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    THQ Nordic Went to 8Chan -_-

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 February 2019

    Snowflakes are upset huh? That usually means something good happened. I'll make sure to support THQ from here on out. ...

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    Crackdown 3 Review Thread - MC: 60 OC: 62

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 February 2019

    Why are there people posting here who clearly don't even have an xbox let alone played or even looked at a copy of Crackdown??? If you enjoyed Crackdown, you will enjoy Crackdown 3. The only thing going against it is the soundtrack is crap compared to the first. ...

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    Anthem Review Thread - MC: 61 | OC: 60

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2019

    Sad but to be expected. MEA was abysmal. This looks like MEA x10 as far as story and missions go. This is the end of Bioware. ...

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    Crackdown 3 Review Thread- Current Metacritic 61

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 February 2019

    Of course not. Even Deadly Premonition is a 4/10 game thats sitting on 6 or 7/10 because you know its Japanese. That Nier game on steam looks like a hobos ass in mid june. Its plays like it too. But its got like high 80s mostly.  Crackdown 1 got a pass, really fun game once you unlock the abilities, shame Crackdown 3 didn't even though it looks and plays exactly the...

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    Crackdown 3 Review Thread- Current Metacritic 61

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 February 2019

    Sadly its not a Japanese game, so it doesn't get a free pass like those other dated looking games like Nier. It looks like Crackdown alright so thats automatic fun time in my books...

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    Update: 25m Players Now: Apex Legends Has 10 Million Player and 1 Million Concurrent Players

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 February 2019

    Great gameplay mechanics but the loot and BR style is just tiresome. A waste of an otherwise good gameplay. Would have gladly paid £50 for this if it wasn't loot and BR based. 1hr is enough for me. ...

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    Movies you like that others hate

    in Movies Discussion on 09 February 2019

    Off the top of my head, Cloverfield Paradox Hold The Dark ...

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    I'm more excited for Godzilla King of Monsters than Avengers End Game

    in Movies Discussion on 08 February 2019

    Same, didn't like the last one but the trailer is great. Loved the Godzilla run. ...

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    Why nobody is talkin about Avengers endgame?

    in Movies Discussion on 08 February 2019

    I'm getting Matrix Revolutions vibes. Yeah IW was great but I don't think this one will do as well. ...

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    Gears of War: Judgement is a piece of under rated GOLD!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 February 2019

    The single player was really good, but the MP was a big let down compared with Gears 3. What they should have done is the ODST route. Make the SP then bundle it with the Gears 3 MP disc with new maps / characters etc. ...

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    Battlefield V sells 7.3m, falls short of EA Q3 expectations by 1m

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2019

    Shame because I enjoyed it a lot. More so than any COD this gen. ...

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    Dark Souls is overrated, it simply isn't fun

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 January 2019

    Agree. Happy for people who enjoy the game and especially From Software. But it is one of the worst games I have every played. I avoid the series and everything like it. Just not my cup of tea. ...

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    My young friend got kidney stones yesterday his 26 years old

    in General Discussion on 04 December 2018

    Things like this can happen. I got shingles at 27. Thats what happens to pensioners ffs. ...

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    Games You Love But Didn't Think You Would?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2018

    In recent years, Hitman (Love Hitman, hated Absolution ) and Battlefield V...

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    14 years later: thoughts on Doom 3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2018

    Enjoyed it on the xbox. Enjoyed it even more when I maxed it on PC circa 2005. Still enjoyed it when I played the BFG eidition on 360. Great game. ...

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    UK charts: Slow start for Tomb Raider as Spider-Man reigns supreme

    in Sales Discussion on 17 September 2018

    Tuesday vs Friday / Thread...

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    All Things Gears 5

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 June 2018

    Really do not like what I see here. Poorly designed new enemies. Story heading in a direction that doesn't fit Gears. And then the beanie girl was the worst part of 4. Who though tit would have been a good idea to make her the lead. ...

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    Solo Headed To Become A Flop? Yep, It Flopped.

    in Movies Discussion on 26 May 2018

    TFA was solid but each entry since gets worse and worse. No hope for the franchises. Be is main series, spin off or viseo games. The franchise has lost its way and has been misguided under the hands of Kennedy and Disney. ...

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    I have a *** size TV and I sit *** from it.

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 April 2018

    As I play very little games now I have fully adopted the home theatre route where I occasionally play games.112" at 10 ft away, but I mostly use it for movies, which would can be up to 124" for 2.4.1 aspect ratio. Or a 32" monitor from 3/4 ft away when I do decide to games. I might get a 4k tv next year just for gaming if I ever get back into it....

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    Xbox E3 2018 Supposedly Leaked *Fake

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 April 2018

    Halo reboot really does make sense. H5 story waz abysmal. ...

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