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    < noname2200 posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!


    < GodOfPeace3 posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    She is Meg Turney

    thanks for replying !! It is time to google her XD

    on 23 November 2014

    < Weedlab posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Are you getting Dragon's Crown? If so which version?

    nope. The game is not worthy of the price tag for me. If it was $20 and cross buy I would most probably get it, but not as it is right now.

    on 02 August 2013

    nope. The game is not worthy of the price tag for me. If it was $20 and cross buy I would most probably get it, but not as it is right now.

    on 02 August 2013

    That's the same thing I've been debating actually. If it were 10 less on Vita (like PS3) to 29.99 I wouldn't mind, but at full price I have doubts. Killzone M and Rayman Legends are day ones for my on the Vita. While I do want DC, the only way I'll get it at 40 is if my friends at home get it. The jury is still out on that one.

    Killzone M day one though, right? =D

    on 02 August 2013

    I would like to actually know more about the story mode of the game. Considering you take contracts, to me it looks like a "Unit 13" kind of game. I want a solid story mode, but so far the info is lacking. If it has great story mode, I will buy it.

    on 03 August 2013

    That's reasonable. To be honest, given that this is about mercenaries, I don't expect a strong performance in the story department, but I could be wrong and surprised by the team. I am expecting strong gameplay elements, but story wise ... not so much. Let's hope I am wrong.

    I'm looking at older titles too. Sonic All Stars Transformed and NFS Most Wanted are both under 20, so I'll give those a shot.

    on 03 August 2013

    < KylieDog posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Well that is a ban worthy of 90% of posts on this forum

    Seriously. I didn't think complaining about a thread like that was moderatable (that's not a word ._.)

    on 30 June 2013

    Dude you get banned a lot.

    haha. Yeah lately I have been banned quite fast after each ban. I just act as I see fit; If I get banned because of that It does not matters.

    If how I behave, and the rules on the site coincide or not; really is not much of my concerns.

    If they eventually permaban me, I would not care either. But, the bad thing about that would be that I would not be able to follow the threads in which people post a lot of info about upcoming games; like the PSVITA and PSNation thread.

    on 10 June 2013

    Understandable although I don't agree with the last ban they gave you.

    on 10 June 2013

    Me neither. I Though at first I was banned because I said to a M$ supporter to deal with it lol XD. But now that I can see the mod message, it was just because I said M$ should shut the **** up (I censored it though), because everytime they talk they make it worst.

    I understand I was a bit rude; but I am not offending anyone in here by saying that; just maybe a multinational greedy corporation that is doing terrible PR lately.

    on 10 June 2013

    < Hynad posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    A "censoring" ban. Nice. -__-

    God forbid, you've hurt Microsoft's feelings.

    haha. lol.

    on 10 June 2013

    < Weedlab posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    How did the headless guy and the tree treat you?

    w00t? I dont get the reference. >.

    on 06 June 2013

    Soul Sacrifice! Bosses ...

    on 06 June 2013

    ah. I have not downloaded them yet; I am quite busy with Skyrim right now. I have my hands full with it, with all the stuff you can do. I really hope to almost platinum it by the time I get TLoU (8 days).

    180 hrs and counting :D

    on 06 June 2013

    Yea, I had to drop everything for Skyrim lol I must say it is the only game I platinumed naturally lulz. No guide, just fun. That's a testament to how much immersion that game has. Can't wait for the DLC when I get GOTY at 20 xD

    That horseman is a total bitch on the harder settings lol Hopefully we can link up to play that one sometime. It can be fun with 2 people alone (but challenging).

    on 06 June 2013

    < Kaizar posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP:


    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:


    < Weedlab posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Did you beat it? I was impressed with your level; so much so that I am going to play all day tomorrow to rank up. xD I have to study all day today so I can't play today. You want to try coop on Thursday?

    I have not finished story mode yet. There are some archfiends that are a pain in the a$$, considering that in the latest chapters you fight the bosses alone. 6stars monsters are a bitch! I dont want to imagine how a 10stars monster will be in the last Avalon pacts :'(.

    on 07 May 2013

    Hmmm ... I have not either. I've been doing the online stuff with a friend lately. I intend to play all day tomorrow to get some levels. I won't be anywhere near where you are, but at least I'll have some fire power when I join you. Hopefully I won't get creamed too much. lulz

    on 07 May 2013

    How were Wyvern and Griffon for you?

    on 07 May 2013

    I fought them online too with random people. Not hard, but not easy if I remember well. I am just about to fight Magusar now. After that I will continue to do the Avalon pacts. I just fought some 7star monsters lol. If they have elements, and you have the amulet that protects you from them, they can be quite easy. The bad thing is against monster without elements, because they can take more than 1 half of your life with one attack lol.

    on 07 May 2013

    I defeated Magusar in the first try :D. Level 39/42

    on 07 May 2013

    Nice! I think I will build my character a bit before I do. I only followed Mag's story in the book. I have yet to do the other stuff. I played a little today even though I said I wasn't going to lulz I'm at 14/24 now. I need to equalize them by raising the first part.

    on 07 May 2013

    Okay so now I'm around 23/38 ... almost 39. I'm progressing slowly since I have a lot of studies to do. I didn't realize we could do 4p. I only did 2p with a friend. With that said, I'll join you on the weekend even if you're over 9000 and I'm only 200 xD Maybe we could get a party of 3 or 4.

    on 09 May 2013

    If we are gonna do the higher stuff, we need to be 4 people. With at least level 70 and some nice equipment. Fought yesterday a Phoenix and a Griffon in the same pact (AVALON X pacts). It took us 30 mins, and everyone was dying a lot, why? I dunno (I did not die lol) they were all level 90-100.

    So, really I dunno have many Avalon pacts you have done, but if we want to have a real chance with higher difficulty, we need to 4 people with high at least level 70. Maybe we could some Forgotten Pacts.

    If you dont have great equipment or tactic, I recommend you being almost neutral. that is what I do, and so far so good, as long as there are people in High level that help. Another time I fought 2 Illicebras (monster form), when you fight her in the story mode, you will see how a bitch they can be. So we were all in level 100, one dude was level 1/99; and he got raped because he cant take much damage, and considering the 2 monsters are powerful, he died very soon.

    If you have great equipment, sigils and tactic I guess you can have the combination of level you want though.

    on 10 May 2013

    hahaha! I did the same one! Took us 28:39 xD 4 people. I played with some higher level people yesterday. That one wasn't hard - it was just annoying. And people kept missing the birds, so it took forever. I probably died twice. One was on purpose in order to get the rite activated. Right now I'm 34/44 ... or something like that.

    I played with a few guys who are grossly unbalanced as you mentioned ... like 2/99 or 98/3. And they had issues, especially those with high attack low defense. They kept dying; Those with high defense had great tactics. Like quick foot and spells to freeze time. It made the fights a lot easier.

    I tend to use a lot of eggs and pattern a few of them to the boss type - if they have a weakness. I often plant a golem by the boss right and the start and go from there. So far I have not died too much, so I'd say it's working for me. The spell to freeze time is very nice, but I only have the ability to use it once, so I want to boost it more like the guy in my party yesterday.

    That BITCH is ANNOYING! She is tough. I'd hate to face two. I faced one yesterday with the dudes I mentioned and it wasn't bad, but two ... damn lol Faced two Wyrven yesterday. People had to use their rites and sacrifice people just to win. Tough!

    on 10 May 2013

    that is a nice level. :D

    on 10 May 2013

    I want to do all the pacts before going for the trophy of having level 99, because I have been performing quite good, and dont want to screw it up :D

    on 10 May 2013

    Finished all Avalon pacts! I-X that is. Forgotten pact does not count towards the trophy :D. Now I need to get to level 99/1 and the trophy about reading all the book, which looks like to be glitched for me ARGH!

    on 10 May 2013

    message me when you are playing. I'll just play for fun and boost my levels.

    on 10 May 2013

    and that's awesome! I want to do all of them anyway. xD

    on 10 May 2013

    < dsage01 posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=158673 Vote for your favourite God of War game here!

    < Heavenly_King updated his status:

    God of War: Ascension is AWESOME!!

    Couldn't agree more

    on 18 April 2013

    < tbone51 posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Write on his wall...Predict Now!!!


    You better...... Seriously O.o

    < Heavenly_King updated his status:


    < pezus posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Do you remember the name of the big GoW fan on here that always posted in the pre-order threads about GoW pre-orders being undertracked etc. and he included some Naughty Dog negativity in almost all his posts lol.?

    nope :(

    on 14 March 2013

    Damn, dude. I thought all people with GoW avatars were connected

    on 14 March 2013


    on 15 March 2013

    Thanks. He changed his profile pic and locked his profile though :/

    on 15 March 2013

    Hey Pezus! :) Nice to know someone was thinking about me, took a little break from this site. I was right about God of War: Ascension being under-tracked though (49K US)... However I was wrong about the game being amazing or huge... It's merely good (sometimes great) and fairly big (huge for the genre).

    And I don't actually dislike Naughty Dog! I just don't understand why people deny the fact that a lot of the UC series' sales are due to mass bundling and it wouldn't be half as big as it is without them and I wish their games were more imaginative like the Jak series and less realistic like UC & TLoU.

    Looking at the past 6 ND games I really like Jak 1 & 3 and UC2. Jak 2 was ok, don't like UC1 and think UC3 was a step backwards. It's 50:50 for me when it comes to ND.

    You see, I'm fair.

    on 02 May 2013

    < Heavenly_King updated his status:


    And it's great!

    on 13 March 2013

    Hell yeah! Playing it on hard, and getting my a$$ kicked lol....


    on 13 March 2013

    < Aldro posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    Love your GoW enthusiasm

    GOW is my favorite gaming franchise (with MGS), so I am a bit pissed......................THE RAGE!! XD


    on 07 March 2013

    < Tbone posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    U should join the trophy league :)

    I would like to, but I think it is against the rules, to share the account, and I share it with my brother. We buy 1 copy digital and we both can play it XD.

    Even though I am the one who gets most the trophies, he manages to get trophies too, so we kind of help each other into having more plats faster. So I guess that for the mods it would not be considered a fair competition.

    on 01 March 2013

    I miss you.

    I don't.

    on 30 December 2012


    on 30 December 2012

    He's still here in our hearts. Did Justthatgamer steal his avatar?

    on 30 December 2012

    No, I change it because I thought it was a better avatar for Christmas, that is all. Even though it has already passed a week, I think I will continue to have it some more days before I return to have Kratos as avatar again.

    Have a happy new year!

    on 31 December 2012

    Happy new year to you too! You should look for an Ascension avatar

    on 31 December 2012

    < riderz13371 posted something on Heavenly_King's wall:

    I know you're going to love this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmUVdPpyw5g

    thx :D

    on 12 December 2012

    Why is Kratos in possession of Master Chief's helmet?

    He heard some kids wanted Chief´s helmet as a Christmas present, so in order to give it to them, he ripped off Chief´s head :D

    on 12 December 2012

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