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Say something about the person above you

in General Discussion 4 hours ago by CaptainExplosion

Understands me very well. ...

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The Xbox Game Pass Thread - [Yakuza Kiwami 2, F1 2019, Grounded]

in Microsoft Discussion 9 hours ago by Conina

The Touryst is really cute, I like that style. But WTF? Game speed bound to the display speed in 2020? With PS5 + XSX also supporting up to 120 Hz? ...

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Will PS5 repeat the success of the PS4, and achieve 50 % marketshare?

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by theRepublic

Snoopy said: DonFerrari said: So will you show the sales and profits numbers from SoT to prove the point? The game had over 10 million players early this year, while DKC maxed at about 8 users at best. So that shows SOT if more popular by default and obviously they are making a killing with Microtransactions, game pass, and retail sales. Microsoft doesn't show sales for...

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Ghost of Tsushima - Review Thread (MC: 83 / OC: 85)

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by DonFerrari

John2290 said: DonFerrari said: Portuguese, funny is that he didn't left a review for TLOU2, would there he say it is the worst game ever and give 10? Is that what he said? The worst game ever? :D What I thought was strange was giving The king of Fighters 14 a 10 and GoT a 0, I mean preferences and all but seems like one hell of a harsh contrast. Nope. It was...

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Battletoads coming August 20th. Amazing release trailer found inside

in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago by CaptainExplosion

I know so far it looks like it'll be rated E10 at most, but I hope they include a type of enemy you can defeat by grabbing him by the balls and then punching his sack. ...

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Ghost of Tsushima - Discussion & screenshots thread

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Hiku ...

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Grade the PS5 Conference

in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by DonFerrari

Manlytears said: 222 votes. approximately 60% consider the Sony conference to be 8 or more.167 votes. approximately 60% consider the Xbox conference to be 6 or less.It seems safe to note that the general opinion is that Sony had a better conferences. let's see how the next "round" will be, possibly in August. Yep, that matches with my thread...

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What are you listening to right now

in Music Discussion 2 days ago by Flilix


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The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

in Website Topics 3 days ago by COKTOE

kirby007 said: the new website is looks amazing, many will moan it looks differently and is used differently but its slick as fuck That will always happen. ...

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How many of you take advantage of HDR while gaming?

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago by Alby_da_Wolf

I haven't it yet, but HDR will definitely be a feature I'll want in my next monitor, even if not every games will use it well, or at all, it could be great in many games, I can imagine future titles in the Thief series using it greatly, for example ...

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What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

in Movies Discussion 3 days ago by Mandalore76

S.Peelman said: Mandalore76 said: Liked it a lot, or went to see it with different people?  I saw it twice as well.  I didn't hate it, but wasn't crazy about it either.  My brother from out of state was in town for the holidays and begged me take him even though I had seen it already. Edit - my brother and my wife both loved it. Went by myself a few days...

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Official Xbox July Showcase 2020 thread

in Microsoft Discussion 4 days ago by curl-6

Shaunodon said: curl-6 said: I hope we see Hellblade II sooner rather than later; it would suck if we have to wait til around this time next year to see gameplay. It's absence was my biggest disappointment. That one has the potential to be my killer app and sell me on the XSX. If I had to make an estimate right now, I'd say they'll show Hellblade II gameplay at E3 2021,...

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This place is getting deserted, and we have to do something about it

in Website Topics 5 days ago by Mr_No

I guess the threads popping up on the Hot Topics bar at the right aren't interesting at all. For me, at least. That, and a handful of people commenting on those tend to be highly unpleasant. I say certain offenders should be given the permanent boot. It wouldn't solve the problem of not many people here, but it would definitely help differentiate from the shit users and the good ones. ...

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What is everyone's PS5/Xbox Series X price predictions?

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by Manlytears

PS5 - $449 PS5 Digital - $ 399 Series X - $499 Series S - $299 ...

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Ghost of Tsushima: 2.4 million units sold through globally in its first 3 days of sales

in Sales Discussion 5 days ago by DonFerrari

The sales are great and the game is fantastic and deserving. This is probably the best year in gaming I ever seen. ...

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Suikoden Creators Announce Spiritual Successor, Eiyuden Chronicle (Kickstarter)

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by padib

Hiku said: New screenshot From what I can make out, the battle menu options are:FightRun awayAuto battle Mar1217 said: If the game manages to come at some point on every platforms. Already reached the Kickstarter goal for consoles.Though currently that means PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Switch 2.If there is no Switch 2 by the time of release, they'll either go...

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PS5 vs Xbox SX exclusive games

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by Burning Typhoon

Pok87 said: If someone plays PC and improves it regularly, buying an Xbox is pointless. I used to play a lot on PC, but in recent years I have been completely rejected by computer gaming, so now only consoles count. And I suspect a lot of people think the same. BTW I recommend giving TLoU2 a chance. Amazing game. I'm never going back to any 3rd or fps on console.  I'm not...

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Eiyuden Chronicle (Suikoden successor) goal reached in c.a. 1 hour. Crashed Kickstarter?

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by Hiku

Bristow9091 said: gergroy said: If you have a ps3 or a vita, you should do yourself a favor and get suikoden 2, probably 1 as well, but especially 2.  Suikoden 2 is one of the best RPG’s of all time, it’s up there with CHRONO trigger.  It has aged really well too. Might have to one day...

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Recommend me some Game Pass PC games!

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago by Bristow9091

AkimboCurly said: add Age of Empires II: Definitive edition and Europa Universalis 4 to what has been said. State of Decay 2 (but you've probably already played it) is also great.Also Gears 5 is great and the graphics are phenomenal (the RX 580 should manage ultra @60fps+.. I have a GTX 1070 which if i remember is roughly equivalent and its more than enough.I notice ReCore was mentioned...

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What kind of Super Mario game do you want Nintendo to make next?

in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2020 by freebs2

I think time ia due for a new take on the 2D Super Mario formula. Since I already played Tropical Freeze and NSMBU on WiiU, the Switch still lacks a great new 1st party 2D platform ...

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