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    Post Your Mind

    in General Discussion on 29 March 2015 by d21lewis

    The following post will be made entirely with the highlighted word of my tablet's prediction feature. Only the first word will be chosen by me: The new York NY and I don't know if you are you are you. I don't know if you are you are you I was a lot of the new York Let me know if you have any questions about this message in the new York How to get a lot of this email address so...

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    Official: What are you currently playing and progress discussion thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 October 2011 by Metallicube

    Just beat the Gears 3 campaign as well. Pretty awesome game, despite the somewhat lame story. It's a shooter though, so I guess you can't expect much on the narrative front, it's all about the online multi. I mostly just wanted to get the single player out of the way, because I'm going to be rocking the multi for months to come....

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    Can 360 catch the Wii in the Americas UPDATED

    in Sales Discussion on 15 August 2011 by MARCUSDJACKSON

    it all depends on when wii sells drop during the holiday season and when the wii gets discontinued, or the 360 for that matter. we know ps3 will be around invading undeveloped markets, and selling somewht well in the U.S. after PS4 releases so PS3 has a better chance of doing it the 360, but i wouldn't doubt it either....

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    highest grossing movie of 2011

    in Sales Discussion on 03 August 2011 by kopstudent89

    I was right disag01 :D Harry Potter's on course to beating Pirates WW. Great stuff... and unlike many predicted Cars 2 didn't do as hot as other Pixar movies. Still trailing Cars by 60 million, and much more in attendance. It will reach 500 million eventually though. I thought it would do much better in Europe this time, but it doesn't seem to be the case...

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    Prediction-- Infamous 2 will be rated higher than Zelda: Skyward Sword!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 July 2011 by lewisgerm

    RolStoppable said: lewisgerm said: the thread got revived today. yes, i remember the concensus being link defeated kratos, but it seems that what you said would imply a kratos win. if cole can defeat kratos, we dont need to discuss link because kratos defeated link. i wouldnt think it was an implication of a link win because you initially said that he would have to prove that cole...

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    The Official Playstation Move Thread

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2011 by jneul

    legend92(3) said:   SingStar Dance also got a spiritual successor at E3. DancStar Party SingStar Dance got the team really into dancing so we hassled the senior guys at Sony to let us make a game where it was the core experience. We still have the artist videos on the screen but the dancer is at the centre. I am so buying this game. Should be fun with famil and...

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    So whats VGC number 1.

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2011 by 4k1x3r

    Crysis 2 ok, but Alan Wake, except his lighting engine what was so awesome graphically? Heavy Rain would have been better instead. Anyway -> Uncharted 2, I love you my dear Kratos, but U2 is overall more beautiful....

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    Heavy rain sells 2 million.......

    in Sony Discussion on 08 April 2011 by tendoronie67

    hm :( this news is fairly old and no update on vgc ...

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    Kinect owners, are you satisfied?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 March 2011 by zultar

    that update would be really neat for current owners, games we are used to playing should change along with new ones.  So from what I can tel we are getting a system update soon that will not include the new disc format.  Maybe that one is for fall......

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    MOst overrated "thing" this gen???

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2011 by DaColdFlash

    Most overrated thing this gen is the IPad aswell the IPad 2 and thats just a fact....

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    Are you satisfied with PS Move?

    in Sony Discussion on 28 March 2011 by ethomaz

    Yes but I want more gamez....

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    For what system did you buy most of your games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2011 by selnor

    For me it's the 360. It's my only system. I have 42. Of which 25 are not avaiable on any other console. And as an online player, I could NOT live without Halo....

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    I just recieved Vanquish from my mail box with a Surprise

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2011 by assasist

    why did you get one for free ?...

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    What happens when Nintendo runs out of colors to name Pokemon games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2011 by sapphi_snake

    zgamer5 said: sapphi_snake said: zgamer5 said: sapphi_snake said: zgamer5 said: the day they stop making pokemon games is the day we will all die You're saying this because you want to live forever, no? no because if they stop doing it millions of people will commit suicide causing a change of other suicides wich will lead to other suicides till the last man alive bobby...

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    Why Yakuza 4 is my GOTY

    in Sony Discussion on 27 March 2011 by Porcupine_I

    ok, i guess this is the right thread to say it: YAKUZA 4 is the new GRAPHICS KING   i can't believe how much better this game looks compared to the aliasing mess yakuza 3 was. but the real thing is the unbelivable amount of details in this game! they must have about 300 different textures for concreate, depending what type of concrete it is, where it is, how old it is and how it was treated...

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    What's Sony going to do about Crysis?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 March 2011 by GameAnalyser

    Uncharted 3 and the exclusives following......

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    When will PS3 start outselling the 360 in Americas?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 March 2011 by GuiltySpartan77

    I think the next price drop will be 50 for both consoles and MS should get rid of the Arcade version overall its not really helping them in terms of sales....

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    Alan Wake Full Game Download Xbox 360 only $1.74 + $8 Shipping

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 March 2011 by oni-link

    also available at gamefly w/manual and case for $12.99

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    What Gamers want........

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2011 by RCTjunkie

    Pjams said: What gamers want . . .                           . . . is to be loved. their games.......

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    Charlie sheen fired from Two and a half men.

    in General Discussion on 24 March 2011 by Kennyheart

    He will find another job after all he has tiger blood....

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