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    DevilRising's Wall

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    < asqarkabab posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Thanx for accepting my friend request mate

    What's that avatar?

    lol It's just a capture from the opening to the old 1989 "Super Mario Bros. Super Show". One of my favorite childhood cartoons.

    on 24 January 2015

    < sonicgalaxy27 posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    hey dude im new here so im here to try out this site and im gonna get the hang of this site.

    < Kaizar posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Here's the new Nintendomination thread you need to post in from now on:

    < Kaizar posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Check out the awesomeness of 2014:

    Trailers are in the 4th OP.

    on 29 December 2013

    < snyps posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    hey can i add you on Nintendo Network? Would you be interested in chronicles of mystara co-op?

    < supermario128 posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Hey, are you the same "Devil_Rising" from GoNintendo? Just curious?

    I may in fact be.

    on 10 August 2013

    Oh, OK. I figured you might be.

    My username is "Mako" on GN. They don't let you change usernames here. :(

    on 10 August 2013

    < zorg1000 posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Hello buddy Ive got a quick question for u. Ive seen u post a few times that Paper Mario and Luigis Mansion should have been made for Wii U to help with the drought, but wouldnt that hurt 3DS alot? Paper Mario was the only major title for the holidays and without Luigis Mansion, 3DS didnt have any really big titles for 2013 until Animal Crossing. That would have given it its own drought fron Aug 2012 with NSMB2 til June 2013 with Animal Crossing. I know 3DS also had Fire Emblem, Lego City, MH3U and DKC 3D but none of those titles are perticularly big. Just wondering if u had a back up plan for 3DS if those did end up being Wii U titles. Thanks

    Well, all I know is that 3DS, including third party games, has had a much healthier/steadier release flow. It's a question you have to ask, I suppose, of what's more important at the time. 3DS having a couple less games coming out, having little gaps in release? Or Wii U having 0 games come out in Jan and Feb, only 1 release in April and June, etc. Wii U is starved for games, so in this case, yes, I would consider supporting their home console that just came out more important than having a thicker release slate for 3DS for a span of time.

    on 01 August 2013

    In that case I understand taking Luigis Mansion away but Paper Mario is literally all it had for the hplidays outside of Japan. Best case scenario for me would just havr Pikmin/Rayman/Fit U/W101 release Q1-Q2 2013 like originally planned.

    on 01 August 2013

    Well yes, in that case you're correct I think.

    on 02 August 2013

    < orniletter posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    I love your long, sensible posts about Nintendo !

    Keep up the good work ! Im glad that someone balances the stupidity in this madhouse out !

    Thanks for the add :)

    < Kaizar posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Have you seen the Super Mario Bros. Movie (Live Action from 1993)?

    Of course. And I actually think, all things considered, that it's rather entertaining. Not "so bad it's good"...just good. Not GREAT. Just good.

    on 21 April 2013

    Yeah, I love it.

    I personally think if a person likes the Dark Knight, then they will also like this movie.

    on 22 April 2013

    Man, you are merciless in the threads :)

    I don't try to be. I just say what I feel or think.

    on 14 April 2013

    Well, keep it up! Just don't get yourself banned :P

    on 15 April 2013

    I draw the line by trying to stay above their level, and not stooping to name calling and personal insults. If I'm harsh, it'll be attacking what they have to say, not them as people, because I don't KNOW them as people. Makes sense lol.

    on 15 April 2013

    < JoeTheBro posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Didn't want to derail his thread to a dual analogue debate. I hate WASD and mouse aiming so much I use a controller to play my PC games. I hate motion aiming so much that I emulate Wii FPS games in dolphin so I can use a traditional controller.

    To each his own, but I've just never liked dual analog for FPS. For Skyrim (my first ES game), it's one thing, because the action is considerable slower, and you don't have to aim and shoot at things rapidly. But for actual shooters, it just doesn't work for me. I used to play old PC shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom and Duke Nukem, and that old setup worked fine as well, just using the keyboard back in the day. I also liked the way they worked on N64, because that controller seemed made for games like Goldeneye and Turok. But even Metroid Prime, which was an amazing game, and had an honestly decent/good control setup for it's time, after playing MP3, and then getting Metroid Prime Trilogy, it was so much better (to me) that I just couldn't go back to playing the original version....just too slow and clunky and imprecise.

    But like I said, to each their own.

    on 18 March 2013

    < spaceguy posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Hey why don't you post that much. I have to be the lone solder for the left. C'mon I'm sick of that. I need some peps that understand and can take some off my sholders. Love the pic. LOL.. that show was awesome!!!! I remember it as a kid.

    < spurgeonryan posted something on DevilRising's wall:

    Nice avatar!

    < DevilRising updated his status:


    Thanks for adding me :)

    I like your posts. You should post more.

    Thanks. I've actually read the VGC forums from time to time for years, but never felt like posting until recently. Problem is, then I get caught up wasting more time posting in another forum LOL.

    on 01 March 2013

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