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    brendude13's Wall

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    Heyo! How are you?? I started playing Peace Walker HD :)

    Good timing. Just logged on for the first time in a while!

    Not great to be honest. I'm graduated but don't have a job yet and my relationship ended unexpectedly. Need to get a part time job soon just so I have something to do and money coming in. Need to save for a Switch! How are you doing?

    How are you finding it? I played the HD version but stopped just before the end. I really want to play MGS3 again.

    on 15 February 2018

    I'm sorry to hear that, man :(

    Peace Walker isn't bad but not especially good either. The Fulton system is kind of OP, and seems to defeat the purpose of stealth. The Mother Base strategy element is really cool on paper, but I'm finding it more tedious than fun.

    I think MGS1/3 will remain the kings for now :)

    on 19 February 2018

    I know what you mean. It starts to become more of a base building game. I still think it did it better than MGSV did.

    It's a shame Konami are the way they are now. Would have loved some more MGS games in the style of 1 and 3, or even some remakes.

    What else have you been playing?

    on 19 February 2018

    I've been reviewing a lot of games for the site. Finished Owlboy last night, and a few small indie games before that.

    I played the Romancing SaGa 2 remaster on PS4. That was great. I checked out the DLC for The Surge. And of course Super Mario Odyssey.

    Have you started anything good lately?

    on 19 February 2018

    I got the Shadow of the Colossus remake. Never played the original and I'm really enjoying it. Still crawling through Persona 5 too, think I'm approaching the end.

    Also been playing a lot of PUBG on PC. It's addictive but so so broken, it's a shame.

    on 20 February 2018

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on brendude13's wall:

    How's it going?

    on 12 March 2017

    Pretty decent! Haven't seen you around in a while :O

    on 12 March 2017

    I drop in from time to time. Feel like I have to with all these games dropping. :O

    on 13 March 2017

    Finally ordered Final Fantasy XIV! It was on sale on Amazon. Not sure if you're still playing but if you are let me know!

    Hey. :)

    I stopped playing recently. Got a bit repetitive and was too much of a time sink for me. I might get back into it again some time though. I'll get you through the Extreme Primals. l) I think I have you on PSN, so if we have any more games in common we should play. :)

    How do you think FFXV is looking?

    on 09 October 2016

    Finished MGS4!

    Sorry for the late reply, haven't logged in for aaages. :O

    Nice. :D What did you think of it?

    Also, how are you doing?

    on 06 June 2016

    So it was a mixed bag for me. It went kind of like this:

    Act 1: love it
    Act 2: love it
    Act 3: this is different but, hey, I love it
    Act 4: ok, you're starting to lose me
    Act 5: you lost me

    The gameplay was so good. I just wish there was more of it in acts 4 and 5.

    As for me, it's been a really difficult year for me but I'm doing my best. How have you been? All done with school?

    on 06 June 2016

    Yeah, I felt the same. I really enjoyed Act 4 just because of the nostalgia, but Act 5 was such a letdown.

    Ahh, I'm sorry to hear that man. :( Hope things get better for you.

    Yeah, not too bad I guess thanks. Just finished the 2nd year of my degree, exams didn't go as well as I hoped sadly. Got lots of free time now though, hope I make the most of it.

    on 25 June 2016

    < Wright posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Thanks man. Hope you had a good one too.

    on 08 January 2016

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Last GP time,

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    you forgot a dnf , bren


    on 31 October 2015

    It feels like it's been forever since we talked! How are you? What's new?

    I know! Sorry, haven't been on much at all. I've still been playing games, just haven't really been interested in discussing them lately.

    I'm good thanks. Been really busy. Adult life has kicked in hard. Been house hunting for a while and finally found a flat, sorting bills and bank accounts and now searching for a job. Been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend too. Second year of uni starts tomorrow.

    How are things with you?

    on 28 September 2015

    Not bad! Super busy at work, but things are good. My wife just passed the bar, which is a huge relief. So now she's job hunting.

    I started MGS4 to catch up in time for Phantom Pain, but I haven't finished yet. Hopefully by this time next year I'll have played all the Metal Gear games.

    Glad to hear things are good with you!

    on 29 September 2015

    I was supposed to run through them in chronological order, but didn't have the time. The Phantom Pain release date really crept up on me!

    You too. :) Do I have you on PSN or Steam if you have those?

    on 29 September 2015

    Veknoid_Outcast on both!

    on 30 September 2015

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    singapore GP time,

    < asqarkabab posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Thanks Big Boss ;)

    < asqarkabab posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Hey Big Boss Khamenei wants to be your friend ;)

    Khamenei? :P

    on 11 September 2015

    I dont know who this freak is ?

    on 11 September 2015

    < The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Venom Snake, I mean Big Boss!

    *Performs CQC on you for no reason*

    on 11 September 2015

    Counters and shoots you with Milo and Akulo.

    on 11 September 2015

    Are you dead?

    on 12 September 2015

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    italy GP time,

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Hungary GP time,

    < linda112 posted something on brendude13's wall:


    My name is linda I saw your profile and was delighted to contact you, I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring person that I have been looking 4, Email i have something special to tell you

    best regard

    Linda clifford Arbit


    on 04 July 2015


    on 04 July 2015


    on 04 July 2015


    on 06 July 2015

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Austria GP time, remider early as i am away sat,

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Canada GP time,

    < zuvuyeay posted something on brendude13's wall:

    Bahrain Gp time,

    Did you see that Square Enix is selling A Realm Reborn and Heavensward together? Might be the perfect time to jump in for me :)

    Ahaha, it would be. :) I'll definitely be getting Heavensward as soon as it comes out!

    on 18 March 2015

    Just pre-ordered the bundle

    on 27 March 2015

    Awesome. :D Do you know what server you'll be joining? Guess it'll be a US one?

    on 08 April 2015

    Oh, I hadn't thought of that. I guess we won't be able to play together :(

    on 09 April 2015

    You can join an EU server. There are a few people from America on my server, Cerberus. Not sure what the latency is like and what times the server will drop in population though. I'm going to make another character on a US server soon though with a friend. :)

    on 09 April 2015

    New March Madness! Nominations are open!

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