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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Launches November 20

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago by S.Peelman

    Haven’t tried the demo, I’ll be waiting until the game comes out. The ability to control the Divine Beasts is unexpected, looks cool. ...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion on 14 October 2020 by PAOerfulone

    Mi Reina, como te extraño. ...

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    Funny Pictures

    in General Discussion on 22 September 2020 by curl-6


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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2020 by CGI-Quality

    With the new one now up, I'll lock this one and we move all discussion there. ...

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    Switch Revisions Are Basically Already Possible

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2019 by RolStoppable

    tak13 said: @RolStoppableDo you see Nintendo adopting the policy of MS and Sony regarding revisions? Isn't more rational given NS hardware nature?I mean a lite version ( we just got it ) and a pro version only, unlike 3DS which had five?What do you expect? I don't expect Nintendo to follow Sony and Microsoft. It bothers me that so many people keep saying Pro version when the...

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    Post Your YouTube Channels Here

    in General Discussion on 12 March 2019 by PwerlvlAmy

    dx11332sega said: PwerlvlAmy said: Mostly post game play videos featuring games I got from developers/publishers, speed runs like Odyssey where I beat it in 1hr 24min, livestreams or just randomly trailer mash ups. Recently just made a Sonic 2019 movie mock up in preparation for the real trailer reveal   Fun video :) Thank you :D...

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    US, UK and France launch attack on Syria, including its capital Damascus

    in Politics Discussion on 16 April 2018 by numberwang

    Coordinated talking points ...

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    What's the most overrated game ever in your opinion?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 April 2018 by poklane

    MW2's MP is trash. The average consensus seems to be that it's great but I don't think it's good, or decent or somewhat okay, it's just nothing but a flaming pile of shit in my opinion....

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    The Next President Of The United States Is Donald J Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 21 December 2017 by Mandalore76

    StarDoor said: Final-Fan said: 1.  While the epidemics were incredibly devastating to native populations, it's very wrong to think that white settlers just moved into empty spaces.  They forced native populations aside.  Ever hear of the Trail of Tears?  2.  Claiming that the native tribes were so different from European powers that diplomacy was just...

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    FR+IT+ESP top sellers - week 49 (status quo)

    in Sales Discussion on 18 December 2017 by ryuzaki57

    Little change in France. MK8DX is up one rank as Switch puts more pressure on PS4 domination. Xenoblade 2 fell from 3rd place in the Switch top, suggesting weak legs, and SWBII rises again on movie hype. In Italy, Xenoblade 2 fails to enter the top 10, beaten by a random snow motorbike game which I have no idea what it's doing there. Switch recovers thanks to SMO as Xmas shoppers get moving...

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    Bayonetta 2 is NOT a WiiU exclusive and here's why!

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 December 2017 by Heavenly_King

    I dont care really, as long as I get DMCV...

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    Life goals you've recently accomplished

    in General Discussion on 24 October 2017 by VGPolyglot

    spurgeonryan said: bretonf said: You don't need to look very far! It's in my signature :) Still can't believe all this is happening lol All what is happening?   I have signatures turned off :- (   New accomplishment,  finally visited Michigan. Interesting state.  Where'd you go? I was born in and originally lived in the Detroit area....

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    EPA Withdrawing from Clean Power Plan

    in Politics Discussion on 13 October 2017 by Snoopy

    I would love wind energy to take over, but there are quite a bit of flaws with wind energy right now. The maintenance cost is so expensive it's ridiculous. Engineers need to come up with a more solid way to build turbines. The upfront cost is expensive too as well....

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    Game that got the most controversy this year: Mass Effect Andromeda or Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 October 2017 by Darwinianevolution

    Neither one is the biggest controversies around this year. Andromeda was the bigger of the two, but even then, Shadow of mordor has taken the crown by far. Nobody cared about MvsC Infinite, the general apathy was bigger than the controversy....

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    Global Weekly, 19th August 2017, Hardware and Software

    in Sales Discussion on 12 October 2017 by Alby_da_Wolf

    PSV up 4%, NS down 29%, 3DS down 11%: Vitamination and NintenD0M3D! :-P ...

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    Prepare for The Apocalypse?

    in General Discussion on 02 October 2017 by Alby_da_Wolf


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    Russia is waging war on the U.S. Morgan Freeman

    in Politics Discussion on 21 September 2017 by Soundwave

    *complains about "elite Hollywood" *elects reality TV billionaire who's never worked a day of manual labor in his life /Murica. lol. ...

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    Capcom: Monster Hunter XX Switch version is another test to evaluate our support for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 August 2017 by DonFerrari

    Mnementh said: DonFerrari said: Totally agree with you, and is normal that some genres sell better in one platform than another (much simple to dance on Wii than on PS4 in fact). Was just saying that the fact that the game being a year old port and kinda inferior doesn't totally justify a bomb. We know for fact that Nintendo gamers are picky on this... we had Rayman issues because...

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    Chocolate - White vs Dark: Which is better?

    in General Discussion on 28 July 2017 by Heavenly_King

    for nutritional purposes, Dark Chocolate :D...

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    NYT : "Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign"

    in Politics Discussion on 27 July 2017 by Jumpin

    Gotta wonder if all the stupidity Trump does is to try and dim the perception of the severity of this obvious treason....

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