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    Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

    in General Discussion on 22 August 2018

    Joined in 2007. While this is my first post in 4 years I still lurk a bit here so not completely gone. =P ...

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    2013 Nordic Game Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 24 April 2014

    kowenicki said: A small market that is shrinking? Not good, all the growth seems to be mobile and social, consoles are falling. I suppose it may improve a little when ONE releases too, so all 3 are out. 360 was reasonably popular there. UK for benchmark: UK market £2.9bn or 3.53bn Euro Nordic market (4 countries) 0.95bn Euro Well even if you combine Nordics the...

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    February 2014 NPD Thread! PS4: 285k, XBO: 258k, Wii U: 82k

    in Sales Discussion on 13 March 2014

    3DS did sub 100k in january... It's not going to sell 150k month later with pretty niche JRPG....

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    Weekly Hardware Up 3/8

    in Sales Discussion on 12 March 2014

    So the same 3DS that sold under 100k in NPD during january is now doing same numbers as PS4 in US? Without any new big releases. Right.......

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    Did Microsoft Put Secret Sauce in Xbox One? DX12 May Allow Xbox One To Save GPU Time, Render Ray Tracing, SuperFog And Custom Effects

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 March 2014

    FrontlineJaguar said: Xenostar said:Of course the APIs and drivers will improve, thats the same for any hardware, but no there is no such thing as secret sauce. The hardware is what it is. @xenostar @vivster api's and drivers are going to improve but if you bing it or google it you can see a decent amount of difference between directx 11 and 10 amd mantle improved the...

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    If you have questions about Russia - come here! (Poll added!)

    in Politics Discussion on 07 March 2014

    Sharu said: cantaim said:Can you please tell me what russians think of Joe Stalin. I think he was a great leader, the best we had in the 20th century. I know that not all Russians will agree with me, but it is my opinion. I can somewhat understand how people in Russia like Putin but Stalin? What!? One of the biggest and most cold blooded dictators in human history....

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    If you have questions about Russia - come here! (Poll added!)

    in Politics Discussion on 07 March 2014

    pezus said:^Some of you guys must not have tried studying Icelandic Well i think that not that many have tried to study Finnish either... =P...

    Write 197

    Xbox 360 Still ahead of PS3

    in Sales Discussion on 06 February 2014

    It really doesn't make sense (that X360 would be still ahead) when you look at shipments for whole year. X360 by quarters: 1.3 million, 1 million, 1.2 million, 3.5 million = 7 million PS3 by quarters: 3.4 million (this still had PS2?), 1.1 million, 2 million, 3.3 - 3.5 million = 9.8 - 10 million ...

    Write 76

    Digital Foundry Next-Gen Face-Off: Battlefield 4

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 November 2013

    kowenicki said: Dallinor said:Slightly better framerate and slightly sharper seems to be the verdict. Nothing major. You don't notice it in the pictures though. (At least I don't.) This uness you count pixels or run them side by side then nobody will notice any difference. Which is what i said pretty much the whole of last gen.  You have to be fucking blind...

    Write 65

    Germany Sales Chart Week 47 (Xbox One launch week)

    in Sales Discussion on 28 November 2013

    Dat PS4. It's going to be massacre in Europe....

    Write 286

    Global HW +SW Up! 21st September 2013 (GTA V Week) ~336k PS3 ~180K X360

    in Sales Discussion on 26 September 2013

    dsage01 said:These hardware sales are an absolute joke. The gap between PS3/360 shortened despite GTA V getting exclusive bundling to PS3...come on VGC step your game up. Yeah. I seriously doubt about those European X360 numbers. In france alone PS3 version of GTA hold 77% of all copies sold (850k vs 250k). Rest of Europe should be pretty same....

    Write 84

    Xbone CPU bandwidth 50% higher than PS4

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 September 2013

    PS4 | GPU: 1.84 Tflops and CPU: 100 Glops, Total 1.94 Tflops Xbox One | GPU: 1.31 Tflops and CPU: 109 Gflops, Total 1.41 Tflops PS4 based on raw performance is 38% more powerful than the Xbox One. GPU's directly compared. PS4: 1.84TF GPU ( 18 CUs) PS4: 1152 Shaders PS4: 72 Texture units PS4: 32 ROPS PS4: 8 ACE/64 queues 8gb GDDR5 @ 176gb/s Verses Xbone: 1.31 TF GPU (12...

    Write 115

    Power struggle: the real differences between PS4 and Xbox One performance

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2013

    This is really starting to hurt my head. Anyone without fanboy glasses and basic understanding of tech knows that PS4 will have upper hand this gen as both have indentical architecture (unlike PS3 and X360) when it comes to CPU and GPU with the difference that PS4 GPU is just all around better (more shader units, rops etc.). Then there is memory setup that is better in PS4. This doesn't mean that...

    Write 51

    Xbox One console delays explained, voice-control localisation is key issue says Penello

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 August 2013

    nightsurge said: ethomaz said:That excuse lies when you have one supported country and another not supported with uses the same language lol. You must have missed the part about localizing all the services as well. Content partners, xbox live servers, etc. Typical response from you, though. But by all means, please tell me which countries you are referring to, where thr...

    Write 231

    Hot Chips: Xbone Silicon (5b transistors, 363mm2, 8GB Flash, 1.31TFlops, 204GB/s peak BW)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 August 2013

    mrstickball said:Seems like its slightly faster than advertised. Looks like PS4 and XB0 will truly be neck and neck in most respects, with each having a few flavors and variants. I am kind of surprised, though, they are using a 28nm architecture for the GPU. Given that AMDs 20nm revision is in October, I would have assumed it'd ship along a similar timeframe.. Guess not. Guess this means...

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    CONFIRMED: Xbox One drops restrictions and DRM

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013


    Write 152

    CONFIRMED: Xbox One drops restrictions and DRM

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013

    Nsanity said: gooch_destroyer said:Let's see what Neo gaf have to say. You mean SonyGaf? Yeah. They really love Vita too.... Oh wait....

    Write 152

    CONFIRMED: Xbox One drops restrictions and DRM

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013

    ''PS4 is no competition'' ''power of the cloud'' Hahaha. Damn I am laughing. Xbox 180. Good for gamers though. ...

    Write 53

    Pachter: Sony “Almost Certainly” Making a Profit on $399 PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 11 June 2013

    zumnupy10 said:PS4 hardware is very low end compared to what PS360 were in 2006. So I believe him. Basically this. Maybe they sell it with small loss that will be offset if the customer buys one first party game. Both of the next gen consoles will be pretty cheap to manufacture as they use off the shelf parts. Xbox one might be even little more expensive manufacture because of...

    Write 55

    Germany 1.5m overtracked !

    in General Discussion on 31 May 2013

    It has always puzzled me why Germany has had so extremely low fertility rate for so long. Without massive immigration the population would have declined since seventies. Weird. Make more babies Germans!...

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