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    All Star Sung by Isabelle

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 January 2019

    Thanks Captain....

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    Most Wanted January Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2018

    Doom Eternal (PC) Fire Emblem: Three Houses (NS) Daemon X Machina (NS) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (NS) Yoshi's Crafted World (NS) ...

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    Kirby: 8 inches or not? (WIP)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2018

    In retrospect, I should have seen this coming......

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    Kirby: 8 inches or not? (WIP)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 December 2018

    One of the more deceptively confusing aspects of the Kirby series is Kirby's size. Many sources report that Kirby is supposed to be 8 inches, or about 20 centimeters, but there is all sorts of information that seemingly contradicts this. The following is a recap of as much information I can find either supporting or challenging this. 8 Inches The best known source for the "8 inches"...

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    The Nintendo Switch is generation...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 December 2018

    It depends on how long it takes for Sony and Microsoft to release a new generation or (however unlikely it is) drop out of video game consoles. I think the approximate turning point is Autumn 2020. If that period passes and the PS4 and X1 haven't been succeeded yet, then the Switch is a late entry to the 8th generation. The same thing happened with the Atari 5200 and Sega Master System, both of...

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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 announced exclusively for Switch (developed by Team Ninja)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 December 2018

    wombat123 said: I'll say that I was surprised when they announced Switch exclusivity. I'm guessing that it was easy for Nintendo to secure it since the series isn't a huge seller. The original game sold over 4 million on consoles, and MUA2 sold about 2.5 million despite meh reviews. Those were solid numbers. If I had to guess, this could be something like PS4 Spider-Man, where...

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    A Look at the Nintendo Dark Ages (2011-2017)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 November 2018

    I liked reading that (partially because I'm a sucker for well explained timelines) and think it's a decent retrospective of the era. And now I'm going to nitpick it. I would argue that the Dark Age began as early as that period in mid-January 2011, when the launch dates and games for the 3DS were announced. Up through the end of 2010, I remember that most people assumed that the system...

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    What Nationality Do You Consider Mario?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 November 2018

    He's a Mushroom Kingdom native who spent much of his life in the Metro Kingdom....

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    Vladimir Putin "US dominance is ending"

    in Politics Discussion on 29 October 2018

    People have been saying this at least since the 80's, but so far, Japan, China, India, Russia, and the European Union keep on failing to deliver....

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    Most Wanted November Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2018

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate (NS) Doom Eternal (PC) Luigi's Mansion 3 (NS) Fire Emblem: Three Houses (NS) Daemon X Machina (NS) ...

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    What is the Last Game You Want to Play Before You Die?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 October 2018

    vivster said: Salnax said: Half-Life 3 He said before you die. Just because I can't play the game doesn't mean I can't be playing the game....

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    What is the Last Game You Want to Play Before You Die?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 October 2018

    Half-Life 3...

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    It's official: Sony plans to butcher Carnage next, confirms it will be PG-13

    in Movies Discussion on 19 October 2018

    "When you hear Carnage, the only thing you can think of is R. But, if you know his story, if you really know the comic, there’s no R here. He’s a tortured soul. It’s not about what he does, because we never have to show the knife going from here to there, and the blood is pouring. What you have to show is, what is the motivation? Was he born like that, or [is he] someone...

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    Which national flag do you like most ?(except your country)

    in General Discussion on 16 September 2018

    First, I should note that my preferences for a flag are for them to be a compromise between having relatively simple designs and being memorable. So a lot of flags that other people like don't tickle my fancy, This is the Republic of Congo's flag. I like how this is one of the relatively few countries that goes for the "Diagonal Tricolor" look. I also appreciate the color choices. Red, Yellow,...

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    Most Wanted October Voting Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 September 2018

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate (NS) Doom Eternal (PC) Luigi's Mansion 3 (NS) Daemon X Machina (NS) Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (3DS) It was a good Nintendo Direct for me....

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    Looking back, 3rd party support on the 3DS wasn't that great

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 August 2018

    I'd say it was somewhat middling. The GBA didn't have much good third party support. Looking at VGChartz numbers show many of the biggest 3rd party titles are either licensed games (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Harry Potter,and SpongeBob) or retro ports (Namco Museum, Final Fantasy). Sure, you had some well-liked original third party titles like Sonic Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance,...

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    [Updated] Nintendo Main Series: Switch vs Past System

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 August 2018

    Ljink96 said: Nice, especially considering where the Switch is in its life cycle. But I wasn't born when Kirby's Dreamland came out was that game a Pack In or something? Why did it sell so much more than any other game in the series? I don't know all of the details, but here's some pieces of info. The original Kirby's Dream Land had pretty good legs. In Japan (where game sales are...

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    Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

    in General Discussion on 19 August 2018

    I stop by occasionally, but rarely post....

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    How could Nintendo implement a Switch Pro?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 July 2018

    I'm having trouble imagining Nintendo prioritizing 4k resolution even if they did a Switch revision. The fact of the matter is that plenty of Switch games, both Nintendo published titles and third party titles, already aren't able to maintain 1080p when docked. I suspect Nintendo's priorities would be backwards and forwards compatibility, battery life, and maybe including  new piece of tech...

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    Would you save Ellie?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 June 2018

    I haven't played The Last of Us, but based on what I know of the scenario, I'd have insisted that the Fireflies waited until she woke up and asked her. She's supposed to be a fairly intelligent person. From my in-universe knowledge, I might suppose that she guessed that this would be necessary. That could be why she was quiet, especially if she didn't want me to know. Since that could be the...

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