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    The Semi Official VGChartz Minecraft Thread

    in PC Discussion on 29 April 2020 by goddog

    hey all at my new place servers are back up and stable right now, I'll try and come by here more as well... does not seem like PM's make it through anymore either. I have some chaise moves planned, and consolidation. the VM server is going through a rebuild before minecraft makes it over there. let me know of any issues you guys have. for the prime server.... waterworld is...

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    US Midterm Elections 2018- Dems take the House, GOP Keeps the Senate.

    in Politics Discussion on 27 September 2019 by Mr_Destiny

    Final midterm update: North Carolina's special elections for the 3rd and 9th House districts came and went. In the 9th, the Democrats' 2018 candidate was back, while the GOP nominated a new fellow, who led his party to victory by 2%, improving on the 0.3% margin in the fraudulent election, but still about 10 points less than Trump's back in '16. The 3rd (and much more Republican) district held an...

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    Who Should Run For President on the Democratic Side?

    in Politics Discussion on 27 March 2019 by Jumpin

    He’s a white man that is not old, fat, or ugly. That’s really all he has going for him from what I see =DWhile he has money now, I see him fizzling out fast. He lost to Ted Cruz in some election. How on earth can someone lose to Ted Cruz?!? Even Trump finds Cruz’s ass kissing to be repulsive. And Trump is a guy who PAYs people to kiss his ass (and then pays hundreds of thousands...

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    Donald Trump: How Do You Feel about Him Now? (Poll)

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2019 by the-pi-guy

    So we want to try moving over to a more general political thread.  Hopefully one that can be more constructive, and more on topic.

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    Should Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Nomination Continue?

    in Politics Discussion on 28 January 2019 by Hiku

    Final-Fan said: Is it your position that smears against nominees in a confirmation hearing are more corrosive to the process than entirely blocking nominees from getting a confirmation hearing in the first place?  On that note, I think it would be a problem for the process if serious criminal accusations were ignored if it may stain someone's name. Though publicly outing the...

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    Activi$ion has learned nothing: games 2 and 3 on Spyro Reignited Trilogy to STILL require patch after delay

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2018 by Conina

    KManX89 said: Conina said: Unless they release the digital versions earlier than the retail versions. Problem solved. Oh yes, an all-digital future is gonna be great, guys! I can't wait for publishers to start holding back and charging for content that's already finished and in the game files! You know they're gonna do this shit, too, even more than before...

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    Florida's Election Officials Questionable Behavior During the Recount is Harming Rick Scott

    in Politics Discussion on 08 December 2018 by NightlyPoe

    Final-Fan said: Are you saying that those facts that I listed are false?  Correlation may not equal causation, but it still equals correlation.  I'm saying that "after determining" denotes causation.  I am also pointing out again that it will always be the conclusion that anything affects minorities. Basically, someone, somewhere in the North Carolina legislature...

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    American Republican Jesus

    in Politics Discussion on 30 November 2018 by o_O.Q

    SpokenTruth said: o_O.Q said: "You said the scientific understanding of gender is baseless. " i never did, Really? o_O.Q said: i see no real difference between believing in god as some magical space humanoid and believing that gender is infinite both beliefs are baseless and inspired by the same emotional paradigm isn't funny that you...

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    'I was angry and I sent it': Another Justice Brett Kavanaugh accuser referred to FBI after recanting

    in Politics Discussion on 21 November 2018 by NightlyPoe

    OhNoYouDont said: I have no idea why you would respond to me without quoting me but you don't present anything new here.  Your statement that your list is the reason you believe as you do, rather than an ad hoc rationalization for your presupposition is nothing but bullshit.  I believe I did quote you.  If it didn't notify you, I don't know why.  This forum...

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    Trump Plans to Challenge the Constitutional Definition of Birthright Citizenship

    in Politics Discussion on 15 November 2018 by Final-Fan

    The following is violating the "keep it short" rule that I tried—but, let's be honest, failed—to abide by earlier. But whenever you are feeling up to it in the future, I'm actually increasingly interested in what led you to have these thoughts about Sen. Trumbull: "And perhaps I’m too “poisoned” by other outside factors that I’ve stated before (such as the...

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    Kanye West Gives and Amazing Speech at the White House.

    in Politics Discussion on 04 November 2018 by Chris Hu

    Good for Kayne that he finally realized that he was being used by the right to be one of their useful idiots. If you really want to be a useful idiot for the right at least you should paid for it like David Rubin is....

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    Have you signed the petition yet to help Trump build the wall?

    in Politics Discussion on 02 November 2018 by Player2

    Pemalite said: Didn't the wall get downgraded to a fence anyway? Don't tell me that Trump hired Ubisoft to build it....

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    Was Hitler a Socialist?

    in Politics Discussion on 29 October 2018 by cycycychris

    It seems this thread has run its course and has become completely derailed at this point. locking...

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    Japan losing interest in sex, relationships, and having kids

    in Politics Discussion on 24 October 2018 by Faelco

    Jumpin said: Faelco said: I'm not a specialist on that at all. But weird, because what I found on Dr Baker website is "Numerous studies demonstrate that vegetarian, low fat or vegan diets often result in lower levels of free testosterone". In my opinion it would seem normal to need a healthy diet, so not 100% meat of course (who can be stupid enough to do something like...

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    Are worker unions good or bad?

    in Politics Discussion on 21 October 2018 by d21lewis

    I'm all about myself and my family. I don't care about the corporation but when you get hired, they tell you what to expect. This is the job. This is the pay. These are the hours. These are the policies. People get hired and suddenly they hate their employer. It's like meeting a girl and saying "I like to play Xbox with my friends on Friday." and a month later she hates that you play Xbox with...

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    Trump's Personal Lawyer And Campaign Manager Both Going To Prison

    in Politics Discussion on 02 October 2018 by Final-Fan

    I'm not going to pretend that David Pakman isn't biased, but in my experience he's pretty honest about presenting his facts. In this video he shows evidence that the UN delegates were laughing at Trump's claimed accomplishments (not at the media):

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    40% of Americans have negative net income

    in Politics Discussion on 01 October 2018 by CuCabeludo

    Central bank and their fiat currency system is the cancer and curse of the middle class. What we have today in this central bank system is socialism for the top 1%: whenever some bad bank or bad company is on the brink of failing, Central banks intervene, and bail them out at the expense of everyone else. This is not captalism anymore. Bad/unproductive companies and banks should be let to...

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    Final Fantasy, A historical perspective by a fan of Final Fantasy and Nintendo.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 September 2018 by Miyamotoo

    OTBWY said: Miyamotoo said: Very interesting read, so just that unfinished hardware and cartridge limitations made big problems for Square Enix support, but Nintendo has terrible communication with SQ, it seems that back than Nintendo treated partners who made games for their platforms more like slaves than like partners. Yamauchi was really hard man, he sounded like he was Yakuza....

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    Wil Wheaton, who ditched Twitter bc they didn't ban Alex Jones, gets banned from his new platform over censoring transgenders

    in Politics Discussion on 06 September 2018 by Ryuu96

    Locking due to OP having a Political thread creation ban....

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    History, going up in flames

    in Politics Discussion on 03 September 2018 by CaptainExplosion

    Pemalite said: CaptainExplosion said: More reason I wish the Punisher was real. Same.I think it's a common issue regardless of what nation you reside in or your political alignment... Where politicians more or less work and look after themselves rather than the people they are meant to be serving, the public. Or better than the Punisher, Deadpool. He'd be...

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