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    HyruleWarriors - Better than expected (Fixed for those who know game titles)

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 04 January 2015

    Just wanted to let those who were/are on the fence for Hyrlue Warriors know that the game is quite excellent. I thought it was going to be a simple gauntlet game, where waves and waves of bad guys come at you until you die.The game is much more than that, and has a lot of good storylines and replayability. Local multiplayer (2 players) makes it fun for my wife and I, the first time ever we get...

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    Sony's H1Z1 - Any thoughts or opinions from what you've seen (if anything so far?)

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 10 May 2014

    I was just informed by a fellow PC gamer about SOE's new game coming out this month, H1Z1, a MMO zombie survival game. I haven't got to investigate it much, and their website offers no info. Anyone have any thoughts, links, etc regarding this game?...

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    Did we REALLY need or want a new generation of consoles?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 11 May 2014

    As a silent observer, I've watched the software charts over the past few months. It really seems like people are primarily buying games for the last gen systems. It makes me wonder if we really needed a new Sony or Microsoft console. Sure, Nintendo had to play catch up in the graphics department to become HD, but did anyone seriously need an upgrade to the PS3 or 360? The software charts seem to...

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    Wii U Gamepad losing connection

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 19 April 2014

    Hey Wii U owners, Anyone esle having issues with the gamepad losing connection with the console? I've had this happen from my normal playing distance, where it used to be fine. Cut the distance to 6 feet away, still doing it. I'm not sure of my gamepad is being fully charged. The red charging light goes off after about 30 minutes. I thought when it was charged fully it turned blue in the past,...

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    Opportunity for people to get producer credits

    in Movies Discussion, last active on on 09 June 2013

    An indie  film company I am am familiar with is trying to muster up a few dollars to get their horror movie released. They ran out of money after the film was edited, and need to pay the balance off in order to get it released. They're offering IMDB credits, credits in the film, and a DVD copy of the finished movie. Anyone looking to beef up their IMDB, this is a really easy way to do...

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    Is Nintendo training console gamers to love handhelds?

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 10 April 2013

    Firstly, let me state - this is not a Wii U doom thread. So, I recently became a Wii U owners, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Zelda series in HD, and have been playing a good chunk of ZombiU, which is great. Yet, one question I couldn't answer was - why go back to thumb controls? I've really been trying to figure this out - why Nintendo would revert back to thumb controls after turning...

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    Got a Wii U for my birthday!

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 20 March 2013

    So yesterday was my birthday, and my fiance' totally suprised me with a Wii U Deluxe and a copy of ZombiU! Pretty awesome of her =) Got all my Wii files transferred over with a pretty intricate download progress animation of Pikmin carrying files, took a while to download updates etc. Played some Nintendoland with her, which she soon regretted, as I beat her at most of the games (I'm a "learn by...

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    Game design tool here

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 04 March 2013

    So, I've been teaching my students a bit about game design, and we're using the tools at gamestarmechanic.com to design games, and how to find that perfect balance of difficulty and challenge. The site is pretty cool, once you unlock items in the Quest mode, you can use those items to build either a top-down game or a platformer.  I built a game in it, that most of my students find...

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    Has a game/ game character ever influenced your life?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 04 March 2013

    So, I'm wondering - has anyone else ever had a game or the hero of a game ever impact your life, to the point it changed your life and attitude in some way? By this, I don't mean Gran Turismo making you want to speed in your Toyota down city streets, but more like become a role model for you? The best way I can explain is by my own example: My favorite hero turned role model is Adult Link,...

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    A challenge is presented!

    in General Discussion, last active on on 28 February 2013

    I am of an older generation of gamer, my first games were in black and white, like Asteroids. I've actually gamed on tvs that were only in black and white before. What I see and read on most of these forums is subpar means of communication. Thus I present each of you with a challenge. It is as follows: - No longer use "fail!" as an argument for something you disagree with. Replace it with...

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    The Official shameless band promotion thread!

    in Music Discussion, last active on on 25 February 2013

    So, I hadn't seen one of these yet on here. I'm sure I'm not the only musician on these boards. So I dub this the official shameless band promotion thread! All you fellow musicians, post a link or widget to your band/ solo music projects! My band is The Carnival of Shadows, an acoustic punk /dark ska band from Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA. We're influenced by bands like Streetlight Manifesto,...

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    Wall Street Protests

    in Politics Discussion, last active on on 05 November 2011

    Its been crazy here, being in the NYC area, the police brutality is continuing, and for little reason most of the time. Yes, there are instances where they are provoked, but more often not so much. Unfortunately, for all the protesting, people can't seem to unite under one mindset. You got the hippies and their offspring, hipsters, meditating in parks and wanting police and the qual...

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    SQL error in gamrconnect

    in Website Topics, last active on on 11 July 2011

    Getting this message -  Fatal error: SQL on line 44 Happens when I click on my profile or when I click on a thread I created. Obviously a bad database error, anyone else having this issue?...

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    Redbox game rentals coming soon

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 08 June 2011

    Forgive if this is old info, but I passed by a redbox today and it said "Games coming soon!" If it's still $1/day to rent games from Redbox, this is going to be great. For $1, you'll be able to play and preview a game to decide if you'd like to buy it, and if the game is super shot, hold it for a few days and beat it outright. I for one am looking forward to this service!...

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    Do you consider MMORPGS "real" games?

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 09 December 2010

    So, a few months back, I returned to the MMO world, when Lord of the Rings Online went "Free to play". I used to play when it first came out, and left due to needing to cut back costs. Anyway, I've always liked MMOs, from Everquest to Asherons Call to LOTRO. For the past 2 months I've played LOTRO exclusively. Today, I had the urge to fire up MW on the Wii for some online battles. It took me a...

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    Fable III is going to make me buy a 360

    in Microsoft Discussion, last active on on 28 October 2010

    Reading up on the in-depth reviews on the game, it just sounds massively interesting, something I can sink my teeth into for hours. Of course, there would be other games I had missed (having only a Wii thus far) that I'd pick up, but I don't think I want to miss playing Fable III. Also, Kinect seems interesting, worth checking out. Yeah, I know, I have a Wii, but I'm interested to see how NO...

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    Nasty virus in one of the site ads

    in Website Topics, last active on on 03 May 2010

    Got a nasty spyware/virus on my comp from going through VGChartz last night. Had to run Malwarebytes Antimalware in Safe Mode to get rid of the damn thing. It definitely was in one of the popup ads....

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    So, who's going to be online, gaming tonight, Sat 5/1?

    in General Discussion, last active on on 01 May 2010

    Anyone going to be @ home for an online session? I'M NOT :-D My band is playing at an all nude gogo bar tonight. :-D Pure win! If you're anywhere near NYC/NJ come on out! Distant 2nd at Club XXXV in Sayreville, NJ BYOB foos! ;-)...

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    Blaster Master Wiiware

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 16 February 2010

    So I downloaded and started playing this game. Great updates over the original graphically. But they definitely didnt take out the "OMG WTF why is this so hard??" aspect out. I maxed ALL my weapons, and I still couldnt beat the Crab boss (1st boss) At least now they have save points....

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    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 07 January 2010

    I just found out about this band, they do live metal renditions of classic Nintendo games... http://minibosses.com/ The metroid theme is sick!...

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