    Who cares??? We don't buy a console for the power but for the games!! ...

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    Breath of the Wild 2 will take place in the same Hyrule.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2019

    In short, it's just a freaking DLC sold at full price. I thought everybody got that immediatly. Well, no thanks. I'm waiting for a real new Zelda, hopefully better than BOTW. ...

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    Global Hardware 4 May 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 23 May 2019

    The site is done updating the sales of the softwares? ...

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    Sony Interactive Launches Unit to Adapt Games for Film, TV

    in Sony Discussion on 20 May 2019

    They really don't care about doing shitty movies or they really don't get that adaptation of video games will always suck? Video games are about gameplay. Scenario is secondary. Can't wait to see the first trailers to read all the bad comments. Should be funny...

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    Sony to crack down on sexually explicit games |Update: Specifically Japanese games containing underage characters

    in Sony Discussion on 21 April 2019

    shikamaru317 said: Sony to crack down on sexually explicit PlayStation games

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    Devil May Cry 5s Newest Update Has Removed Partial Nudity Censorship from PS4 Version in United States

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 April 2019

    Only in US? EU version not included? Seriously, why so complicated? Just remove it for everybody, dammit. Seems more like april's fool......

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    Sony Releases New "Only On PlayStation" Exclusives Highlight Reel

    in Sony Discussion on 29 March 2019

    Will they talk about their censorship policy in another "Only On PlayStation" video? Imposing restritions and devaluating our PS4 purchases, unlike what they said 6 years ago, is also something Sony does best......

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    Who is Sony's main threat/competitor today?

    in Sony Discussion on 14 March 2019

    If Sony continue their stupid policy about censorship, Microsoft & Nintendo will litteraly bury them on the next gen....

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    Dead or Alive 6 has a $93 Season Pass

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2019

    Machiavellian said:  Why do gamers believe everything should be for free.  The people that make your entertainment do not work for free.   OMG! You're saying the exact same bull that I quoted in my first answer. This is hilarious. Especially from a developper.  Seriously, we buy a game 60 bucks. Anything, I mean ANYTHING, they add after the release should be...

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    Dead or Alive 6 has a $93 Season Pass

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 March 2019

    I'm gonna say the exact same stupid answer that players -yes, players themselves- say to defend this: "Why do you criticize that for this game? Every game have a season pass! And they don't work for free, you know! And nobody said you were forced to buy them btw!!!". So sad that every fighting games today are just free-to-plays. Incomplete games -sold at full price- with empty slots in the roster...

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    Dark Mode Now Available

    in Website Topics on 08 December 2018

    It's rather grey mode, I would say, but still better than before....

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    Are you buying the Nintendo Online Service?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 September 2018

    I don't pay for things we're not supposed to, and I never will. That includes DLC and online....

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    Nintendo Did Not Learn Anything from the Wii U's Failure.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2018

    Yes they did: now they know they can make their online payable since players are happy to pay always more....

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    What's the most overrated game ever in your opinion?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2018

    LuccaCardoso1 said: Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game. It's just not very good either.  Got the exact same opinion with Zelda BoW. Never seen such an overrated game just to make the fans happy....

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    We're Finally Getting a Wireless PS4 Pad Without a Light Bar

    in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2018

    All I see is a xbox controller with ps4 buttons......

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    Be Honest: Why Do You Think Switch is a Sales Success Right Now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 September 2017

    "Why Do You Think Switch is a Sales Success Right Now?" For 1 simple reason: Zelda BOTW, which has been totally overestimated, as always. When this game won't sell anymore, the switch will become a bigger flop than the wiiu. Maybe even when their online will become payable....

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