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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 07 January 2019

    Resident Evil 2 is greatly exceeding my expectations. Happy for the franchise. While Ace Combat is disappointing me with these numbers. ...

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    Xbox Game Studios Metascore Prediction League: 2019 Edition

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 January 2019

    Gears of War 5- 88 Halo Infinite- 93 Ori and the Will of the Wisps- 90 Crackdown 3- 70 Battletoads- 78 Minecraft Dungeons- 83 Gears Tactics- 85 Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition- 82 Age of Empires 4- 88 MechWarrior 5- 80 Wasteland 1 Remaster- 77 Wasteland 3- 84 The Outer Worlds- 87...

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    The best Original Xbox Box Mini device would actually just be a Xbox One S (or X)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 December 2018

    A rumer bout a slim Xbox One S is going around. The device your talking about could be priced at $149 next holidays. I don't think it will happen though. Companies like to over charge for these retro devices. For us consumers, that is the best option. Buy a current gen conso and have the option to buy the old games for $4.99 each....

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    November NPD 2018 Thread

    in Sales Discussion on 20 December 2018

    Any word about software for the month other than RDR and CoD?...

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    November NPD 2018 Thread

    in Sales Discussion on 19 December 2018

    I just want to say that Shadow reminds me of TheSource in early VGChatz days. Their dedication to these charts are unparalleled. Thank you for doing this every month even though you're not getting the recognition you deserve. I personally do love and enjoy them....

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    Possible Launch titles for next Xbox / overview of current MS Studios

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 November 2018

    Pemalite said: I would be surprised if Halo: Infinite was a launch title for Next Gen. Would mean that Halo 5 was the only mainline release for the Xbox One... And would be a missed opportunity to shine the Xbox One X in a good light. It will be 'Breath of the Wild' like release. ...

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    Possible Launch titles for next Xbox / overview of current MS Studios

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 November 2018

    Next Xbox launch year: Halo: Infinite Forza Motorsport 8 Rare's new IP Fable 4 Age of Empire 4 Forza Horizon 5 We'd get ports of late Xbox One games such as: Gears Tactics "Bleeding Edge" Ninja Theory 2nd team Minecraft Dungeons Not sure they're coming 2021: State of Decay 3 Ninja Theory game - Hellblade team or the third team Initiative, Obsidian, Inexile, MSGP &...

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    Monster hunter World - 10.7m Sold as of Sept 18

    in Sales Discussion on 31 October 2018

    Manlytears said: I wonder if PC sales match X1. i'm prety sure ps4 is the major player here and got more sales than the other 2 combined, but how much? Perhaps 6M PS4, 4.7 M xbox and PC? And than 2.2M PC and 2.5 xbox? I thinks PS4 has 70% of the sales outside Japan. Total for PS4 is around 8.2 million I'd think. 2.5 million is divided between Xbox and PC.  My expectation: PS4:...

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    Minecraft Dungeons (a new game) announced for PC

    in PC Discussion on 30 September 2018

    flashfire926 said: At this point MS is spending more on PC exclusives over xbox games. Age of Empires 4? PC exclusive. Gears Tactics? PC exclusive Minecraft Dungeons? PC exclusive Knock it off, microsoft. My guess is that they'd come up with a new store next year and they would use these games as an advertisement for the new platform. Age of Empires 2 & 3 definitive editions,...

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    Forza Horizon 3 Tops 9 Million Players

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 September 2018

    darkenergy said: I LOVE GIGGS said: It was mentioned yesterday that this game already passed 10 million players. Forza Horizon 4 will get there fast thanks to Gamepass. Do we believe that GamePass has this many subscribers already? I keep hearing this since we started hearing about Sea of Thieves numbers, but I don’t think people realize how big these numbers...

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    Forza Horizon 3 Tops 9 Million Players

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 September 2018

    It was mentioned yesterday that this game already passed 10 million players....

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    PUBG Now Has Over 9 Million players on the Xbox One.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 September 2018

    What this game did on the console is super impressive. I hope this game, along with other Korean and Chinese games, will help the console in the east Asian markets. ...

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    Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations in Q1&2?

    in Sales Discussion on 13 August 2018

    The top 3 all exceeded my expectations, especially Monster Hunter. Sea of Thieves also shattered my expectations by having 5 million players but I don't know about its retail performance. ...

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    Sea of Thieves Tops 5 Million Players.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 August 2018

    if the majority of this number come from GamePass, the service is a smashing success for Microsoft. ...

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    August Games with Gold; Forza Horizon 2, For Honor, Dead Space 3, Epic Mickey 2

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 July 2018

    Huge month. Horizon 2 and Dead Space 3 are excellent games. Never tried the other games though....

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    MICROSOFT results Q4 and Full Year earnings. Huge.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 July 2018

    Drakrami said: I dont feel XboxOne is doing too well... how are their numbers up 39%? What's in the gaming division? Is Skype, windows games and etc... still in this division or..? Ok I just googled my own question.  It is easily explainable really. The two countries where we get constant hardware numbers, US and Japan, show that the one is doing much better than last...

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    BattleToads Too Soon

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 July 2018

    If I'm the head of Xbox I'd like to build the consumer trust before the next console. They nailed the hardware with S and X and now I'm they need to work on the software. 2018 they acquired few studios, 2019 they release good amount of games, and 2020 they should continue doing that and have few more for the new console....

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    Microsoft teases all-new hardware for gamescom

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 July 2018

    Xbox One SS? Hope it is a hardware redesign rather than an accessory. I expect the second generation of elite controllers. We've been hearing about them for a while now....

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    Forza Horizon 3 Tops 9 Million Players

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 July 2018

    As some here said, they announced this around E3, don't remember exactly when. Would be fun to see the numbers once it gets added to gamepass, if ever....

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    Should Nextbox go for the headstart, or wait for PS5 to make the first move?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 July 2018

    I see them both releasing Q4 of 2020. Did Microsoft plan the one year head start or was it forced to do so? Peter Moore did well building the Xbox library during that year which gave the 360 a head start when it comes to games during the first few years of the generation. Xbox 360 really had the best library during the first 3 years at least. JRPG: Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of...

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