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    *Prediction__Wii to sell 105 Million End Of 2011!*

    in Sales Discussion on 12 December 2013 by gcube2000

    sadly its almost 2014 and its like at 101 million...

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    How schlong are you?

    in NSFW Discussion on 20 March 2013 by Mummelmann

    This is weird, I was talking to my girlfriend last night about how common it was to discuss penis size online and then this thread bounces back up today! I have to show her after work! :-D...

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    *Predict System Sales For 2011!*

    in Sales Discussion on 24 December 2012 by the_dengle

    Miguel_Zorro said:Necro-bumping this for the giggles. How many of us had the PS3 ahead of the Wii in 2011? It seemed unlikely when we predicted it then, just like our predictions of the PS3 eventually passing the Wii in lifetime sales seem unlikely - but it will happen. lol... sure. PS3 peaked last year. Now it'll sell, what, 11 million this year? It's on its way out. Even if it...

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    NGP is a Dev's dream: Sony details NGP strategies at private UK event

    in Sony Discussion on 01 October 2012 by FrancisNobleman

    M.U.G.E.N said: Sony has a winner on their hands with this one :D they have made all the right moves so far. Devs are loving it. And wipeout..droooooool but we will still see few posts saying lack of dev support or how much more expensive and difficult it is to make games for NGP is..... >_> and about the number of games at launch, I think plenty of them will be there..most...

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    PS3 and Wii battle for Japan 2011 edition

    in Sales Discussion on 06 January 2012 by Alby_da_Wolf

    So PS3 won the last week too (BTW it won that week WW too, for home consoles). Anyhow, we can be quite sure that despite being abandoned so badly by Ninty, Wi will eventually outsell PSOne lifetime WW. But not in Japan....

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    Portal 3 will be Released Before Half-Life 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2011 by Slimebeast

    I hope Half-Life 3 comes as an early next gen title....

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    Conegamer's Official 2011 predict-a-thon. ENTRIES NOW OPEN!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 13 December 2011 by MARCUSDJACKSON

    srry bud but i'm retracting my hardware predictions, and i know it's late but i hope to see you in the Vita thread...

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    Will the PS3 and 360 gap grow or close in 2011?

    in Sales Discussion on 15 November 2011 by brendude13

    NeoRatt said: brendude13 said:Can we restart this thread then? I think the momentum from Kinect and the 360 slim has slowed down significantly, PS3 is looking to have a very strong year in 2012. If Sony can keep the price competitive and they advertise in America then the gap should close by Autumn 2012. I'm not sure... I agree Kinect has slowed, but, on the PS3 front Move...

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    Miyazaki up for doing Dark Souls NGP!

    in Sony Discussion on 13 September 2011 by ChristianTheAtheist

    Why didn't sony buy this team instead of sucker punch?...

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    Hypocrisy of the Nintendo haters.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2011 by Jumpin

    Nintendo did create several new DS and Wii franchises this gen, and they sold tens of millions. Their new and old franchises were much more successful than Sony's new franchises....

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    Could Canceling our Pre-orders for Skyward Sword Obtain Nintendo's Attention?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 July 2011 by Nintendogamer

    Last story and Pandora tower is coming to Europe so I wont be canceling SS ,heck i won't cancel it anyway, ...

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    What will be 2011's highest rated Exclusive???

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 July 2011 by Conegamer

    I think CGI has hit the nail on the head. At this point in the gen, reviewers aren't going to look kindly on faults, or lack of inginuity or something like that ;)...

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    Microsoft “Unapologetic” About Going After Casual Audience, Aiming To Be #1 WW This YR

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 July 2011 by teigaga

    Still no ones suggested the 360's year is any worse than their previous years. Not to say that its bad but what exclusives have they ever had aside from halo,gars, forza and fable?...

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    Could PS VITA OUTSELL 3DS In Lifetime Sales? Or Will Nintendo Keep Its IRON GRIP On the Handheld Market?!

    in Sales Discussion on 01 July 2011 by Turkish

    Vita will win probably, especially they're both at the same price. 3DS looks more like a new DS iteration while the Vita looks like something completly new....

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    How much will Wii U sell lifetime?

    in Sales Discussion on 27 June 2011 by killeryoshis

    morenoingrato said:In the 20-200 million range. Your going to be wrong just to let you know...

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    Sony & Nintendo PASSED on Kinect Tech - Biggest Mistake In Gaming History?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 June 2011 by Vetteman94

    NJ5 said: Vetteman94 said:Maybe they both saw that it wasnt the best technology for controlling games. So no I wouldnt say its the biggest mistake in gaming. That probably belongs to Atari. I approve of your avatar. Thank you...

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    Infinity Ward: Very Important Modern Warfare PS3 is Equal to 360 Version

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 June 2011 by Badassbab

    dsage01 said: So is that why the PS3 version got the better Metascore? And from what I found that the 360 version is more zoomed in. That means that the PS3 version has worse graphics? And I'm pretty sure Activison stated that there will be no frame rate tearing for the PS3 or 360. And what do you mean by DF? Just because the PS3 version got the better Metascore doesn't make it the better...

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    E3: Sony 'Leaps And Bounds Ahead' Of Microsoft

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 June 2011 by PlaystaionGamer

    brendude13 said: PlaystaionGamer said: Does anyone know what time Sony E3 starts in the UK/GMT?  i heard its like 2am... i REALLY hope not No it's 1am, such a shame :/ arr thats annoying! WHY SONY! WHHHYyy...

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    How big will the graphics jump from PS360 to PS4/720 be?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 May 2011 by JEMC

    tolu619 said: StevenKreg said:   I'd actually appreciate just a small jump in graphics. Where I'd appreciate a large jump is limeted load times, frame rate and interaction with the environment. I want things I've destroyed to stay destroyed, I want dead bodies to not have to dissipear, I want the world to have the power to remember what you did to it. I couldn't have said it better...

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    What the Wii did right, against all odds

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 May 2011 by Chibi.V.29

    miz1q2w3e said: Chibi.V.29 said: miz1q2w3e said: Pretty cool (and long) article :) I thought you wrote it at first lol, cuz I usually skip intros and jump right into the article I agree with their last point the most (reliablity), I bought mine near launch and it still works great I like some of the points posted here more, like the IR pointing thing, one of my favourite features of the...

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