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    Xbox Empire - Closed

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 January 2020 by Ryuu96

    End of one Empire, start of a new one. Credit to @shikamaru317 for stepping up and creating Republic of Xbox after Jaywood's Empire closed, you did a great job with the thread, especially during a rocky generation. Reached 28,061 Posts! Thanks to everyone who contributed, now time to move onto a new Empire and hopefully a great future! Bye Xbox Empire/Republic of Xbox! ...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 14 December 2019 by Kresnik

    Dgc1808 said: Rebought the system. Should arrive Friday. Wish I had never ditched my first PCH-2001. Welcome back to the club! Sadly the thread isn't so active any more :P ...

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    Sony should buy some Cloud service: I found a good one.

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2019 by fordy

    Cerebralbore101 said: fordy said: Virtual Networks/Machines are the cloud based alternative to their physical counterparts. There are thousands of businesses that use Azure, or services like it, and they all use it for different purposes. Your question is like asking what Sony would do with a new computer: it's really up to them.  As I mentioned before, Azure is made to...

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    leaving MS consoles after ten+ years

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 February 2018 by kazuyamishima

    Right thing to do! I just got a xbox one S 1tb minecraft limited edition for just $175 total about a few days ago just to play 360 games and playing 4K content....

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    OFFICIAL Amiibo Collecting and Trading Thread!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2016 by hentai_11

    I bought the 5 new splatoon amiibo via amazon. Maybe I should finally start to play the game ... but there are still so many other games to play ......

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    Prediction: The PS Vita will sell under 20m units

    in Sales Discussion on 15 July 2016 by Ryng

    Angelv577 said: You have to make a NX prediction threads!!! Fuck yes, do it!...

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    You all Remember Pezus? Your sales and Sony lorde, well it has been confirmed - He is officially a Doctor now!

    in General Discussion on 11 June 2016 by JoeTheBro

    VGPolyglot said: Is Visioneck a PS fan site? I'm mainly a PlayStation fan and I don't think that I could stand a site based only around that. I like having all sides here. Well technically VizionEck is my indie game, but we just use the forum to talk about whatever we want....

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    Let's stop kidding ourselves.

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 November 2015 by DonFerrari

    RolStoppable said: DonFerrari said: Owwwww so what are the rules now? PM mod, head mod or we can openly complain about the mods? The rules are the same as before. Since the thread got locked, PMs are all that's left. And how to make people know we don't like that the mods don't ban you every day?...

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    Dreams Is A Business Opportunity (This Looks Incredible)

    in Sony Discussion on 15 November 2015 by Roronaa_chan

    AW man. I can't wait to 3D print some of my Dreams creations... Wink wink....

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    Playstation Gold Wireless Headset (Review) | ZyroXZ2

    in Sony Discussion on 08 October 2015 by ZyroXZ2

    Dear Mods: Please merge this thread with this one: Thanks! :-)...

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    Forza Motorsport 6 - Metacritic 87 / Game Rankings 89.23%

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 September 2015 by piggychan

    Tamron said:I really worry about the franchise personally, high praise aside, beyond adding long overdue weather effects and handling, and some new cars, it just feels like an updated forza 5 to me. Feels as though they are hitting a platau in terms of ideas, and horizon is the overflow for that. What i'd like to see is a wider range of disciplines, touring cars, dakar, etc. Wish both Forza...

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    Did Forza Motorsport take home the Racing Crown again?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 September 2015 by Angelus

    Crown here or there, all I'll say it's damn fucking great. Played it pretty much all day yesterday and it did not disappoint. If it had Suzuka and Singapore it'd be perfect...

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    Trumpís Lead Grows After Debate, Controversy

    in Politics Discussion on 22 August 2015 by Harkins1721

    Ruler said: Harkins1721 said: Japan was given an option to surrender. They did not. It was their fault.   America doesn't need another push over Priesdent. They need someone like Trumps attitude to stand up to other countries though. Do I think it should be TTrump? Nope. But we need someone like him who won't give in to all the bullshit and everyone being offended...

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    tlou ps4 load problem

    in Sony Discussion on 14 August 2015 by asqarkabab

    So i restored the licenses and its Working again So that means it has to do with the license of tlou...

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    recommendations platinum ps4

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 August 2015 by asqarkabab

    MoHasanie said:Platinum in Lego games is easy to get and the game is lots of fun! Yea they are fun to play 😄...

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    I want to be part of the master race.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 July 2015 by Dusk

    Conina said: chapset said: It's not just gaming, I use my computer for pretty much everything so this time I want something strong instead of buying something already pre-made that's obsolete the minute you leave the store, I won't go fucking crazy updating every years, I just want something that will last and need be that I can upgrade if the performances slow down. And also I like...

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider is being published by Microsoft

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 July 2015 by JustBeingReal

    MDX said: So how does this work? Is Microsoft going to publish the game on the PC and PS4 too? How do you have one game, with two publishers, being sold side by side? What a mess.   MS publishes the game on Xbox, that was always going to be the case, MS may publish the windows version or that could Square Enix, Sony could either publish the Playstation version(s) of the...

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    Legend of Zelda vs Final Fantasy, wich is the better franchise?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2015 by katakpisang

    ff 13 insult to jrpg genre and xenoblade come to the rescue...

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    PS4 got a media player today

    in Sony Discussion on 24 June 2015 by archer9234

    Ruler said:So what does it do can it play music while playing a game? Yes it can. But the instructions are annoying how to setup. You gotta put music in a music folder on the card or HDD. But videos can be in a generic unnamed folder. But both requre the files to be IN a folder. Basically they didn't incorporate the PS3's show all function....

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    Tomb Raider vs Street Fighter Double Standards

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2015 by Veknoid_Outcast

    Pointing out hypocrisy in the video game industry is a noble pursuit, but the way this conversation is framed will lead to accusations, stereotypes, flame bait, and rule-breaking posts. Locking now, before the conversation degenerates any further....

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