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    What Went Wrong? Wii U Edition

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 September 2019

    You said in your article that poor hardware specs killed the Wii U but that also made the Wii a hit. If anything we have learned that games and price its what really gets a console going. But more importantly, the biggest mistake (IMO) that Nintendo did with Wii U was the name. It was just too confusing and potentially made it sound like it was just an updated overpriced Wii. The system needed a...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion on 18 September 2019

    Looking at polls from ANY new source is a waste of time. They all have interest and biases to try to sway the elections. With that in mind, if you really want to know who is going to win the democratic nomination you should look at Las Vegas odds. Vegas betting is the only true unbias poll. So with that in mind, in Vegas betting Warren has been upfront for a while so you can pretty much call it...

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    GameStop decides to stop trying to sell the company

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2019

    I'm actually glad this is happening and they go bankrupt. They muscle their way stopping MS from pushing a digital world when Xbox One was announced plus they really rip off people with their buyback system....

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    Elizabeth Warren Becomes An Even Bigger Joke.

    in Politics Discussion on 16 October 2018

    Can anyone born in the US please stop claiming that you are X race or your family background is from Y country? As an immigrant I hate it when people claim to be "white irsh" because your greatgrandpa was frlm Ireland or that you are "Mexican" because your parents were born there but you grew in the US. I rather you stick to color. Be black, brown, yellow, white, pink etc. You are not African or...

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    Is ending a relationship through text a good idea?

    in General Discussion on 07 September 2018

    Yes do it that way. In a year she won't even remember as she will be tapping some other guy....

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    UPDATED: Xbox to offer All Access

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 August 2018

    I get Live and Pass free just by doing Microsoft points. This is not a deal at all....

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    What is your favorite snes rpg game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2018

    I'm torn between FF3(VI) or Chrono Trigger. FF3 was my first JRPG and holds a lot of sentimental value. But Chrono Trigger was just a blast and so engaging. Secret of Mana is a great 3rd to the previous 2....

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    Sony Considering Playstation Classic

    in Sony Discussion on 24 May 2018

    Ka-pi96 said: hmm, wouldn't most of the good games from the PS1 being available on modern platforms already kind of screw that over though? Most of the good stuff got re-released digitally on PS3, a lot is on PS4 or Steam. Some like Crash and soon Spyro have been completely remade for modern platforms. It just seems kind of redundant to me. While I agree, I think it depends too....

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    The best open world game ever made

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2018

    kirby007 said: world of warcraft WoW is not open world because of raids are instances. I would say Everquest prior to The Lost Dungeons of Norrath when everything became instance. It was beautiful to play in Sullon Zek and destroy a raid with a train of monsters. Greatest days of gaming....

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    White Girl Wears Chinese Prom Dress - Outrage Commences

    in General Discussion on 01 May 2018

    Probably the only people that got offended by that are Asian Americans who have never lived in any Asian country. Happens all the time....

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    FTC warns Sony/MS/Nintendo about console warranty restrictions

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2018

    They should send Apple a notice too while they are at it....

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    Kodi on Xbox One: have you tried it?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 March 2018

    GearsTV works like a charm. Covenaant works decent. There's a setting for subscribers of Covenant that is not working with this version of Kodi that if they ever get around would make it superior....

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    It's almost the end of 2017. Is PS Vue worth it???

    in Sony Discussion on 29 November 2017

    This is probably the worst place to ask that question since it's heavily bias towards Sony and people will make claims that it is the best. My suggestion is to try all the free week/month offers out there. So far I've done Vue, SlingTV, Directv Now, and currently using Google TV. I've liked Directv Now the most so far but SlingTV is definitely a very close 2nd....

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    The Thunder are absolute garbage

    in Sports Discussion on 28 November 2017

    Nah. It's too early in the season to care how they're playing. Comeback in January/February and we'll get a better sense for all teams....

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    PS4 sold like there was no tomorrow at my Best Buy

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 November 2017

    Lawlight said: Normchacho said: I work at a Target that's super busy on Black Friday (#1 on the North East last night) and we thought Sony was crazy sending us 300 PS4s...they were gone in less than 6 hours. For those asking about Switches, we got 170 and we currently have about half of them left. Looks like stock isn't as much of an issue for the Switch. I'm gonna...

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    FFXIV is a FFXII sequel [Confirmed]

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 September 2017

    I wish SE would create a proper sequel for FFT on consoles...

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    SNES Classic confirmed, releases on 9/29 WITH STARFOX2!!??

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2017

    When will it be available for pre-order?!?!? And yes, it needs Chrono Trigger!...

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    Any Yu Gi Oh fans out there?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2017

    I used to make fun of Yugioh the anime so much when it came out but then I played the old game in PS2 I think? And learned how the cards worked and couldn't make fun of it anymore. I still play the app Duel Links. Its pretty decent. Hate the following anime series after the original....

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    Netflix's awful match system

    in General Discussion on 25 June 2017

    Being from Mexico, Netflix has an amazing selection of foreign movies so I like it and they are doing great with their original shows....

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    If it's on a Microsoft console AND the PC, it's an exclusive.

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2017

    Medisti said: No. If I can get it on another platform, like PC, then it's not exclusive. Why would I ever buy an Xbox version over PC? Because not everyone has a gaming PC. The logic of Xbox haters is that apparently every single PC will play games at the same quality of an Xbox One is absolute crap. My pc has Windows 10 and it can't even play  Alan Wake which is a is like an 8...

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