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    I'm working on games now

    in General Discussion on 06 March 2019 by DanneSandin

    00Xander00 said: Congrats :) I have a friend who is in a similar position who wants to create projects with me but he never has much time (he has 3 kids to juggle lol). It's cool u work for a games company. Do u also have/had any personal projects on the go? I would love to work in the games industry & I always have a few personal game projects on the go. I usually start a new...

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    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

    in Movies Discussion on 01 March 2019 by zorg1000

    Definitely my favorite Spider Man film....

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    What's the point in having children?

    in General Discussion on 15 February 2019 by Immersiveunreality

    RaptorChrist said: twesterm said: So I'm a complete DINK (Dual Income, No Kid) and it's pretty great. My brother has two kids and my sister has five, it's a struggle for both of them. It's pretty amazing knowing we have a savings account and can handle emergencies or go on vacations on a whim. My wife and I are both pretty thankful for that and have no plans to have children even...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2018 by deskpro2k3

    front page updated: Prelude in Violet special site: Two new Dungeons: Saint Mocianne's Arboretum (Hard) and The Burn. New Main Story Quest New Trials New Raid: Omega: Alphascape (Because Omega: Omegascape would've been silly) QoL: You get to equip all 10 cross-role actions now. Eureka: Part 3 with new Logos System More Lost Canals More Crafts and...

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    What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    in General Discussion on 20 September 2017 by Flilix

    Why the bump? We have a very similar thread that's still active....

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    What's your opinion on WIndows 10?

    in General Discussion on 20 December 2015 by AsGryffynn

    KdxlavkdX said: I've had absolutely zero issues since upgrading, my laptop is a lot quieter and everything seems to be running much faster. Best Windows since XP. QFT ...

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    My PSX Experience! All of the pictures from the event!

    in Sony Discussion on 15 December 2015 by asqarkabab

    Great pics enjoyed them...

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    Farewell Hannibal (TV Series)

    in Movies Discussion on 29 August 2015 by AbbathTheGrim

    Chevinator123 said: ooh shit :( i havent been keeping up with the news on this, well then...damn Yeah, a fourth season is not looking likely. Bryan Fuller did an interview on Hannibal recently:

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    Post your 3DS stats - Official Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2015 by t3mporary_126

    ExplodingBlock said:Was Shulk the last non-dlc character revealed? ...

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    Official iOS Gaming Thread!

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2015 by UrbaaniNaali


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    Final Fantasy VI vs VII

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2014 by ninjapirate42

    Thread was stilled kicking :O Merry Christmas all! Thanks for the wonderful discussions!...

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    Official VGChartz Wii U Friend Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 November 2014 by WilliamsF1

    MinistrySe7en Add me for Mario Kart 8, Watch_dogs, Splinter cell, Smash bros. etc.......

    Write 387

    Post your moderation history!

    in General Discussion on 03 September 2014 by AZWification

    spurgeonryan said:@ fusion ....not really, we just like it so we moderate you ourselves. @ aswith No excuse! I love how you keep butchering my name! :-P...

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    What did you take in college, and what did you go for?

    in General Discussion on 08 July 2014 by Mr Khan

    Mr Khan said:St. Joseph's University, went for International Relations, taking International Relations, and quite enjoying it University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Master of International Development, Major in NGOs and Civil Society. My only regret is that i did not transition to grad school immediately. Mid 2012 through all of 2013 was...

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    Official Halo 4 Thread!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 December 2013 by Nsanity

    343 appears to be taking another crack at the idea of an episodic Halo narrative, explored to dubious effect by Halo 4. The developer is in the market for a producer to help with "future episodic storytelling endeavours", in what could be a hint as to the direction of Halo for Xbox One. "Halo 4 is our biggest Halo game to date, bringing with it innovative episodic narrative-driven gameplay via...

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    is this tablet a good deal? only looking for something cheap

    in PC Discussion on 07 October 2013 by snyps

    First off.. Welcome back zero where you been? Second off, buy a Wii U!  ...

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    Woman buys wooden iPad

    in General Discussion on 02 October 2013 by JoeTheBro

    regin2005 said:*reads OP* Man, that's hilarious! *reads date* Man, that's hilarious!...

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    BIG Legend of Korra news!!!

    in General Discussion on 14 September 2013 by blackmagicwolf

    So I didn't know where else to post this but this technically does fit under "BIG NEWS" cause.....KORRA IS BACK!!!!! I really liked the premiere and thought it did a good setup of the upcoming season. Here's my favorite review of the premiere: The reviewer actually asks for people to comment and chat with him...

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    Why do people have backlogs? Honest question, pls read before posting!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2013 by gooch_destroyer

    I don't really have time to play them all. I've still have ICO HD, Okami HD, Persona 3 FES, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Ratchet and Clank and Ratchet and Clank Going Commando HD and now FF IX to beat. ...

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    Mario 64 wasnt the first true 3D platformer...Sony did it first

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 September 2013 by milkyjoe

    This is like those threads that claim Space Panic, a game where you can't jump, as the first ever platformer....

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