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    Nintendo needs to make a TV-only Switch Pro

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2017 by NintendoPie

    This is why Reggie said they shouldn't listen to everything consumers ask for, because they have hilarious suggestions like this....

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    Please suggest games with popular competitive scenes.

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 September 2014 by JoeTheBro

    Sorry for the bump but I was just needing to retag....

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    Describe the 3DS in three words

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 May 2013 by avais1993

    Needs some dragonquest ...

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    The situation in Venezuela is getting serious. Some disturbing images.

    in General Discussion on 16 April 2013 by Mr Khan

    People clearly ignored me. And that's the end of that chapter......

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    So... shall we crown 3DS king of the 8th handheld gen ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2013 by Ljink96

    kupomogli said: newwil7l said:Lmfao. It's funny how people are justifying the Vita losing by talking about "quality" This is a sales website people, don't lie and act like you don't care about sales all of a sudden. Those who own multiple consoles or game on PC couldn't care less about sales and rather focus on the quality.  All I care about is the games.  My...

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    Was Microsoft's EU fine too much? One economics professor says, "Yes"

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 March 2013 by scottie

    timmah said: scottie said: timmah said:   At the first part of it. You are right that it is not 100% chance that it is illegal, otherwise the EU would have fined them instead of saying that they would start an investigaton. But the only reason MS made that voluntary agreement was because they thought that the investigation would probably go against them. At...

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    Nvidia bitterness continues, compares PS4 specs to a 'low-end CPU'

    in Sony Discussion on 19 March 2013 by Pemalite

    Daisuke72 said: 32 More GB of RAM that's considerably slower than the PS4's, and pointless seeing as anything over 8GB of RAM is unneeded for gaming needs, and you never need to go over 16GB of RAM, and if the time comes when you do need more, then odds are your RAM will be slower than what's currently on the market. GG. Yeah, I do allot more than just gaming which is why I have...

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    Have you ever switched your console allegiance mid-gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2013 by Gamerace

    I'm still happy with my Wii. But my son went from GC to PS2 and all my kids (3) from Wii to 360. My brother (a Sony fanboy if there ever was one) went from PS3 - Wii because PS3 had dick all for his kids to play....

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    Building my first PC and would like some input

    in PC Discussion on 24 February 2013 by Dgc1808

    New PC's up and running. Downloading steam games, and watching a tv show as I type this. I had to make a few last minute changes while ordering things. The ram that I originally planned to purchase was discontinued and now goes for 70$+ anywhere I can find it. So I went with this similarly spec'd 1.5V...

    Write 60

    It's a mistake to think PS4/Next Xbox won't provide a generational leap in terms of graphics

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2013 by brendude13

    NightDragon83 said: I agree... a carefully scripted early trailer of the game did look stunning.  So did Killzone 2 way back when the PS3 was first unvieled... Nothing was carefully scripted (as was shown on the Jimmy Fallon show). Do you mind explaining how a so called "carefully scripted" game ends up looking better than any other game? The Killzone 2 video shown at the...

    Write 64

    PS4 specs aren't final!

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2013 by Andrespetmonkey

    Less powerful than Wii U confirmed...

    Write 22

    Vita market share went up and nobody celebrate?

    in Sales Discussion on 03 October 2012 by outlawauron

    kitler53 said: Conegamer said: kitler53 said: Conegamer said: kitler53 said:this site still has sales data? You wouldn't know it, but apparantly! Also, an interesting fact is that the Vita has only been the top selling system for 1 week in its entire life; it's only been that on it's launch week in the West. When will it hit those heights again; if...

    Write 22

    Sony and PSN rant

    in Sony Discussion on 28 September 2012 by Persistantthug

    MANUELF said: Persistantthug said: MANUELF said:So one piece pirate warriors just launched in america and like the big one piece fan that I am I want to buy it, but IS NOT AVAILABLE IN LATINAMERICA!!!!!! I have never heard of a case like this where a digital game is not available in latinamerica but it is in USA and Canada, what happened here is our money not good enough for...

    Write 16

    Bought 3 highly acclaimed PS2 games

    in Sony Discussion on 24 September 2012 by Veknoid_Outcast

    Korppi, you should have a great time with all three of those games. I played The Sands of Time on the Gamecube, and I can tell you the entire trilogy is great. One of the better video game trilogies ever made, if you ask me. And Metal Gear Solid 3 and Shadow of the Colossus are among the five best PS2 games. As far as advice goes, I think Prince of Persia and Colossus are pretty...

    Write 60

    Why you really don't need to buy in i7 CPU for gaming (or even an i5).

    in PC Discussion on 24 September 2012 by disolitude

    Lusche said:but to be fair the phenoms are only $50-80 (depends on which one you choose) you wont get that performance from any intel cpu for that price range. for an i5 you have to pay like ~$170, but you will notice the difference. most amd users know that. but there are some delusional amd users who think it can compete against a cpu 3x expensive than their own ... but for most things...

    Write 21

    Pachter: Wii U will sell out for months (through April 2013)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 September 2012 by rubido

    And there I was thinking nothing could go wrong on the WiiU's lauch. Now it's certain it's going to flop....

    Write 147

    Who buying Wii U?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2012 by swii26

    OK, I gave in a bit sooner than I thought I would but with all this talk about stores selling out of pre-orders, I decided to put the money down today... Now, I am guaranteed to have it day one!! I was afraid I wouldn't get it by x-mas... I didn't get the Wii until the end of January because of all the shortages around the holiday. ...

    Write 53

    The ten year decline of Sony (article)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 September 2012 by Kynes

    You can say whatever you want, the numbers are there. If you want to close your eyes and still believe that the economic problems Sony has won't affect you, tell you the same the next time they have to close a developing studio. We've seen some examples in the recent times, and we will see more in the future. Some of you want to kill the messenger, and say that we are haters and all that. You...

    Write 201

    I'm a Sony fanboy, but should I buy a 3DS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2012 by Chark

    Nem said: Chark said:Just get the Vita already. It's region free. It has the games you like. It has Cross Platform/Play/Buy. It is the better web browser and app device. It is getting PS Mobile this fall. It is getting PS Plus. It has 250+ PSP games on the store and 100+ PSone classics. It uses the same account you use on your PS3 for transferring games between them and collecting...

    Write 75

    Who here on this site is poor? Who on this site are rich?

    in General Discussion on 06 September 2012 by oh!sayHUN

    I'm dirt poor as a university student .___. There's no other choice besides getting a part-time job, but my parents would rather me invest my time into studying until I graduate. At the moment, I make $200 a month from allowance if that counts....

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