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    How the Vita's first 2 years should have looked. 70m LT

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 28 October 2014

    We're approaching the time in the Vita's life where its become undeniable that the system is a complete dud in the west, at least from a sales perspective. 2 and half years in, we're seeing weekly sales figures remaining stagnant < 3k in North America and <7k in europe. As there are very few flagship titles positioned to do anything to offset its death other then Minecraft, and major 3rd...

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    Destiny (PS4) outsells Mario Kart 8 in less then 2 weeks.

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 06 October 2014

      As of 20th september global update;Destiny PS4: 2,972,777Mario Kart 8: 2,672,546 If you asked me back in March I would have said Mario Kart 8 and Titanfall will be the years highest selling single platform gamea. Colour me surprised... Next week it will overtake watchdogs....

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    Final Fantasy XV 40-ish hours long, plans for part 2 canned.

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 27 September 2014

    New translations from Degeki, courtesy of SQEX.INFO: http://sqex.info/Talking about the length of the demo and the game as a whole.  ''I think in general the play time is about an hour. However, that’s if you use the car to get around. By the way, you can also play it for additional challenges, so you can spend more time with it. For example, in order to obtain a strong weapon, you...

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    Who will sell more in Japan 2015; PS4 or Wii U

    in Sales Discussion, last active on on 21 September 2014

    After TGS sony upped their game. Who do you think will sell more next year in Japan?  Bolded means exclusive and since its japan I counted Xbox One multiplats as exclusive. PS4;Q1: Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy Type 0, Evolve, The Order 1886, Battlefield Hardline, Farcry 4, Disegea 5TBA: Yakuza Zero, Deep Down, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Everybody's Golf, Ys, Persona 5,Dragon...

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    Final Fantasy Type 0 HD 80% done

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 29 August 2014

    Final Fantasy Type 0 was privately demoed at PAX and IGN wrote a report, quoting Tabata;"Tabata also assured me that Type-0 HD will be a full retail game, and while he couldn’t comment on when we’ll be able to play it, he mentioned that it’s currently about 80% done"It sounds so close, probably a Q1/Q2 2015 title depending on how square wanna finish their fiscal year.Considering...

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    Has Final Fantasy Type 0 pushed FFXV beyond a 2015 release date?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 22 July 2014

    Alot of us were hugely dissapointed when Square announced that Final Fantasy XV wouldn't be at E3 2014, the game finally felt like it was on track and nearing a reasonable target date when Square showed the gameplay blowout 13 months ago. So much was shown some even speculated a fall 2014, especially given its lengthy dev cycle which proceeded the reveal. How do you go from this one year, to...

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    PSVita Bundles that could save the system.

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 01 July 2014

    Incase you missed it Minecraft is due to be released on the PSVita in 2 months (august 29th-phsysical+download) and sony have yet to indicate any sort of push for the games up coming release. As many have noted Minecraft has potential to push Vita hardware beyond any titles we've seen released on the plaform in recent time, especiallly beyond the likes of a late  and poorly ported...

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    A look at the Vita's Bright future in Japan!

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 12 May 2014

    Just wanted to Celebrate and remind people of the great year the Playstation Vita has ahead of it In Japan. Expect sales to rocket this summer and more titles to be announced for the fall/winter in the coming weeks!   One Peice Unlimited Red (PSV, 3DS, PS3 and Wii U) June 12th Firefly’s Diary (htoL#NiQ) (Exclusive!) June 19th Freedom Wars...

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    Will the PSVita Exclusive "Digimon Story" put the franchise back on the map

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 20 March 2014

    Despite the fact that digimon hasnt really been popular since the early  2000s, I believe there lays huge potential in the franchise as a gaming IP. There have been plenty of digimon games in the last 15 years but only 1 (Digimon World 1) has broke the 1m mark. I think the newest entry for the Vita will change that and put the franchise back on the map.One of the best looking VIta games...

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    PSVita+Tearaway+LBP+16GB for 139 at play.com

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 18 November 2013

    Not sure how long the deal will last so snap it up now!http://www.play.com/stores/ShopTo/listing/889587981...

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    Why did Vita sell 30k in eu this week?

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 22 November 2013

    Was a specific game released, or is it just the holiday sales bump?...

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    Vita Owners: Whats the last 2 games you bought? (digital or physical)

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 16 September 2013

    Wanting to gauge how many of us have purchased recent Vita titles, but also whether we bought them on cardtridge or digital download. Across the industry we're seeing digital purchases rise in popularity and on Vita especially this may be hurting reported figures as retail may only acount for 60-70% of sales or even less in some cases.My last 2 purchases were Jack and Daxter trilogy (digital) and...

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    Capcom to focus more on DLC

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 12 September 2013

    What Irks me is the emphasis on beginning development with extensive DLC plans in mind, it reeks of exploitation. Further more they talk on substituting sequels for DLC when possible, hence why we're recieve super ultra street fighter 4 next year, as opposed to a new title in the series.  "Capcom mention in their most recent annual report that, in 2012, DLC accounted for 27.8% of...

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    Is puppeteer the best looking game on the PS3?

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 06 September 2013

    Was watching teh GT review and I can't get over how gorgeous and flawless this game looks. The artstyle combined with the realistic rendering and busy environments creates some astounding visuals. Like it actually looks like CGI in parts, I cannot detect a muddy texture or jaggie anywhere. The lighting is ver impressive, the game could quite easily be a PS4 launch title. I'll just post a link to...

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    Wii U owners: would you rather play Rayman Lengends with wiimote+numchuck

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 24 August 2013

    Essentially The gamepad functionality in Rayman Legends is just a less intuitive method of using wii mote as an on screen pointer. When I played the demo, I thought having to look between the 2 screens just to control your fairy friend was a tad exhausting if you're playing on a tv and damaging to the pace of the game (not to say its not enjoyable). Playing the Pupeteer demo with PS move, I was...

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    Puppeteer demo out in EU (impressions inside)

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 27 August 2013

    Finished the demo up on PSN EU.Thegame looks amazing, both from technical perspective and artistically. To match the stunning visuals its got an awesome soundtrack and great voice acting to boot! One issue I found though was that, often the VO tracks cut if you moved through the level at a faster pace then instructed, its minor but stil an annoyance.The gameplay its self is great fun. The demo is...

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    is Wii U looking to disappoint in Japan and Europe this Holiday?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 25 August 2013

    Heres a rundown of Nintendo's exclusive Line up and how I think each game will fair. Wonderful 101: Not a system seller No exlpanation really needed, Nintendo are only shipping 30k units of the game in japan, that shows you they have no real intention to push it. In europe it may fair better but being a New IP and not having the core support for Nintendo it probably won't sell over 300k in...

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    Minecraft coming to PSVita!!!!

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 20 August 2013

    Just tweeted now! https://twitter.com/notch/status/369892812185436160...

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    Ryse Son of Rome: New multiplayer trailer

    in Microsoft Discussion, last active on on 31 August 2013

    This new trailer shows off the gladiator (hoard) mode. How has peoples anticiparion for this title evolved?  ...

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    How many units will the Vita sell in Japan this fall.

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 20 August 2013

    How will the Vita sell with its fall line up? September-december?Legend of Heroes (sept 26)  Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (sept 26th) FInal Fantasy X/X-2 HD (TBA 2013) J star Versus (TBA 2013) Gundam Breaker (TBA 2013) God Eater 2 (november 14th) Tear Away (TBA 2013)Conception 2 (end of august but should allow for a strong september start)...

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