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    BOLD Prediction: Zelda BotW will do a Whopping 10mil Lifetime! Update 10mil Achieved

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 November 2019 by Nuvendil

    JRPGfan said: Azzanation said: And to think that Zelda has sold so well with barely if not any price drops, forced bundling and giveaways. Sony and Xbox should take note. I dont think Sony or MS can do such.Halo and gears, wouldnt sell Zelda numbers at full price.The only PS4 game that *might* would be god of war, even at full price it would still sell insanely well because...

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    What do yo think will be the hardware specifications of PS5 if it arrives arround 2019-2020?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2019 by Trumpstyle

    haxxiy said: Trumpstyle said: That's a lot of random numbers you got in your post. First I believe both Xbox and PS5 will have 44CU's and if AMD made a 48CU's discrete Gpu I expect that to have a die size of 270-280mm2. We know from Flute leaked that Sony very likely has 8mb GameCache instead of 32MB found in 3700x, this reduces the Zen2 from 70mm2 to 40mm2. Your numbers for...

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    How can a company be this out of touch...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 September 2018 by mjk45

    COKTOE said: KLAMarine said: Warning popping up for me as well... Weird eh? HylianSwordsman said: Same here, but on the first page. Even weirder. Fist page is fine for me. I sent a message to admins. This isn't the only thread that it's happened  to in the past week or so ,I have seen the warning on two other threads ,  I filled out...

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    Nintendo is committing a lot of the same lethal mistakes they did with the WiiU, and more.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2018 by Keybladewielder

    Alby_da_Wolf said: We do it to tenderise its meat!  :-P  OT: Switch is a success, Wii U was a flop and OP was wrong....

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    The Football Thread - 17/18 Season

    in Sports Discussion on 19 July 2018 by The Fury

    KiigelHeart said:  I wouldn't mind if we signed another centreback, defensive midfielder and a winger but it's not likely Emery will get everything in one transfer window.  Mertesacker retire? Getting replacements for good centre backs seems hard nowadays. Especially ones that lead because the new one might not....

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    Sources: AMD Has Created Navi FOR Sony’s PlayStation 5.

    in Sony Discussion on 30 June 2018 by Alby_da_Wolf

    But there's another possible solution for overpriced RAM issue: postpone launch until 2021....

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    The Last of Us 2 Gameplay and Death Stranding Trailer

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2018 by Heavenly_King

    KLAMarine said: Heavenly_King said: since Ellie is the only playable character I dont give a damn about TLOU2. I really dont know what the fu(k naughty dog is thinking. Joel was in the previous trailer wasn't he? They have already said in an interview that Ellie is the only playable character.  He is in the game but he is not playable....

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    Official Sony PlayStation E3 2018 Thread

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2018 by Rafie

    Mcube said: Rafie said: I guess when you hide behind things and sneak up on enemies. Stealth, right?! Lmao I Guess. Gear is probably the least stealth game I have ever played in my life. (Thats probably why I love it so much) Yeah that was kind of a reach. Still they have stealth elements. Even if it plays a smaller attribute to everything else that you can do....

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    John Kodera: “PS4 Is Entering The Final Stages Of It’s Life-Cycle.”

    in Sony Discussion on 05 June 2018 by John2290

    I think this will be PS4's last great Holiday in November but it's still gonna be massively successful. The damn thing was selling over 200k consistently in April like, it's a powerhouse....

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    GPU prices more than double as cryptocurrency craze accelerates

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2018 by Pemalite

    thismeintiel said: Pemalite said: The other issue is that... AMD and nVidia didn't wish to increase production to meet demand... Just in-case demand dropped and we had an overabundance of parts. Makes sense. And with the bubble finally popped, I'm sure quite a few people have gotten out of it, now. Either way, this wouldn't have affected the price of the PS4 or XB2, as...

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    PS5's rumored specs are... ridiculous

    in Sony Discussion on 12 April 2018 by Alby_da_Wolf

    TranceformerFX said: PlayStation would lose ALOT of their fanbase if they tried to mimic the Switch. And why should they? It's barely been out a year, it's far from being a proven handheld console. In fact they shouldn't mimic it. Doing so would imply to launch ONLY a hybrid console, that would be totally against the PS phylosophy and it would do more harm than good, while what I...

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    Rumor: PS5 Could Be Releasing This Year. Big Focus on VR and More Details.

    in Sony Discussion on 10 April 2018 by hudsoniscool

    thismeintiel said: JRPGfan said: I think you ll see a Zen cpu (with SMT disabled/removed) so 8cores/8threads only (not 8/16).However because of the shrink, I could see these running upwards of 3ghz+. Going from a jaguar at 1.6ghz -> custum zen at 3ghz+ would be a huuuuge step up in terms of cpu prowess. GDDR5x  with 16 GB, and probably 4gb DDR3 for OS.Navi GPU at around...

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    The downside of Cross-play with PC : Sea Of Thieves already has hacks

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 April 2018 by BasilZero

    Cross play is fine. There should be a option to turn it on/off though. The issue with hackers is dramatized to the max. "Hacking" occurs in practically all platforms and it is impossible to prevent but the funny thing its very rare one would come across it....

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    Tomb Raider (2018) reviews and Box Office- 48 Metacritic, 50% Rotten Tomatoes, $211m

    in Movies Discussion on 28 March 2018 by NightDragon83

    irstupid said: NightDragon83 said: Mortal Kombat still the top videogame movie huh? I thought GoldenEye was the best videogame movie of all time... This serious question or joke? Golden eye is a video game adaptation of a movie, not the other way around. Game was based on movie, not other way around. *WOOSH*...

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    Black Panther Shatters Box Office Projections

    in Movies Discussion on 19 March 2018 by CosmicSex

    Welp I'm back and this movie is still doing gangbusters. ...

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    The Tragedy of "Annihilation"

    in Movies Discussion on 17 March 2018 by Junojun

    Saw this movie a couple of weeks in theaters and it's now one of my favorite movies. I can understand some people not liking it as it is not for everybody, but that doesn't make it a bad movie. I don't think seeing it on Netflix has the same effect on the viewer. The scene at the lighthouse is strongly enhanced by the soundtrack. ...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn Predicted To Sell 8 Million Units, Close To Uncharted 4

    in Sales Discussion on 01 March 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Ryng_Tolu said: CGI-Quality said: This is really annoying that we now have yet another a Horizon vs Zelda discussion. The purpose of this revival was to compare results with what was predicted—for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The comparisons are now over, because this is how Zelda/Horizon threads often turn out. Tell this to who asked the comparation between the 2 games,...

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    Opinion: The Witcher 3 is boring, confusing, bad written and bad directed, etc...

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2018 by Dante9

    Dark_Feanor said: Some quick responses. - No, the OP is not satire. I´m really pissed off and took me months of frustration to admit it. I really tried to enjoy the game. - ME and FO/TES recycled voices and models: I don´t know exactly why it didn´t bother me on those games but it made unbearable on TW3. I have a few theories. Maybe, the game reached the Uncanny Valley...

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    Why is the Switch still not getting big games from 3rd parties?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2018 by fatslob-:O

    SpokenTruth said: MH enemies have intentionally targeted and fought each other for a long time.  Coaxing them into fighting each other is a common strategy. That's not new.  The only thing new is how often they do it. Enemies also fight each other in BotW. @Bold When ? I've never seen monsters targeting each other without player interference ... (the most I see are...

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    Cryptocurrency is crashing, are you in or out?

    in General Discussion on 22 January 2018 by GProgrammer

    Birimbau said: According to Bitcoin Obituaries, which counts every time bitcoin was declared dead, it has died 236 times so far. https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoinobituaries/ I don't think they're saying they're dead in those articles, just that its a bad investment. OK shall we check the first 10 articles anyway, the Dollar amount is I assume the bitcoin price at the time of the...

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