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    Level-5 trademarks Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch in America

    in Sony Discussion on 11 October 2011

    dano said: NoCtiS_NoX said: dano said: But there are good selling jrpgs on the 360, lost oddyssey sold good, also, FF XIII was the first mayor final fantasy to be on an xbox plattform (i don´t count XI) most of the fan base was already gonna buy it for PS3, and it ended up selling almost 2 million on 360, those are huge numbers even if a small fraction of the total,...

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    Konami Announces New Suikoden For PSP

    in Sony Discussion on 17 September 2011

    Awsome!... Playstation needed some games out of TGS and this helps. Nintendo had the upper hand in terms of software announcements (for 3DS). Nintendo had a good TGS showing this year. PS - Does anyone know what the 3 "New PS3 games" that were going to be announced were? The only "New" announcement for PS3 that I heard was FFX HD...

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    Worldwide UP - August 27, 2011

    in Sales Discussion on 02 September 2011

    Can someone please explain to me why, even though, the PS3 has consistently outsold the Xbox for the past 3 months (worldwide), the gap on the home page between the 2 consoles remains at 3.4m / 3.3m?? In the past two weeks alone the gap should of shrunk by at least 100K... Am I the only one who is puzzled by this???...

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    PS3 sales surge 400% on back of price cut in Australia

    in Sales Discussion on 31 August 2011

    So if that figure is just for Australia, is it reasonable to expect a 100K week in EMEAA?...

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    Bloomberg: Sony under preassure due Vita's cost

    in Sony Discussion on 04 August 2011

    The PSV at $250 is a steal... The 3DS can drop it's price to $150 and I don't see it having a major effect on the PSV's sales. Let me explain... In my opinion, the two devices have two different target markets, for the most part. The 3DS is targeting a younger population, while the PSV is targeting the more mature individuals. I can tell you as a customer I will buy the 3DS for my...

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    Killzone 3 gets the Kevin Butler treatment ...

    in Sony Discussion on 18 February 2011

    Not bad, not bad at all... liked both...

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    Ni No Kuni New Gameplay Video is a thing of beauty!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 January 2011

    Can someone tell me if this game has been confirmed for a N.A  release?...

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    Is NGP the most doomed thing ever?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 January 2011

    LOL  ohh yeah Patcher.. Dude is a joke... Not sure how he still has a job..    anyway,  SONY is going for straight domination on every front this year... biggest killer line up of exclusives ever for a console on ps3  and now the NGP (psp2) for fall 2011.   It's Official,  2011 is the year of the PLAYSTATION!...

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    Is NGP the most doomed thing ever?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 January 2011

    NGP: I'ts time take over the handheld market!  WOW, this thing looks serious!!   ...

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    The Official Playstation Meeting 2011 Thread!

    in Sony Discussion on 26 January 2011

    Looking forward to this!......

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    Gran Turismo 5 Sells 560.5K in December's NPD

    in Sales Discussion on 13 January 2011

    Those are some good number IMO....

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    should i wait for lbp 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 January 2011

    Tigerlure said: To hell with those games, LBP 2 is worth all of them and then some. Hell, LBP 2 probably parodies all of them in some community levels, or will eventually. This!!...

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    Sony Responds To PS3 Hacks

    in Sony Discussion on 07 January 2011

    Well I guess the system being compromised will help boost up hardware sales??...

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    official sharpshooter video with killzone 3 footage

    in Sony Discussion on 15 December 2010

    WOW.. It's official!  KZ3  just knocked down UC3 from the top of my most wanted list.   This game looks legit!! .. Day one purchase!...

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    GT5 graphics aren't that impressive

    in Sony Discussion on 24 November 2010

    I don't get it...  Some of these website don't know how to review a game...  Take JoyStick for example, they estated "If you're one of those car nuts I mentioned earlier, here's your game. Have fun, we'll see you in a year when you finally leave the house. If you're not in that group -- you like, even love racing games, but care less about tuning and more about the thrill of the race...

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