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    2018 Major League Baseball!!!!~ You have what it takes? Cubs lose, Rockies move on in a game that went on till after midnight

    in Sports Discussion on 04 October 2018 by spurgeonryan

    noname2200 said: Glad our tradition of flopping in the postseason continues unabated!   Hopefully the Yanks dont get far. I am always Happy when the A's at least make it to part of the show. Seattle surely wont. Although they did well this year, need to build on it though....

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    Funny pictures

    in General Discussion on 28 December 2016 by JEMC

    Only a couple of gifs: ...

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    The OG NHL thread: The Cup worth biting for

    in Sports Discussion on 17 June 2015 by spurgeonryan

    Now what? How many and who are we losing during the off season?...

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    PSV v 3DS v PSP v DS - TRUE Aligned launch - Week 80 update. BRUTAL

    in Sales Discussion on 23 April 2015 by Ryng

    LOL for the Vita sales in the US. :P...

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    Post image(s) of your Wii U collection so far

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2015 by cycycychris

    Not the best quality of pictures. But you can tell what I have!   I also have Wind Waker, Mario Bros U, and Darksiders 2 digital....

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    Killzone Shadow Fall metacritic FLOP CONFIRMED: 73 on 17 reviews

    in Sony Discussion on 10 December 2014 by Aeolus451

    I'm not a big fan of 1st person shooters in general so I won't criticize most of the games in that genre. A game is not a flop unless it sells poorly. I would take what metacritic says with a grain of salt. ...

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    Post your internet speed test result

    in General Discussion on 16 June 2014 by wangjingwanjia

    Apparently it's a bit faster than I thought. I pay for 20Mb/s.

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    Does the Wii U have more better graphics then the PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2014 by Yunta

    Kaizar said: Yunta said:if true I want to see results. Come on Nintendo bring us the gamez! Batman Arkham City armored edition was a Launch Title and "X" should show off the results when it gets release in 2015. I played it, great game! I loved the added armored mode, but technically it was not that impressive, I mean, is not a clearly superior version compared to...

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    Walking Dead Season 4 Are You Gonna Tune In?!

    in Movies Discussion on 01 April 2014 by RCTjunkie

    Wonderful finale! Rick is friggn' beast, and it's both scary and reassuring..... ...

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    PS4 analog sticks are garbage

    in Sony Discussion on 21 March 2014 by EB1994

    Holy smokes this thread keeps getting necrobumped. ...

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    Ship v Sold Wii/PS3/360 - Dec 2013 and post adjustments.

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2014 by kowenicki

    I had forgotten to update this in the OP after I did the spread update post shipment numbers. Anyhow. Here it is... ...

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    My brand new PS4 just died....Final Update - 100% Dead and unresponsive. Pic in OP

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2014 by fatslob-:O

    Dangerousjo44 said:i have an xb1 just to say.. both console are still pretty new ,and are still working out the new console get you're ps4 replaced with a new ps4 from sony.. and everything should be ok.. Why the necro bump ?...

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    Poll: Can the PS3 hit 100 million lifetime?

    in Sony Discussion on 02 January 2014 by thismeintiel

    johnsobas said:how do people actually think PS3 could be $99??? The PS2 was a much more basic system, the PS3 is full of bells and whistles. Particularly the hard drive and wi-fi are worrying because they don't go down in price much at all. Then there is inflation. The only SKU that has any chance at $100 is the 360 4 gb version. You can't have a ps3 without a hard drive so it's just...

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    what is your occupation?

    in General Discussion on 07 December 2013 by Aielyn

    pauluzzz1981 said:i work with people who have a psychiatric disorder. I love my work. Never boring. You're a political aide?...

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    Vita owners are to blame for the Vita's current situation

    in Sales Discussion on 29 November 2013 by Carl

    I havent read through this thread. Im upset I missed it when you first posted it. This is such a great thread. 10/10...

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    Instead of buying 4BONE, why not buy a Wii U this holiday?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2013 by fatslob-:O

    The WII U is going to need more than 1 decent title to push units otherwise it ain't moving too much. Price really isn't an issue as the vita proved this to us. ...

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    How many on VGChartz have a PS4? UPDATE 3: 92 and counting

    in Sony Discussion on 22 November 2013 by pezus

    Forgot to update! Any more?...

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    Trayvon Martin not an innocent kid! George Zimmerman not a racist!

    in Politics Discussion on 21 November 2013 by withdreday

    Max King of the Wild said: withdreday said: Max King of the Wild said: withdreday said:Oh yeah and I hate to bump an ugly topic like this, but look what we have here:

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    PS4 has already outsold the WiiU in USA in 2013 sales.

    in Sales Discussion on 20 November 2013 by UnitDTH

    epyon396 said: UnitDTH said:I contributed to both of the sales numbers listed in this topic, but I'm wondering how Sony will maintain momentum? What games do they have coming in the near future? I haven't seen anything other than The Order: 1886, that is gonna be that interesting for the next 6 months or so and even that game won't be ready in 6 months. I don't count the...

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    What would you Rate the PS4 Launch Lineup?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 November 2013 by J_Allard

    Decent, and only because of 3rd party offerings. I really hope the Xbone exclusives fares better, because otherwise what is the point? Might as well just stick to playing games on the 360 and PS3. I have played: Killzone retail FIFA demo unit and retail Knack demo unit NBA Live 14 Not impressed with any of it. I think we all know Live is garbage, I was shocked at just how ugly it was...

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