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    Hablemos en Espańol

    in General Discussion on 29 January 2020 by TomaTito

    Hace tiempo que no te veia Player2, aunque supongo que tu diras lo mismo por mi. @Mr_No @finalrpgfantasy Lamento escuchar eso, los terremotos siempre dan complicaciones! ...

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    the semi official VGChartz Minecraft thread

    in PC Discussion on 28 July 2019 by goddog

    IllegalPaladin said: That would be awesome, I actually recently purchased Bedrock edition too. Cool will PM you to try and find out how to add you also although cramped right now normal servers are up.... I have one more move planned in the next 3 months so there will be another down time... edit forum updates are no longer alerting me, but PMs do seem to come through ...

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    NeoGAF in shambles (now back, no OT discussion, statement from Evilore)

    in General Discussion on 29 October 2017 by sethnintendo

    Soundwave said: sethnintendo said: Loving the fallout. Karma is a bitch. The fallout is what exactly though? Instead of 1 NeoGaf, now there's 2, lol.  Divide and conquer.  Both sites will probably suffer....

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    The last thing you bought?

    in General Discussion on 03 April 2014 by superchunk

    I spent $34 at lunch today. mmmmm On way home I'm picking up DKC:TF and then probably a couple GBA VC games....

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    The Official VGChartz “My Gaming Set Up” Thread.

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 November 2012 by Andrespetmonkey

    Think I may of posted earlier. Here are some more anyway. New mouse and mouse mat!...

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    The PC Gaming Screenshot Thread V. 2

    in PC Discussion on 15 April 2012 by pezus

    Millenium said: pezus said: pezus said: I am now downloading the Enhanced Edition patch with the last file becoming available on April 17th. Can't wait to play it again. On another note, I was checking out Project Cars and came across these screenshots highlighting the lighting of the game. They are just too good to ignore: Damn, the pics only show up if...

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    Steam Sale! Last day all the biggest sellers back on sale + chance to win EVERY GAME ON STEAM!!!!

    in PC Discussion on 03 January 2012 by Kasz216

    Panama said: zarx said: Panama said:Nothing quite says the gaming industry hates you like our prices here in Australia. Yea it's pretty annoying, I was so happy when I saw that I could get the USA price of Shogun 2 here in NZ I just had to grab it. $7.49 US instead of the insulting $22.49 for AUS, worst is Activision even discounted 25% MW3 is $74.99! fucking...

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    Hardcore gamers are the sun

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2011 by Metallicube


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    Battlefield 3 requirements revealed (PC).

    in PC Discussion on 23 September 2011 by mibuokami

    disolitude said:If my minimum frame rate goes under 50 at any point of the game I killing the first kitten I see. You and me both brotha! :P (the killing kitten part of course!)  ...

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    Random freezes in Windows 7 64 bit.

    in PC Discussion on 17 September 2011 by Leunam

    Bumping for update: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the freezes have stopped. It's been a solid 8 days since the last freeze and I'm confident they won't come back. The bad news is that I still have no idea what was causing them, or what caused them to go away, for that matter. Thank you all for your help. Case closed....

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    What is the Scariest Game You Have Played This Gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2011 by wiilicious

    arcane_chaos said:the first Dead Space, started playing like 11 pm...first game that made me jump out of my chair I Agree with this. the first Dead Space, started playing like 11 pm...in the dark and with my surround system on. I was so nervous. The sound of the creature moving around me in the air vent......

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    Analyst: "Consumers are showing Nintendo the middle finger."

    in Sales Discussion on 14 August 2011 by Player1x3

    I believe that Nintendo showed the customers a middle finger, since the software for Wii has been abysmal this year. Nintendo arent the ones to complain. They barely release any of the new good software, and still dominate top 20 in sales. ...

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    VGChartz Ranking Game -- Portal 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2011 by yo_john117

    Pretty good score for Portal 2. I personally think it should be at least a bit higher but this isn't a bad score in the least....

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    steam sale buyers remorse thread - what did you get?

    in PC Discussion on 18 July 2011 by enrageorange

    I bought Terraria for $5 and honestly at least so far I'm not liking it....

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    CELEBRATION! Mexico wins GOLD CUP 2011!

    in Sports Discussion on 14 July 2011 by MANUELF

    Leunam said: MANUELF said:México won the sub 17 world cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No. Of course they did silly...

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    STEAM Summer Sale *Updated DAILY*

    in PC Discussion on 11 July 2011 by shio

    Although the summer sale is at an end, you can still buy the awesome publisher packs today:...

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    What's in your profile picture?

    in General Discussion on 08 July 2011 by SinZinDetta

    Ma Chao!!!...

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    How BIG is your back-log?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2011 by Leunam

    Thanks to Steam, my backlog is hueg and growing....

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    Official 2011 E3 Nintendo Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 June 2011 by theRepublic

    Viper1 said: theRepublic said: Viper1 said: milkyjoe said: Viper1 said: Come on guys...think outside Nintendo for a minute.   epic. You wouldn't possibly be talking about Epic Games tweeting that they have an announcement planned for smack bang in the middle of the Nintendo conference, would you? *whistles* I wouldn't know...

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    The gamrConnect 2.0 Hype Thread

    in Website Topics on 04 June 2011 by Rainbird

    ioi said:Did it live up to the hype? The short answer, yes! :-)...

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