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    What happened to the shipped to date chart?

    in Website Topics on 22 February 2010

    Ok, thanks for the answer. Is there currently any data of NES/Famicon hardware sales available on the entire site?...

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    What happened to the shipped to date chart?

    in Website Topics on 22 February 2010

    Hey, long time no see. :)Back when I used to come more often, this site used to have a wonderful chart with the sales totals of every major console after the Ataris like the NES, Megadrive etc. It used to be fun to watch the current gen consoles go past milestones like the Dreamcast and Gamecube while still going strong, and even though it hadn't been updated in over a year the last time I saw...

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    Greetings from Japan

    in General Discussion on 11 October 2009

    Oh yeah, I actually had something almost VGC related to report! I was shopping for something to eat in the middle of the night and ran into some Monster Hunter 3 noodles![img][/img]The advertising campaign must be pretty big, as I found this product from the convenience store near my dorm at the campus...

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    Greetings from Japan

    in General Discussion on 11 October 2009

    Hi guys, I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been for the past several months. The summer was kinda busy because I was living at my parents place and working at a museum. It was pretty nice, but probably not too interesting to anyone. The big news is that I'm currently spending a year as an exchange student in Kanazawa, Japan. Basically I'm studying Japanese in Japanese and all kinds...

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    Who's NOT Buying a PS3 this year?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 August 2009

    I'm going to be spending 10 months in Japan as an exchange student starting in October, so buying a new console would be a bit dumb right now. ^^I've been looking into the prospect of getting one of the HD consoles when I get back, and the much nicer looking and practical shaped slim has definitely been a strong argument for the PS3, but not enough to settle it. The ability to play PS2 games...

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    What would it take for arcades to make a comeback?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 July 2009

    To be worthwhile arcades would need to offer something that consoles and PCs can't. Light guns or arcade cabinets with joysticks and buttons just don't cut it anymore. Not very easy with stuff like DDR, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band coming to homes. =\...

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    Valve: PS3 Orange Box Players "Got the Stepchild Version"

    in Sony Discussion on 06 July 2009

    Argh. This is not a good thread to see when visiting the site for the first in ages. -_-Look, Valve is not a very large company. They have a limited amount of resources, and after putting the numbers together, decided to not support the PS3. It's not stupid or lazy to not avoid unprofitable investments. If they could manage PC+360+PS3 multiplats with their resource AND it'd be worth it, then of...

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    What kind of gamer are you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2009

    That's not really a picture of different types of gamers, but rather different types of posters on /v/. Despite owning 4 consoles, I'm mostly 2, 18, and 22....

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    The Patriot Act protecting you

    in General Discussion on 06 May 2009

    Can anyone find a source for this that isn't a YouTube video or a blog? I'd hate to say anything, only to have someone go "APRIL FOOLS" the very next minute. ^^...

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    Show your true face!!!

    in General Discussion on 04 May 2009

    Here's me in my FABULOUS outfit at Emilie Autumn's gig last month.[img][/img]...

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    If I were a Palestinian...

    in General Discussion on 27 April 2009

    Tyrannical said: superchunk said: If I were a Palestinian, I would dismantle the fiction called the "Palestinian Authority," ending the show called "the peace process" and sending away the "contributing nations."   Why not just eliminate the fiction called Palestinian? There is no Palestinian language, culture, ethnic group, or practicaly anything else, they are...

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    Poll: Europeans - Do you like Obama?

    in General Discussion on 16 April 2009

    I like him. Not quite as much as during the elections, after which I realized the whole "just say hope and people will project their image of an ideal president onto you" trick, but he's still by far my favorite living non-European statesman. American politics always sound somehow alien to me, but he sounds like he's just an ocean away, rather than from a totally different planet like the...

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    Obama Says We're Not a Christian Nation

    in General Discussion on 15 April 2009

    There are many countries in Europe where the Church has a significant official position, and indeed you can say "the Church" and there's only one organization you could possibly be referring to, they're generally symbolic these days. I haven't paid much attention to it, but the discourse around the position of the Church in Finland seems to revolve around arguments like "you know... this obscure...

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    The Historic Persons Elimination Game: Terminator Edition

    in General Discussion on 15 April 2009

    You guys realize how useless it is to have Jesus on the list without Paul of Tarsus, right? The whole movement that later became Christianity would never have moved beyond a minor refomist sect of Judaism, and the religion to rise to the top of the Roman Empire would've been something very different. =P17 - Albert Einstein17 - Isaac Newton12 - Alexander the Great (+)11 - Nikolai Tesla11 - Martin...

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    Whats your Ethnicity?

    in General Discussion on 14 April 2009

    Finnish and about as white as possibly without being albino. ^^If you want to get technical, then my grandparents include two [url=]Savonians[/url], one [url=]Karelian[/url], and one... whatever people from [url=]Kotka[/url] are. ...

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    Metal Gear Solid or Halo Series.....Which Has Been More Influential!

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 April 2009

    Quality is debatable, but the Halo series has been vastly more influencial. It's one of the biggest reasons that the Xboxes have been as succesful as they have, and has had a huge impact on how console FPS games are played. Metal Gear Solid might be unique, but that's not the same as influencial. Relatively few games have copied it, and it certainly can't claim to be an important part of the...

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    10 thing gamer couples fight about!

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2009

    I was playing console games with a friend at his place once, when his girlfriend burst from another room, and demanded to know if he had changed hey keybinds for WoW. He humbly explained that it was only so he could grind her a few levels, then fixed her binds (she couldn't remember what they were, but was still annoyed that they were different), gave some tips on how to proceed to the next big...

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    Will God of WarIII be the Highest selling PS3 Game?

    in Website Topics on 23 March 2009

    Umm... have any of you actually looked at the numbers for the [url=]previous parts[/url] of the series? Probably 2-2.5M, although 3M is theoretically possible....

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    I have heard that you can't swear in Finnish

    in General Discussion on 19 March 2009

    Veeeery false. We've got [url=]lots and lots[/url] of them. I tried some googling, and apparently this myth originates from a book by Bill Bryson. The man may be funny, but he's also full of shit, so don't take anything he writes too seriously. ^^...

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    Anti-Migrant Hostility Rising in the UK

    in General Discussion on 19 March 2009

    Lower wage workers are annoyed by immigrants?A shift in the ethnic makeup of a population is causing unrest?Who could've seen this coming? O_o...

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