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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

    in General Discussion 6 hours ago by haxxiy

    Antibody test in Sweden: A random sample test of 800 people in the Stockholm area, made between 28 March and 3 April, found out 2.5% had Covid-19 (either infected at the moment or recovered from it already), with the 95% confidence interval being between 1.4% and 4.2%. That would be about 24 - 30 times more...

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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (Update In Progress! See Links at Top of OP!)

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by FarleyMcFirefly

    A Hat in Time Labyrinth of Refrain ...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion 3 days ago by TallSilhouette

    [url][/url] ...

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    Joker: Your Take

    in Movies Discussion 4 days ago by DarthMetalliCube

    Was wondering what the hype about - seemed to draw strong reactions of both love and hate, so that meant I absolutely had to see it. And I definitely lean towards love. Phoenix really plays a creepy unstable dude quite well haha. Very unsettling. But yeah, terrific acting, great cinematography, very nuanced (at least for a movie related to superheroes) and kept me engaged, especially the 2nd...

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    Staring into the abyss of a world where Nintendo has no games scheduled for release. Edit: The Time of Darkness Has Arrived

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2020 by DélioPT

    Cerebralbore101 said: DélioPT said: Ok, let's forget reused codes and whatnot. MK8 and Zelda are ports.Doesn't matter if Zelda released at the same time on both systems - we don't even know if the Switch version delayed the release of the Wii U game. It probably did.Zelda Switch was an afterthought. Had the game been built exclusively for it, it wouldn't have released in...

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    Which will prevail? Xbox Power or Playstation Speed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 March 2020 by DonFerrari

    Immersiveunreality said: DonFerrari said: Crunchy time will always exist, because they happen at the end of the project on final touches that weren't expected, so besides postponing the release (which can also make more crunchy time), and there isn't time to make massive hiring, train and supervision. Costing more would be the lesser problem, the overburden on the team would be...

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    Birds of Prey - 82% RT, and good audience reception

    in Movies Discussion on 30 March 2020 by d21lewis

    I cheer for DC and I love when they do well. Even if they don't make a ton of money, I'd settle for a good movie.I didn't have high hopes for this film after seeing the trailers but after the good reviews (or at least the scores because I usually skip reviews until after I've seen a movie), I thought it might be really good.I was disappointed.It just never got good. Watched it with my wife and...

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    Why we cannot compare PS5 and Xbox series X directly, EDIT : add Resident Evil 3 remake and DOOM Eternal that run better on PS4 Pro as an example, also add EX- Crytek Developer and programer testimon

    in Sony Discussion on 26 March 2020 by Pemalite

    sales2099 said: HollyGamer said: According to @digitalfoundry Doom’s Eternal actually runs better on PS4 Pro than the Xbox One X. (6TF vs. 4.2TF & both GCN Architecture) 🧐 With that in mind, I think PS5 and its “10.28 Teraflops” Navi would be just fine. Just saying 🤷🏼‍♂️(Video Credit: @digitalfoundry)...

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    Will next gen consoles be able to RT properly

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2020 by Soundwave

    Short answer -- No. RT is massively processor intensive, the PS5 at only like 10 TFLOPS is not going to be able to run complex ray tracing at high resolutions + frame rate. The SX can only run Minecraft at like 1080p with ray tracing turned on.  Ray tracing is going to be something I think only the higher end 30 series Nvidia GPUs can do OK, probably really it will take until the 40...

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    When will the switch outsell the ps4?

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2020 by Bofferbrauer2

    Looks like the number of believers is growing. End of January, 66.66% said never, now it's down to 64.88% ...

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    Project Luminous: The Future of Star Wars, details leaked

    in Movies Discussion on 04 March 2020 by Lonely_Dolphin

    Mr.GameCrazy said: So, this was announced earlier today: lol @1:25! They need to remind themselves that Star Wars should have droids, space battles, the force, etc. in it!? Also putting such irrelevances like representation/diversity/not pro-war does not give me hope they'll produce quality. Seriously, not pro-war? You are making entertainment, not a...

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    Tracking The Rise (Or Fall?) of Skywalker

    in Movies Discussion on 25 February 2020 by thismeintiel

    Well, this is Weekend 10. This will be the last update until the final numbers are in. ROS made $565.7K in its 10th weekend. This is 28.5% lower than RO's, $791.3K for the same weekend. Currently, ROS sits at $514.1M at the DBO. This is 2.7% lower than RO's $528.6M for the same point in time. If this continues, ROS will end up with $517.8M vs RO's $532.2M. Currently, the FBO makes up...

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    PS5 Coming at the End of 2020 According to Analyst: High-Spec Hardware for Under $500

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2020 by Keiji

    Radek said: Nate4Drake said: Credible Insider Says PS5 Is Targeting 12 Tflops.'m getting mad, when the official announcement... PS5 sounds much more impressive in 2020 than PS4 did in 2013. Look, even 2020 games still run in 1080p on PS4, it aged well imo but PS5 is gonna be a beast! Next gen could last even 8 years for all I...

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    EA: "There isn't much room for other titles than 1st party on Switch"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 February 2020 by KrspaceT

    Podings said: Same as usual from EA.But I get it. Nintendo players are hard to reach with games like FIFA and Madden NFL that mostly just promise you to be cool by association.You have to really make something that's great fun to play and (even if just occasionally) feels new. Honestly just functioning properly and fully would work: Overwatch isn't cross play but I've never had...

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    Will Switch get third party support post PS5?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 February 2020 by curl-6

    Radek said: curl-6 said: It wouldn't be pretty, but I think it could be done. Both are 1080p/30fps with some framerate drops on PS4. RDR2 is a little lower res on Xbone but not by much; 864p vs 900p. I can actually make a 540p screenshot quite easily by setting my res to 1080p and enabling 0.5X resolution scale in RDR2 graphics settings. 540p resolution on 1080p...

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    Could Next-Gen Switch Use Nvidia DLSS AI Upscaling?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 February 2020 by Soundwave

    It seems like AMD's RIS (image sharpening) is better than DLSS and has virtually no performance hit, maybe Nvidia will come up with their own answer to that. But in theory absolutely. If you can render an image at only 60-70% of its pixels but achieve basically the same image quality ... such a tech is perfect for a Switch 2. ...

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    Should Nintendo make all future consoles hybrids?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 February 2020 by CrazyGamer2017

    oniyide said: Why compare a home console to and handheld one? of course home consoles will be more powerful. You should compare the home consoles to other home consoles, which Ninty has been falling way behind since Wii. Which wasnt a problem because that was their best selling home console. Money talks and the money says they no longer need to make a powerful home console. Hell Switch...

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    Rumor: Nintendo plans to launch a new Switch SKU in 2020 - UPDATE: Nintendo says no

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 February 2020 by sales2099

    Not surprised, Nintendo has you by the childhoodz and they know it. Stay the course, they have zero incentive to rerelease what they have now ...

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    Switch Sales Predictions: Open Your Eyes - UPDATE: Switch LTD Shipments Reach 52.48m by December 31st, Forecast for Fiscal Year 2019 Increased to 19.5m

    in Sales Discussion on 30 January 2020 by RolStoppable

    UPDATE: January 30th, 2020 Switch family - 52.49m (+10.82m this quarter)-Switch - 47.30m (+7.58m)-Switch Lite - 5.19m (+3.24m) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 22.96m (+3.95m)Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 17.68m (+1.97m)Super Mario Odyssey - 16.59m (1.21m)The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 16.34m (+1.80m)Pokémon Shield/Sword - 16.06m (NEW)Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee/Pikachu! - 11.76m...

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    What do you want in a Switch 2?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2020 by Nu-13

    Jumpin said: Nu-13 said: I think you're mistaking "think" and "want". No one thinks nintendo should go third party. Uh, you've literally responded in this thread to reasons why Nintendo should go third party. I don't get what you're trying to say. I don't remember every post but what if I responded to someone talking about nintendo going 3rd party? ...

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