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    When was the last time the graphics of a game surprised you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2019 by Alby_da_Wolf

    CaptainExplosion said: Would it be ok to also mention the first time graphics really surprised us? Nice question, I wished to know it too. Alex_The_Hedgehog said: [...] Sure. Great!The first time graphics (Edit:on PC, semi-custom HW in coin-ops could already do wonders in some cases) surprised me was with MDK, even more when I came to know it did it using a SW-only...

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    How do you feel about the current state of VGC? - A Survey

    in Website Topics on 30 December 2017 by Mr_No

    When did you join the site, and what were your reasons for joining? March 2014. I was really happy the exact day I joined, but I don't know particularly what made me join. I remember lurking back in 2012-2013 a lot, but I didn't join out of fear of being instabanned for saying extreme anything against Nintendo or the dominating Xbox. I guess I joined because of Sony dominating, which meant users...

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    VGC Mafia Archives

    in General Discussion on 20 February 2017 by Stefl1504

    I should continue making that google doc now that it seems you still keep this thread up to date linkz - specially since it shouldn't be so laggy now anymore (I mean, it has been years)...

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    The Animal Crossing: New Leaf thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 November 2016 by piggychan

    sethnintendo said: Wow didn't know there were sets within those 2 mini games. I haven't tried them out yet but will do so this weekend. I finally have 4 days off work (been working us 6-7 days a week for the past few weeks). Time to relax and play some video games. the puzzle league tho... That is really HARD!!! So far I've managed to beat 5 opponents.. Each opponent takes 3...

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    Mafia Round 72 - Six Suspects

    in General Discussion on 30 September 2016 by Stefl1504 New sing-ups...

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    When did you join VGChartz?

    in General Discussion on 15 September 2016 by amp316

    2007. The year that the most great users joined....

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    Mafia Round 71 - Game Thread - Metal Gear - Mafia Wins!

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 November 2015 by spurgeonryan

    I forgot Clyde even played and their are coyotes howling outside my door. Damned wilderness living.......

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    VGChartz's Official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thread!

    in General Discussion on 03 November 2015 by Ultrashroomz

    Not sure if anyone here cares, but I decided to carry the torch, and make a spiritual successor to this thread, check it out!

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    Mafia Signup Thread - Theme To Be Determined

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 October 2015 by TruckOSaurus

    The game has started, you can find the thread here:

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    The OG NHL thread: The Cup worth biting for

    in Sports Discussion on 17 June 2015 by spurgeonryan

    Now what? How many and who are we losing during the off season?...

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    [Staff] Head-ModVention 2015: The Awakening

    in Website Topics on 09 June 2015 by axumblade

    spurgeonryan said:You forced axumblade on his first trip down under to America to go to Stake and shake!!!! Are you insane!! I live in South Carolina....o.o;;; I know most of the country likes to pretend it isn't part of the U.S. but I swear it's still America! ...

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    Mario Kart 8 sales prediction thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 April 2015 by Ryng

    RealGamingExpert said: drake_tolu said:LOL ... many say 400/500 k in the first week... Ok, Mario Kart DD, sold 200k ONLY in Japan (and the game sold more in Eu and USA), Mario Kart 64 sold more 300k ONLY in Japan, ecc... Mario Kart 8 has more pre order than it had 7 (62k VS 71k), and the MK7 sold ONLY in USA 640k the first week... now... how does MK8 to sell GLOBALLY 400/500k first...

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    Official Mario Kart 8 Thread - Open To Random Online Races!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2015 by TomaTito

    TomaTito said: Buhhh! Returning home today, sometime during the evening... no more holidays :-(So I could have time to join the SNC! Apparently no SNC today, any randoms?...

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    Mafia Round 70 - Smash Brothers - Wahahaha! Wario Wins! (And Mafia Too I Guess...)

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 November 2014 by impertinence

    Conegamer said: Stefl1504 said:I thought someone is planning to host next round? I am, hopefully. Will probably put the signup thread up tomorrow and (hopefully) start the game proper on the weekend. ...

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    Official VGChartz Wii U Friend Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 November 2014 by WilliamsF1

    MinistrySe7en Add me for Mario Kart 8, Watch_dogs, Splinter cell, Smash bros. etc.......

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    Post your moderation history!

    in General Discussion on 03 September 2014 by AZWification

    spurgeonryan said:@ fusion ....not really, we just like it so we moderate you ourselves. @ aswith No excuse! I love how you keep butchering my name! :-P...

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    Fire Emblem Mafia - Game Thread - Concluded

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 September 2014 by HylianSwordsman

    outlawauron said: I think this is where our play completely differs. You assume everyone is guilty until they prove to you otherwise, whereas I don't want to believe someone is scum until I'm convinced. When I defended you first day, I meant it. Call me stupid, but I took the sign-up thread as being truthful and literal, so I thought there was another mafia, at least for the first...

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    Wii U vs PS4 vs Xbox One FULL SPECS (January 24, 2014)

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2014 by spurgeonryan

    superchunk said: spurgeonryan said:Two years later. What is this thread about now? Mostly here just for reference with the occasional random post trying to suggest something in OP is wrong. Though given many lengthy discussions here, gaf, and otherwise all point to this info being very accurate. Wow! Long time quote.   Why do they even try Superchunk........

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    Mafia Round 60 Sign-Ups

    in General Discussion on 18 May 2014 by Stefl1504


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    VGChartz Game Club - April '14 Edition: Muramasa The Demon Blade

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2014 by RolStoppable

    It makes me happy to see that your scores aren't too far off from my own. Except Veknoid_Outcast's, but he has low standards, so it was expected....

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