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    DemoniOtaku Moved from Barcelona, Venezuela to Boavista, Brasil recently... :D
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    DemoniOtaku's Wall

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    < DemoniOtaku updated his status:

    Moved from Barcelona, Venezuela to Boavista, Brasil recently... :D

    Good for you !

    on 01 May 2019

    < Shadow8 posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Hmm, now you got the Part 6 girls as your avy I see :D

    Yeah... Wanted some F.F on my avatar... but this was the best with all the main girls... :D

    I can't wait to watch Part 6...

    on 17 September 2016

    Yeah same, I'm all caught up with the manga, but I'll probably reread it :) Part 6 is gonna be so good, love F.F as well, best girl. Sent you some F.F potential avys through pm, hope you like them :D

    on 17 September 2016

    Yeah, thanks for the images :D And Yeah, F.F is bestgirl there.. Don't know why She haven't been added to any game... :/ Really don't know why.. but that'sthe reason why I don't buy JOJO games anymore...

    on 18 September 2016

    NO F.F... NO BUY!!

    on 18 September 2016

    I still buy them since it's Jojo :P But yea they NEED F.F in them. ASB and Eyes of Heaven had so many characters and no F.F like wtf?!

    on 18 September 2016

    ASB was great.. but with no F.F... becaome boring after a while... reall a shame! And Eyes of Heavens no having F.F. is even more awful! DAMN!

    on 18 September 2016

    I feel ya man, they better have her in the next one!

    on 18 September 2016

    < Shadow8 posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    El Chavo del 8, Chapulin Colorado and Jojo all in one pic?! Amazing :o

    Yeahm Epic, Right? xD

    on 01 August 2016

    Damn right! xD

    on 01 August 2016

    And there are other like theses:

    on 01 August 2016

    And this:

    on 01 August 2016

    They look really nice! It's crazy how much stuff they mix with jojo xD

    on 01 August 2016

    < Shadow8 posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Thanks for accepting my fr! :)

    Thanks for requesting ^^

    on 25 July 2016

    < BasilZero posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Who dat in your avatar ;o?

    ;D A Kabaneri

    on 13 July 2016

    < outlawauron posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    I like your Ayane avatar.

    Yeah, I like it Too. Have been playing DOA5LR lately. A shame it didn't updated on Vita :(

    on 15 April 2016

    < outlawauron posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Type 0 was only translated by fans, not by Square Enix themselves. Type 0 HD was though.

    Type-0 was sai by Square itself that was almost 100% translated for PSP, but reelases plans were held, probably because PSP market shrinked quickly or Vita's didn't grow expectedly....

    on 07 October 2015

    < DemoniOtaku updated his status:

    Sadly, Kat is moving over to PS4 We'll miss her on PSVita :'(

    < XanderXT posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Woah! A Demonic Otaku! Who's your avatar?

    Simon, a Russian that loves to make Sushi on Ikkebukuro.. from the Anime/Light Novel DURARARARA!

    And Yours?

    on 10 September 2015

    Oh, mine was Jaune Arc from RWBY. Who is yours now?

    on 21 September 2015

    Ah, RWBY, I began to watch that serie on YT, but is hard to find good subtitled videos...

    Right now my avatar is the misterious live Doll from BLOODBORNE.

    on 21 September 2015

    Huh? What do you need subtitles? It's in English,

    on 22 September 2015

    I speak spanish, despite being good at writting and reading English, I'm not that good hearing it... because I don't have someone to practice conversation.

    on 22 September 2015

    Oh... sorry about that. But there is a Japanese dub with English subtitles. You want to watch that?

    on 22 September 2015

    Off course... give me a link.

    on 23 September 2015

    < lehamsy posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    There you go pal!

    Good.. following you...

    on 18 August 2015


    on 18 August 2015

    < DemoniOtaku updated his status:

    If Anyone want a Assassin's Creed 4 Download Code for UbiPlay, Contact me.. Just 20$ amazon Gift card and is yours ;)

    < PKSuban posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap. here is proof there not crap.

    WhAT? I don't play LOL.. and I'm not interested in that game.. go spam out of here or I'll report You!

    on 30 January 2014

    < pezus posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    The Playstation Nation GOTYs are a go! Pick your nominees here:

    *This automated message was sent to you because you are a member of the Playstation Nation

    < Naninho posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Hola, como andas?

    Che, acabo de agregar como amigo a un tal demoniotaku en Steam. Sos vos? Si es asi, podrias hacerme un favor?

    Necesito que me digas si en la pagina de la tienda de METAL GEAR RISING ( aparece un mensaje especial diciendo que si lo compras, solamente vas a poder usarlo en determinados paises de latinoamerica.

    Noticia: las compras realizadas en Venezuela sólo se pueden jugar en Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Bahamas, Belice, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Perú, Paraguay, Surinám, El Salvador, Uruguay y Venezuela.

    Eso dice, a ti debe decir igual, lo que quiere decir es que si logueas tu cuenta en steam en algún país que no esté en esa lista no podrás jugar el jeugo y comprarlo otra vez.

    on 21 December 2013

    Mmm... Eso pense.
    Lo curioso es que fuera de esos paises no existe ninguna restriccion. De haberme percatado antes de este mensaje, lo hubiese pre-ordenado a traves de Amazon con mi direccion falsa en US (las claves que te otorgan se puede activar en Steam).
    En fin... demasiado tarde para eso, je. Gracias!

    on 21 December 2013

    Por cierto, si te logueas en Steam y aceptas mi solicitud, tengo juegos de sobra que te pueden interesar: Cave Story+, Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest (una clave unica para esos tres) y Dear Esther.

    on 21 December 2013

    Ok. te aceptaré.. yo abrí cuenta de STEAM fue para jugar el batman Arkham City que me vino con una tarjeta Gráfica...

    Pero el año que viene me pongo a jugar en PC de neuvo que arme una PC decente. Por ahora no jugaré nada ahí (costume quest lo jugué en PS3 hace años muy bueno y el Stacking me provoca)

    on 21 December 2013

    < Kaizar posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP:

    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:

    Star Wars episode 7,8,9, & solos Thread:

    < KHlover posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Never seen you before, but that avatar is godly :P

    Thanks.. is just a way to remember that the life is unfair! xD

    on 23 May 2013

    < Michael-5 posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Oh, I know a few people from South America, not Venezuela, but Columbia, and Argentina. They are pretty skinny, but like normal healthy skinny, and they told me that the food you guys eat is a lot better there. I'm not referring to what's available, just that people in general take better care of themselves there. People eat home cooked meals more often instead of McDonalds.

    I heard one of the big reasons why games are so expensive in SA is because of taxes. You guys tax video games heavily, much like people tax gas, cigarettes, and alcohol because games are considered bad. That's what I heard, is that true?

    That's just prejudge from them.. but actually is true that here in Venezuela we aren't that skinny... but that we don't eat on McDonals so much doesn't mean the food is healthier... but there's a lot of variety of food to eat in the street (reastaurant and such)...

    About availability... here we're having problems with supplies of food, specially Corn flour, the base of our daily diet... that because the bad economy we have... :/

    And about game taxe, actually they're prohibited since two years ago "belic games and those that produces and promote violence" like COD, BF3 and such.. but laws are little more than paper and ink here... so we still play those games... but aren't officially suported, the games are expensive more because the speculation on price when are being imported than taxes... and the problems with availability of US currency for importation that ends with a parallel currency at hihger prices... and Alcohol and cigarrites are heavilly taxed here too..

    on 22 May 2013

    Maybe, but you're skinnier then an American trust me. I'm from Canada, but when you go to the southern's an experience to say the least.

    Anyway be glad you're not in China, Foreign video games are for the most part banned, and Nintendo only manages to sell some products there using Knock Off Chinese consoles (like the iQue and Vii). Still sales are weak there, and games are heavily restricted.

    on 22 May 2013

    And Piracy is very high..

    And we here aren't skinner, we just aren't as big as Americans or Europeans in general, but have a wide range of body constitution duue to the mixed blood of European, africans and natives....

    on 22 May 2013

    I couldn't find a value for Venezuela, but the obesity rate in Brazil is 11%. It's 34% in USA, 23% in Canada, and Most of Europe ranges between (9-23%).

    No, you don't realize how many fat people there are in USA in Canada, remember obesity rates are very different per US state, if you ever go to Georga or're in for a shock. I recall not seeing a single person within a healthy BMI and everyone had stubby fingers.

    on 23 May 2013

    That happens here in some regions too.. Where i live is a regions where we eat lot of fish as base for our diet, so we are less fatter... but FAt as that We aren't that I'm sure... Chubby fingers is something we don't very often... but big belly YES! Due to a high consumption of Beer... :)

    on 23 May 2013

    In the states, most women look like that, but if you go to Georgia, or Texas, people for the most part look like this

    and I'm not lying. I know what your definition of fat is, it's the same as mine, but 1 in 3 Americans are Obese, not just fat.

    This is our idea of fat

    and I can't imagine that too many Venezuelians are even that large. In Canada, this is common, but still considered large, in the states, it's normal.

    LOL... I like to poke fun of AmRicans, sorry, but they are unusually large, especially in the southern states. It's gross, smelly, and shocking.

    on 23 May 2013

    < Michael-5 posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    When Venezualians and other South Americans import systems like the PSP, how do you import them? I'm sure you guys don't order off, there must be some import companies. VGC estimates weekly sales by correlating sales with NDP, Media Create, etc publications, and physically contacting retailers and asking them how well some games are doing. Obviously not all etailer chains give information to VGC, so they have to extrapolate, but for USA/Canada, the richer countries in Europe, and Japan, VGC have a good grip at what they are doing. It's the other half of Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East that VGC has trouble tracking. However we know PSP is doing very well judging by Nintendo Press reports (which state all system sales on a quarterly basis) and Sony Press reports.

    So to answer your question, PSP sales aren't recorded in USA sales because they aren't systems sold in USA, and retailers, along with NDP give VGC sales for USA (and to a degree Canada) only. Plus African, Middle East and a lot of Asian gamers don't import, and the ones that do import PAL.

    on 20 May 2013

    Most of importations are made from shops like Gamestop and Amazon.. at retail prices.. that's why prices of games and consoles are very high... Is not the case of every country from south america, but in most case is it... like Argentina and bolivia and some center-america and caribbean countries...

    And South America games are those of US market this is not PAL region as You think... not even Brazil is Pal region here...

    on 20 May 2013

    BTW A game here is priced arround 120-140$ and a console 700-900$...

    on 20 May 2013

    I'm aware of how much games and consoles are priced in South America, and I think since consoles are cheaper near their end of life, that's probably why systems sell so well at this time in SA. Since Sony supports their systems best late in life, they do the best in South America.

    However if you import games at retail prices....oh I get it now. So when you import games from Gamestop, you buy them at $120 instead of $60 right?

    What about games over eBay? If you buy a $30 game on eBay, are you just taxed heavily during importing?

    Still VGC, and its sources like NDP tracks games sold in North and South America seperately, even if all the games come from the same North American retailers. They separate the numbers for units sold in USA, and units sold elsewhere.

    on 21 May 2013

    With inflation the consoles NEVER are cheaper... I paid 2200 bs. (1000$) when I bougth my first PS3 tree years ago.. and now a PS3 is priced arround 6500Bs (1000$).. The same with PSP..

    But perhaps some others countries doesn't so radical problems like venezual and the PSP are selling better because are cheaper as You say... But I still doubt that are selling so much..

    Probably is a adjusment or simply are the sells of "the rest of the world" not just SA...

    on 21 May 2013

    But with inflation, don't you make more as well? Does your currency really inflate that fast?

    Wow, and here I am waiting complaining that a $250 PS3 is too much, and I'm waiting on a Black Friday sale. Then again, people eat better in Venezuela, the girls are prettier there, and the beaches are nicer too. So it's a fair trade off, right?

    As for Sony consoles sales, Sony systems typically do well near the end of their life, and for years to come afterwards, and it's because of South America (and to a smaller extent Africa). I would imagine that prices do become reasonable near the end of a consoles life, and that's why the systems sell so well there, late in life. Otherwise, why else would Sony system sales peak so late in those regions?

    on 22 May 2013

    Yeah, in Venezuela the currency inflate that fast and even more... but yeah we have babes and neaches to relieve our stress from the drowning economy matters.. nice one ;) About eat better.. what you reffer to?

    Welll.. mostly because SONY didn't distribuite their gaming related products till very late... Brazil have official support for PS2 just tree years ago... and now they make the PS3 there too... the gap in price will reduce surely.. and SA will be a market of great importance for next generations... now if only we had better politics about promoting the creation and promotion of software :/ and better anti-piracy culture.. may be.. in the near future I can Play a MLB The Show with Caribbean leagues Clubs :D

    on 22 May 2013

    < Salnax posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    Hello. I noticed that you haven't voted on this month's Most Wanted feature yet. If you are interested, vote in the following thread.

    thanks for taking your time ^^

    on 22 April 2013

    < M.U.G.E.N posted something on DemoniOtaku's wall:

    haha great choice for the new avatar :D that was a hilarious scene in the manga

    yeah.. so much funny that chapter.. I can't get bored with that manga/anime.. xD

    I fucking hate and envy that brat...

    on 04 March 2013

    One of many perks of being a kid :D

    on 04 March 2013

    But chopper was a kid technicaally but he didn't enjoy of those benefits...

    on 04 March 2013

    Women in OP racist confirmed! PETA will be all over this :D

    on 05 March 2013

    Totally true! we need more zoofilic action on OP! there are a lot of zoan users! poor Zoan users... :(

    on 05 March 2013

    Chopper's been around when Nami was bathing before, iirc. I think when they were going out of Fishman Island up to the New World...

    But yes, that whole sequence was excellent

    on 09 March 2013

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