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think-man's Wall

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< COKTOE posted something on think-man's wall:

Your pic in the MAU thread is kaputski.

I sorted it :P

on 28 February 2019

< Ka-pi96 posted something on think-man's wall:

Yo think dood, you going to the World Cup next year?

Nah, i wanted to but I've just bought a house so no money :(

on 23 December 2018

Well at least you've got a nice new house to watch the World Cup in then!

on 23 December 2018

Haha! What about you? Are you going?

on 23 December 2018

I'm planning to, yeah. If I can get some time off work and there are still some tickets left I'll be going!

on 23 December 2018

< BraLoD posted something on think-man's wall:

Still wearing that same 4 years old E3 party hat, huh? lol

Hahaha! I'm always celebrating E3 :)

on 01 November 2018

Hell yeah another metalhead who like killzone :D

:D damn straight!

on 10 October 2018

< HomokHarcos posted something on think-man's wall:

What's it like being 1200 years old?

1240 to be exact 😉

on 05 July 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on think-man's wall:

:O I think I've got a new favourite rugby team...

Polar Bear rugby FTW!

Hahaha, I take it you have seen the news then.

on 16 May 2018

Yep, that's what made me look them up.
The European qualifying for the World Cup seems so amateurish with all the screw ups they've made. Pretty embarassing for the sport really.

on 16 May 2018

Yeah, it's really not good enough. This is like the 9th WC. Makes you wonder if it's happened before.

on 16 May 2018

< fauzman posted something on think-man's wall:

Hello. Long time no talk. I see you hace been playing GOW. Clocked it yet? I just recently got my own copy - will give it a go tonight 😜

Hey mate, didn't see your message here! Yeah I finished it. Was going to go for the platinum but decided I'd give the game a rest for now. One of the best games I've played in a while though. How have you been?

on 16 May 2018

Busy. Kinda reduced my gaming and foruming for a while since i got married and started a family, but getting back into it now.

Am playing GOW now btw

on 17 May 2018

The notifications on vgchartz are messed up for me, keeps not showing up haha. You have children now? I'm busy looking for a house at the moment. Currently living in the Netherlands, but have plans to move back to NZ in the future.

on 29 May 2018

Oh nice. I hadnt realised you were on an OE. How long have you been there for?
Yeah i am married now and have a daughter. She keeps me busy so my gaming has slowed down quite a bit. Hence my not spending so much time in the past few years.

If you are planning to get a house i assume this isn't in Auckland?

on 03 June 2018

Yeah I moved to Australia first in 2015 then to the Netherlands in 2016. I just bought a house in Holland aswell. I don't want to get a house in Auckland though. Too expensive! I probably wont be back in NZ permanently for some time.

on 25 June 2018

< Wright posted something on think-man's wall:

It's been...two years already. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a From Software game releasing this year either. :P

Ahhh damn, you win. What's the damage going to be?

on 03 May 2018

One week of avatar and signature control!

on 03 May 2018

Haha, okay. What do you want me to change it to? I'm going on vacation until Monday so I will do it once I'm back

on 03 May 2018

Okay then, for your avatar, you yourself will crop one of these two and put it (so either Thorn or Zorn, your choice!):

And uhhh, I'm less creative for a signature, so you put this one:

No reason whatsoever. :P

on 04 May 2018

< PDF posted something on think-man's wall:

Your PL for the 28th appears to have all 0's entered.

That's strange, I don't know how that happened.

on 25 April 2018

< Masked_Muchaco posted something on think-man's wall:

I have no doubt that someday you'll move on from these Barbie games, maybe I'll not be alive anymore when that happens, but it will happen!

These barbie games are endless. The amount of content has kept me hooked for years! :P

on 18 April 2018

< HomokHarcos posted something on think-man's wall:

You obviously like union, but what are your thoughts on league?

Love union, not really into watching league. Too one dimensional and repetitive. Its fun to play though and quite easy to pick up. I've played both for a few years.

on 03 February 2018

Union is the more complex game but league is definitely simpler to understand.
Damn Canada just lost to Uruguay so I won't be cheering for anybody in next year's World Cup.

on 03 February 2018

I think they still have one more chance to make the world cup as a wild card. They just have to beat all the other nations that didn't quite make it. It would be strange not to have Canada seeing as they have been in all world cups if I'm not mistaken?

on 05 February 2018

I thought it was over when they lost to Uruguay. I didn't know they would have another chance.

on 05 February 2018

< LivingMetal posted something on think-man's wall:

Yo. Can you look into this potential spambot: starfrosty Thanks.

Sorry but here's another one: wud

on 01 February 2018

Will do :)

on 02 February 2018

Thanks. But it looks like I'm doing something right because I probably offended someone. Here's another one:  zugbear

on 02 February 2018

Sorry to keep you so busy so you might want to hand this over to someone else. But here is another one: mindfu Thanks again.

on 02 February 2018

np, I sorted him out aswell.

on 05 February 2018

< Masked_Muchaco posted something on think-man's wall:

1240 years :0

What's the secret behind your longevity?

Three things, play Final Fantasy every day. Drink a can of cola zero in the morning and watch Rugby. If you do all of that then you are guaranteed a long life!

on 07 January 2018

Oh, I see. Didn't know these things already existed back in the 8st century. Unfortunately I really dislike cola zero and watching sports, so I guess I will not get to live as long as you.

on 07 January 2018

Also, will you ever finish playing these Barbie games? I've heard they're true hidden gems with incredible amounts of replayability, but man, you will have to move on someday :P

on 07 January 2018

I can't see myself moving on, my love for these games are endless. I'm still waiting on Barbuda to hit ps4!

on 10 January 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on think-man's wall:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, love the picture!!

on 25 December 2017

< Jigsawx1 posted something on think-man's wall:

i really dont understrand why i got banned when toxic ps fanboys are trolling in every xbox topic......

If you see someone trolling then report them, don't take matters into your own hands. If you read the vgchartz rules you will see exactly why you were banned.

on 12 December 2017

< Boutros posted something on think-man's wall:

Hey thanks for the add!

You too!

on 12 December 2017

< BasilZero posted something on think-man's wall:

Does the power ranger like Magitek suit for FFXV enhance fishing ability?

Cause I'm not having a hard time fishing or anything, just want to max out fishing cause....I hate fishing :(.

Haha, I'm not sure, I never bothered really equipping them. I still need to max out my fishing aswell lol. I'm a few trophies off the platinum. I have 100% on episode Prompto, still need to 100% episode Gladiolus and Comrades aswell.

on 17 November 2017

Well I used it once but it was useful in defense and hp but sucked in attack lol.

on 17 November 2017

< TK-Karma posted something on think-man's wall:

You sure did many people a solid with that Knack 2 thread xD I hope that you enjoy the game!

Hahaha, well I know alot of people wouldn't have bought it anyway. In a way this is free advertisement for the game :P besides It's quite good from what I've played so hopefully that will be good word of mouth.

on 06 September 2017

< VGPolyglot posted something on think-man's wall:

So, Mr. 1239 man from New Zealand, what was it like when the Maori arrived on your island, and finally gave you some other people to interact with?

Haha, it was a lonely time pre Maori, rumour has it that I taught them the Haka ;P

on 31 August 2017

< Ka-pi96 posted something on think-man's wall:

Thinky! Been watching any of the women's rugby world cup?

I've been following the news but not really watching. How about you? The Rugby Championship is on atm. Nz, Australia, SA and ARG.

on 24 August 2017

Only watched the Engand vs France semi-final so far. England vs New Zealand in the final though! :)
And yeah, I'd like to watch some of the rugby championship... that time difference doesn't really help though :P

on 24 August 2017

I have a worse time difference lol. I can't watch the rugby tomorrow because I'm heading to Gamescom.

on 25 August 2017

You're heading to Gamescom? Nice! Have a good time!

on 25 August 2017

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